I was reading the Ahmadiyya Wikipedia page and stumbled across this gem (screenshot); basically, the Wikipedia page of the Jamaat stating that the Plague never reached Qadian and not a “single Ahmadi was affected”. You can read my detailed entry on MGA and the plague herein, in fact, The plague ravaged Qadian, contrary to MGA’s prophecies.

Now, as our fellow Redditor u/outside_the_boxx has written about here and here, the Plague not only reached Qadian, but also killed Ahmadis, including very pious Ahmadis – this is starkly different to what the Ahmadiyya Wikipedia page is stating.

I also found this Twitter thread which details other coverups and lies that the Ahmadi Jamaat has peddled across the decades with the outcomes of prophecies.

I’d be interested in hearing from others that have also come across blatant lies and mistruths that we could possible discuss and document here. My wish is that eventually, perhaps with the help of others here, we can start our own TrueAhmadiyyaWiki or something which showcases the spin, outright lies and mental gymnastics that the Jamaat employs to make a case for it being the “True Islam”.

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