The book can be read herein. Kulliyat Arya Musafir is a book of about 700 pages, Musafir means traveler. It is a collection of all the books of Lekh Ram, All his 33 works have been collectively published under the name Kulyaat e Arya Musafir, by Mahashe Keeshat Dev manager Sattya Dharam Parcharak Haridwar, at the Printing Press of Rai Sahib Munshi Gulab Singh Mufeed aam Press Lahore (1903). Kulliyat Arya Musafir, Part III, pp. 493-499, printed at the Mufid-e-‘Am Press, Lahore, 1904; Publisher: Manager, Satya Dharam Parcharak Press,
Hardwar District Saharanpur (See Dard).

Dard tells us (page 159) that Lekh Ram and the Arya Samaaj issued a special leaflet was issued at the Chashma Nur, Amritsar on July 27th, 1886, in which Ahmad was threatened with murder within three years. However, this was not a threat, this was in retaliation to MGA’s mubahila-challenge. MGA seems to have issued the same type of death prophecy vs. , unfortunately, the Ahmadiyya editors seem to have erased the data. Based on this admission by Dard, MGA should have died by at least 1890-1891. And thus all of these “death-threats” that were issued back and forth came to an end in 1890-1891 (See Kulliyat Arya Musafir by Lekh ram, 1886 also). On August 13th, 1885, Mirza Imam Din had issued a leaflet in which he had denounced MGA. (See Kulliyat Arya Musafir pp. 414-415 via Dard). This book was mentioned in the ROR of May-1941.

Pandit Lekhram had published an Ishtihar that Mirza sb is telling a lie that he made agreement and prophesied regarding Loss of Mirza Nizam Din. The said ishtihar is available in his book Kulliyat Ariya Musafir Vol-3 (see scans in the below).

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Pandit Lekhram proved that :-

—No agreement was signed with Mirza by hindus.

—No prophesy was made by Mirza qadiani and Nothing regarding death or calamity to Mirza Nizamdin was mentioned by Mirza Ghulam qadiani before these hindus.

—Mirza Ghulam Qadiani fabricated a false story to catch up the opportunity on the death of Mirza Nizam Din’s daughter.  Further, one wonder as to how the death of daughter of Mirza Nizam, obviously a muslim, can be the sign of truthfulness of Islam?

The scan work

Some additional quotes

On page 501 of the Kulliyat Arya Musafir Pt. Lekhram says in his Ishtihar in 1886 that MGA would be finished within three years and his progeny would be no more (See Dard).
This is the special edition of Lekh Ram WEEKLY paper (name of his paper was Ariya Musafir – he himself was also known as Ariya Musafir – the one who travels – “Ariya Musafir –shaheed Number” – date of issue 15 March 1937 – there are tributes from his followers and well wishers after his murder.  this was also banned and has never been read by anyone. 

Ariya Musafir

Publication of 2 Books By Lekh Ram 1896

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