This simple and innocent question asked by a girl exposes bad characters of Jamaat, its office bearers and its khalifa. The girl quoting hadith regarding stopping of evil by force, by tongue and by feeling it a sin in heart, asks, question from Masroor, huzur if someone from office bearers of Jamaat does something wrong how can we apply this hadith on him.

Instant reply of Masroor was by praying for him in heart. Then explaining this, he says if a Jamaat,s official is doing something wrong you must pray for him for 40 days before writing a complaint to me. Then he also says I would call a report and may be I receive a wrong report and no action could be taken against him. So better keep praying for it. Ahmadis pls think about this system which khalifa himself admits being a faulty system.

(AMWSA Germany, Lajna Mulaqat with Huzoor (aba) on 16th of September, 2017)

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