Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s books are full of hate towards Hindu’s and all other religions. He disrespected every single religion in India and with British protection. MGA also denigrates the hindu God Permeshwar. In 1908, MGA even writes that Permeshwar is 10 finger beneath the navel, which means something very grotesque. In the same year, MGA wrote that if Hindu’s need to testify to the truth of Muhammad (Saw), only then should Muslims stop eating Cows (See page 30). The ROR of Jan-1944 discusses this issue also and alleges that MGA wanted 10,000 Hindu’s to believe in Muhammad (saw) like they believe in RamChadra and Krishna, then, 10,000 Muslims should sign a contract that they won’t kill cows. MGA is alleged to have even said that if anyone breaks the contract, they should have to pay 300,000 rupees. Factually, in the early 1950’s and late 1940’s, the government of India banned the killing of cows, even in Kashmir, which is 98% Muslim.

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