In 2023, there are less than 10 Ahmadi’s on the entire island, and that includes the Ahmadi mullah and his wife, who are pictured in the below. An Ahmadiyya mullah named Saghar (He was spotted at the 2023 USA-Jalsa) is serving in the Dominican Republic. He seems to have grown up in Spain and went to Jamia in Canada.

In terms of Islam, the Al-Noor Mosque is largely believed to be the only active mosque in the country and receives the bulk of the Muslim population for the two Eids, Ramadan, Salat al Jummah, and the five daily prayers. However, there is another mosque in Los Llanos neighborhood of San Pedro de Macorix, Dominican Republic. This mosque is led by a converted Dominican Imam. Los Llanos is roughly a 30 minutes drive from the Al-Noor Mosque. The Musalla Al-Hidayya provides Jummah services in the city of Santiago de los Caballeros, and the Musalah Al-Nabawi( address: Av. Espana Plaza Estrella No. 411, Bavaro Punta Cana ) serves local and visiting Muslims in the tourist sector of Bávaro-Punta Cana in the East of the country.[1

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Hafeez Rehman, MD FACP on Twitter: “#Ahmadiyya Muslim community in #DominicanRepublic growing. Members are proudly wearing #musulmanesporlapza shirts. Brotherhood created by Ahmadi Muslims knows no boundaries. Universal brotherhood under #KhalifaofIslam” / Twitter

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