Per Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad, the total attendance at the USA-Jalsa of 2023 was 8352, women 3909 and men were at 3931, 301 International guests, 211 non-Ahmadi guests and 750 volunteers, 33,000 online views. (timestamp, 4:20:19). However, 8352 must be divided by 3, since the jamaat counts for everyday separately. Thus, 8352/3=2784, which means roughly 1300 men and 1300 women.

Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad also talked about those who are here in the USA on asylum. He says that most Pakistani-Ahmadi asylum seekers told many Human Rights groups that they couldn’t say the Kalima in Pakistan, however, these same people came to the west and forgot the Kalima. Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad again accused Ahmadi’s of missing prayers, causing problems in their family and friends.

The Canadian Jalsa was also held and Ahmadi sources allege an attendance of 21k, which needs to be divided by 3. Thus, in Canada, they had about 7k people show up, men and women.

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