In the below, you will find a letter (the letter is about an incident in 2012, wherein Waqar Bajwa was spying on me) that Khurram wrote about me to his National President, Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad in 2014. I can’t tell how, but I was able to intercept this letter many years ago. In this letter, you will see how Khurram and his wife (Qanta Shah) were working hard to poison my ex-wife against me. They were telling her that I was an anti-ahmadiyya and they showed her these letters. Qanta Shah convinced my ex-wife to leave my house with my kids and to live with Qanta and Khurram. A few weeks after this letter, my ex-wife came home and blamed Qanta as the evil person in her ear (she was also working as Lajna President or secretary).

As you read the letters, you can see that Khurram is lying and tried to make it look like my computer was some type of community use computer, that’s a total lie, I had the corner office and ran the entire operation in Pittsburg. You will also see Khurram blaming his mom and sisters as the main problem with my ex-wife.

Khurram’s Letter to Ameer Sahib about Bashir Shah-2014

letter to mubushar sahib

letter from waqar

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