A few days ago, the Ahmadiyya Movement began circulating a rumor that some Pakistani gave 30 million for #Turkey and #Syria. Just yesterday, Ahmadi sources began alleging that it is the first Ahmadi billionaire who gave the 30 million. However, they didn’t say how, was it via Humanity First (@hfusa)? Will he claim it as a tax write off? Interestingly, Qasim Rashid is headed to Syria or Turkey, and he isn’t a doctor! Are these the same funds? Obviously, Mirza Masroor Ahmad has ordered all of this and is hoping to get good press, and maybe some additional refugee visas for his chanda paying Ahmadi’s from Pakistan. 20+ years ago, Mirza Tahir Ahmad ordered the same and they alleged to have converted 45,000 native Albanians in 1995, which was during the Bosnian War.

Ironically, Ahmadi’s also believe that Muslims are being punished around the world for rejecting Ahmadiyya.

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