As we all know, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad basically stole 90% of his beliefs from Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. In MGA’s debate vs. Athim, which was made into a book entitled, “Holy War”, on pages 55-56, Athim alleges that even Sir Syed Ahmad Khan made the argument that there were additional Adam’s (as) before the Adam (as) in the Quran (astagfarullah). Interestingly, in 1988, and via Malik Ghulam Farid‘s famous 5-volume commentary (published posthumously), under verse 2:30 (this is a link to the 2018 edition). Ahmadi author’s purposely took a dream of Ibn Arabi out of context to suit their own desires. They quotes the Futuhat 3:607, and stated that Ibn Arabi saw a dream and that there were additional Adam (as)’s, however, this didn’t mean before Adam (as), it meant after Adam (as).

“Holy War”,  pages 55-56

“”We would further like to show that multiplicity in unity is present in the Old Testament. Had it not been present, the Jews could have been considered to be right; however, because this matter is present there, they should have no excuse. I shall present two cases by way of example: First of all, it is stated in Genesis 1:26 و یومر الوھیم نعشا آدام سلمنوقد میتونو in Hebrew, that is to say, Elohim God said, ‘Let us make Adam in our images, and after our likenesses.’ Second, in Genesis 3:22 it is written that Jehovah Elohim said, ‘Behold, in knowing good and evil, the man has become like one of us.’ In this verse, the phrase that is translated as has become like one of
us (in Hebrew it is written کا حد ممنو ), seeing the first person including others form, the Jews took the meaning that in this situation God Almighty included the angels with Him. And Sir Syed Ahmad Khan Bahadur has written that the others in this phrase refers to that class of Adams before the commonly known Adam, who were destroyed because of their sins, and that in the words لو ممنو , it is not the ‘first person including others’ but rather the ‘third person plural’ form that is meant. The purpose of both these people being that the teaching of multiplicity in Unity should thus be prevented from being proven.”””

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