In order not to violate any rules of the Board, only public facts that are arguments and evidence for a conclusion are listed. No names will be mentioned unless they are publicly available.

Here are the facts:

  1. the year of Khuddamul Ahmadiyya begins in November. The old National Sadr was re-elected. Two months later, a new person was appointed as National Sadr (without election). Evidence:

Conclusion: Something serious must have happened for a National Sadr (who is also a Murrabi in this case) to be removed from office.

2. every Corona test centre in Germany is paid per test. Evidence:

3. the MKA Germany runs a Corona test centre. Evidence:

4. but MKA Germany cannot operate a test centre because only medical institutions are allowed to operate a test centre. So MKA must have cooperated with another company.

5. The website of MKA Germany on the Corona test centre shows a clear similarity to a website of “Delight Health“. Both websites have the same structure, logo, and the same company has created this website (therefore not surprising). It’s best to take screenshots of everything, it’s only a matter of time before the tracks are covered. Here are the links from the archive:



6. Well, the first clue as to who owns this website can be found on the Impressum (legal) page. If one searches further for the name “Delight Health” one comes to the following result. The company belongs to a Safeer Najam. Evidence:,+Sinsheim/Amtsgericht+Mannheim+HRB+734243

7. But who is this guy? He is a doctor and already runs several test stations. And he already has test centres operating in the name of the AMJ. His company has been running corona test under the cover of AMJ. Evidence:,-eppelheim-schnelltests-jetzt-auch-in-der-eppelheimer-stadtmitte-_arid,1804496.html

His name did not appear in the National Amila until 2021. In 2022, this name is suddenly there out of nowhere. Coincidence? I don’t think so



8. But what does this guy have to do with the sawed-off National Sadr? He is his first cousin. I’m afraid I can’t give you any proof of that. It’s common knowledge when you grow up in the AMJ. I won’t go into further relations in order not to mention more unprovable names. The already deleted post gave quite a lot of information about this.

Conclusion: Anyone who can put one and one together should have figured it out by now: The MKA runs a corona test centre, but cannot really run it itself, as it is not a medical institution. The head of MKA is related to a test centre operator. There is a newspaper article where a connection between “Delight Health GmbH” and AMJ cannot be dismissed. The tests have all been paid for by the state. 10 if not 100 thousands of tests have been done in the framework of Jalsa, MKA Ijtema, Ansar, Lajna, on several Jumma. And the head of a non-profit organisation uses his own cousin to run these tests. Where did the payment for the tests go? If only they had at least donated the money…

Classic example of nepotism and taking advantage in office. More than one head must roll in my opinion. Such people have no place at the national level. Finally, a hard line is being taken against such corrupt people in the Jamaat.

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