A few days ago, I bumped into another weirdo Qadiani-Ahmadi on twitter, a kootie named Abdul-Khaliq Mohsin Farooqi. He seems to be an asylum case in Canada, and he runs around twitter challenging Muslims that if they object to MGA, he will blaspheme Muhammad (saw) just to prove MGA as correct. He loves to sing the poems of MGA. He’s the average immigrant Qadiani-Ahmadi from Pakistan who hates Islam and clerics in general, however, he loves Ahmadiyya clerics. On a side note, he claims to be an ahmadi living in Canada, I asked him about the case of Rana Luqman, the Ahmadi mullah who confessed to creating child pornography and is awaiting sentencing in Maryland. Abdul-Khaliq Mohsin Farooqi called me a liar and totally denied the situation, he said the jamaat never announced any ex-communication. Further research on Abdul-Khaliq Mohsin Farooqi shows that he is a legacy-ahmadi from Lahore. His great-grandfather (the father of his maternal grand-mother) was Hakim Muhammad Husain of Lahore (the inventor of Marham-i-Esa). Abdul-Khaliq Mohsin Farooqi immigrated to Canada in 1999 (watch his interview), his whole family too, thus, he is most likely an asylum case. His mother came to Canada in 1995. By 2020, he lost all of his jobs and is a taxi driver for Uber.

Nevertheless, in his tweets, he challenged Muslims of the world on 41:43 (41:44 in the Qadiani-Quran). He seems to be alleging that in 41:43 tells the world that all prophets were accused of the same things that MGA is being accused of. This is the psychology of an Ahmadi! However, MGA was totally silent on this verse, we haven’t found anything as of yet. As soon as we informed this Qadiani-Ahmadi of this fact, he blocked and ran off. We checked the Tafsir by Suyuti and he claims that this verse (41:43) only means that just like the previous messengers were denied, so was Muhammad (Saw) denied (not accepted). Tafsir ibn Kathir tells us about 41:44 as follows:

(Nothing is said to you except what was said to the Messengers before you.) Qatadah, As-Suddi and others said, “Nothing is said to you by way of rejection and disbelief, that was not said to the Messengers who came before you. Just as you have been rejected, they were also rejected. Just as they bore their people’s insults with patience, so too you must bear your people’s insults with patience.”

Thus, another silly Qadiani-Ahmadi is disproven.

The challenge in a tweet

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