The ROR of Sep-1946 alleges that the 2nd Khalifa was receiving Roya (kashf and revelations) about the future of India after the inevitable freedom. Zafrullah Khan is mentioned in this roya and the 2nd Khalifa seems to be calling Hindu’s and Muslims as idiots who will end up fighting each other when the British leave. These fake revelations were posted again in the ROR of Dec-1946, also in the Al-Fazl of Aug-24 and Nov-26-1946. They also talk about the Cabinet mission and how they will be meeting on Dec-9-1946 to discuss the freedom of India.

Ali Mohammad (B.A. and B.T.) has an essay in the ROR of Aug-1947 entitled, “The Fulfilment of a Wonderful Vision”, this was about the recent Punjab riots. Ali Mohammad (B.A. and B.T.) alleges that the 2nd Khalifa predicted the Punjab riots On Feb-28-1947 and was published in the Al-Fazl of March-20-1947. The 2nd Khalifa fabricated a vision/dream wherein he saw lots of scorpions and etc. The 2nd Khalifa claims that the vision came true in his Friday sermon of July-4-1947.

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