My brother Hani Tahir has found and translated many writings of MGA in terms of how the plague was ravaging Qadian. We have posted the data in the below. We found this data on an old ahmadiyya awareness website. MGA had claimed in the early part of 1902 that Qadian would remain safe from the plague, he even fabricated a revelation to prove his point, nevertheless, he failed in this prophecy, like all the others.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The Data

(Dafi-ul-Bala, P. 10-11)
“He (Allah) shall protect and defend Qadian against plague even though it will be on the rampage for seventy years, for Qadian is the dwelling place of His Apostle and in this are signs for nations.”

It seems that the plague began to kill people in Qadian since the year 1904, as MGA wrote in a letter:

“The elder ‘Guthan’ had suffered a fever, so she was removed out of the house. But in my opinion she is not infected with plague, but she was removed as a matter of precaution. Also Mr Mohammed Dean was infected and a boil has appeared as well, for this reason he was also removed too. What is happening is that a few days ago the plague has started to get worse here also, but the situation is better than before … In this village, most of the children who were previously sick or weak have died… and now the main thing is that the plague has not retreated significantly. In our house, one of the female guests was infected today” (letter to Nawab Khan on April 6, 1904)
Maktubat-i-Ahmadiyya, Vol 5, P. 115

“Today, another woman who was visiting us and had come from Delhi was also struck with plague. I also fell seriously ill and I felt that between me and death were only a few seconds.”
In June 1905, Abdul Qader Biddle wrote a letter to MGA, in which he said:

“You have predicted that the plague will not spread in Qadian and that none of your followers will be afflicted with this deadly disease, but what happened is the opposite.”
So MGA wrote to him:

“I did not predict that no one from Qadian will die, and the prophecy about Qadian is as follows: “If it were not for the honour, the status would have been destroyed” i.e. Allah the Almighty is saying that if you were not dear to Me, I would have destroyed all the people in Qadian, because most of the people of this village are wicked and are of evil nature…”
MGA then continued:

“The prophecy says that Allah will save Qadian from mass destruction, meaning that Qadian will not be fully destroyed like other villages in these suburbs that were destroyed leaving no remains behind” (Letter to Abdul Qader Biddle published in Al Badr newspaper on June 22, 1905)

There is no doubt that MGA was lying when he alleged that the other villages in these suburbs were destroyed leaving no remains behind. Although I have no statistics on the number of fatalities in Qadian or their numbers in surrounding villages, yet it is clear that in Qadian they were more, because of the following evidences:

Firstly, what was published in the same letter itself, where MGA says:

“The owner of the newspaper “Pisa”… published a list of the residents of Qadian who died of plague, and in fact many of them did not die of plague, and we cannot deny that some other people may die of plague in Qadian at other times, but not as much as the newspaper “Pesa” says. It is essential that people in Qadian should die because of the plague so that the prophecy can be fulfilled. So from where did you hear that I published a revelation indicating that people would not die of plague in Qadian? And your saying that ‘Shkarbour’ Darul Aman meaning Qadian, this is mockery and misconduct before Allah the Almighty. We do not know what the Divine power is concealing concerning “Shkarpoor” after the offensive words that came out of your mouth (a letter published in Al Badr Newspaper on the 22nd of June 1905)

So as the newspaper has mentioned the list of names of those who died of the plague, and MGA was unable to deny these names, nor to give an example of a name that is untrue or unrealistic, then the list is undoubtedly true. 

Secondly, as for saying that some of them died because of another reason, he did not give examples for this, which indicates the invalidity of what he said.  Thirdly, MGA did not object to what Abdul Qader said concerning Shkarpour that it was Darul Aman referring to Qadian, he even confirmed this when he said: “We do not know what the Divine power is concealing concerning “Shkarpoor” after the offensive words that came out of your mouth”!!

So this text contains three proofs that Qadian has suffered from the plague more than other places. And this must happen, because MGA’s prophecies are fulfilled in reverse.
The fourth proof is in the following revelation that MGA was forced to fabricate in 1906 and his interpretation of it. And that is:

“The diseases will spread, and the souls will be lost.”

And MGA said commenting on this revelation:

“I have received this revelation before, and I received it today also, and I am worried about it, because I do not know if it is related to Qadian or the Punjab.” (‘Al Hakam’, Volume 10, Issue no. 12, dated 10/4/1906, p. 1)

The fabrication of a revelation concerning the spread of the plague in Qadian in particular indicates that the plague had actually spread in it more than other places. Otherwise he would not have fabricated a revelation regarding his worry about Qadian in particular; even if he brought this up as a possibility. This is because MGA predicts things after they happen, so he wanted here to cover up what happened to Qadian regarding the spread of the plague in a very noticeable way.

Thus, it is clear that Qadian was afflicted by the plague more than other places.
We are very much inclined to think that Mubarak the son of MGA has died of the plague in September 1907, as we have shown in a previous article.

As for the reason why MGA has not died of plague, it is because cholera was more humiliating for him as he believes, So Allah chose for him what was appropriate for him, and He caused his son and his wife and her father to relate the last hours of MGA, which indicated Allah’s displeasure with MGA as was the case with the Pharaoh, and to bring to light the similarity between MGA and the Pharaoh; as both were unjust tyrants who enslaved their people and followers.
Hani Tahir- 15th of April 2018
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The plague destroys Qadian and kills the most important in the house …
Episode 2:
On the 4th of May 1904, Maulwi Muhammad Ali, the director and editor of the ‘Review of Religions’ magazine, fell ill and he had headache and fever symptoms. He thought that these were the symptoms of the plague. When this reached MGA, he went immediately to the Maulwi and said to him: “If you are afflicted with the plague while you are in my house, then the Divine revelation that descended upon me which says: ‘I will protect everyone in the house’ is not true and all what I am doing is also not true.” Then he checked his pulse and assured him that he had no fever at all. (Malfoozat, quoting ‘Al Badr’ 8-16/5/1904, p. 4)
Ten months later someone who was to MGA on the same status like Maulwi Muhammad Ali, died of plague. This was the editor of Al Badr newspaper, which quoted MGA’s statement above. 

MGA wrote:

“Today, 20/3/1905, Muhammad Afdhal was afflicted by the plague, and at that very moment I received about someone – Allah knows who – the following revelation: ‘the prey of death’.
Muhammad Afdhal died on 21/3/1905. (Al Tathkirah, quoting the notebook of the revelations of MGA) take heed, O you who have sight. Hani Tahir – 16th of April 2018
_____________________________________________________________________________________________But MGA hid the reason for his death in the announcement, where he wrote in the announcement about the appointment of Mufti Muhammad Sadiq as director of the newspaper ‘Al-Badr’:

“Munshi Muhammad Afdhal, the director of Al Badr newspaper, has died as Allah willed and determined” The humble servant, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, 23 Muharram Al Haraam 1323 AH, 30 March 1905. (Malfoozat, quoting Al-Hakam, 17/4/1905)

Note that in his publication of this announcement, MGA hid that the cause of Muhammad Afdhal’s death was the plague, but in his notebook he wrote that he died of plague. Ten months earlier, he testified that if Muhammad Ali died of plague, then MGA’s revelation was false.  The son of Muhammad Afdhal also died by plague before the death of his father, MGA wrote in a letter:

“The plague began to intensify in Qadian, the son of Mian Muhammad Afdhal, the editor of ‘Al Badr’ magazine is on the verge of death, he caught cold and pneumonia, and it seems that he is breathing his last breaths, and crying and mourning is in all directions. We call upon Allah to cause the descent of His grace… In this case I think that it is very fitting that you do not come at all until the end of April 1905, a sword is doing its work in the world, may Allah have mercy on it. Everything else is alright by the Grace of Allah. (a letter to Nawwab Khan without a date, but the date of the letter before it, is the 12th of January 1905)

It is very clear that the plague has destroyed Qadian more than other places, to increase the credibility of the fact that the prophecies of MGA were fulfilled in reverse, and most probably the son of MGA died of the plague, while months after that MGA himself followed him and died of cholera.
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