We have covered this before, Ahmadi’s are sick people and believe that Muslims are being punished all around the world for their rejection of Ahmadiyya. These beliefs are held by ALL Ahmadi’s, however, in the english language, they won’t say this openly, however, on the urdu channels, they say things like this regularly. One such channel is Taryaq Ul Qulub, the owner seems to be a fanatical Ahmadi living abroad who hates Pakistan and Muslims, he uses the fake name Jerry-Ullah. Nevertheless, as soon as the earthquakes happened in #Syria and #Turkey, he began quoting MGA’s famous prediction of Earthquakes back in 1906. And in his video he was asserting that Muslims are being punished for rejecting #Ahmadiyya and he specifically mentioned how the Pakistani government recently removed a bunch of minarets on Ahmadiyya temples in Pakistan. He quoted 17:15 of the Quran (17:16 in the Qadiani Quran) and started his speech explaining how Allah doesn’t send punishment until he sends a Messenger (MGA also quoted 17:15 in Haqiqatul Wahy). The ROR of July-1941 also tells the world that since they rejected MGA as the messiah, the Ahmadiyya God is about to send lots of punishment. The ROR of Sep-1941 tells the world that since MGA was rejected, earthquakes and other calamaties will continue to happen until MGA is accepted as a prophet.

Additionally, we have archived a video herein where Mirza Tahir Ahmad is claiming that ever since 1984 (and the passage of Ord-XX), he warned Pakistanis about their impending punishment from the God of Ahmadiyya. In 2022, Ahmadi’s shared this audio on tik tok and were bragging. This all goes back to MGA and his prophecy of the “doomsday-earthquake”, which was supposed to kill off non-Ahmadi’s (as a punishment) and increase the number of Ahmadi’s in the world until Ahmadi’s became the majority. In 2022, Qadiani-Ahmadi’s celebrated the floods and deaths in Pakistan–they called it punishment from God

Translation:: “”The One deity had stayed quiet for some time but those acts happened in front of His eyes and he stayed quiet. But now he will show His face with violence. Whoever has ears that are able to listen, listen that that time is not far! I tried to gather people under God’s peace but it was necessary that the requirements of fate be fulfilled!””
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Qadiani-Ahmadi’s are celebrating the floods and deaths in Pakistan–they call it punishment from God

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