We have proven that the Ahmadiyya Movement (aka AMJI) spends almost nothing on the poor. Check out these numbers from their top charities:

-Revenue AMJI 2021: £51m; Charity for the poor and needy AMJI 2021: £1.9m (3.73%).
-Revenue AMA UK 2022: £26m; Charity for the poor and needy AMA UK 2022: £0.4m (1.53%).
-The charity MSAF only spends £4,000 for the deserving and poor.

Instead they overspend on their Jalsa’s, in Canada they spent 1.3 million in 2019, the number is similar in the UK, and we are sure its the same in the USA and Germany. Finally, we estimate the global value of the Ahmadiyya Movement (AMJI and other charities) to be about 90 million, mostly in land holdings. Thus, the Ahmadiyya Movement has spent over 100 million in 100 years and has barely fed the poor and converted basically no one to Islam and been declared non-Muslim.

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