He seems to be living in the Houston area and works as a radiologist, he attends the Baitus Samee Mosque. He recently went on a live stream and embarrassed himself in front of the world (6:10:20 timestamp), in the past, he discussed his cult with Smile2Jannah and was active on tiktok. He commented on the Muhammadi Begum failed prophecy and claimed that his wife is related to some of the family of Muhammadi Begum. His wife’s brother is Shakil Mirza and they are Abid Mirza’s paternal cousins. Both are claimed to be descendants of Mirza Imam ud Din. He is on twitter as @abu_taha18. Usama’s wife is Ramla, Shakil Mirza’s little sister, his father-in-law is Shahid Mirza, his wife is Nusrat Mirza. 

Osama Owan claimed that the husband of Muhammadi Begum (Mirza Sultan Muhammad) repented as soon as the father of Muhammadi Begum died (9-30-1892). They had married on April 7th, 1892 (see Dard, page 334). Our brother Muhammad Imtiaz immediately responded with, “if he had repented in 1892, why did MGA continue to chase a married woman”, which left Osama Owan speechless.

Khalid Mirza’s younger brother is Shahid Mirza
Married to Nusrat Mirza

3 kids

Ramla (wife of Usama Awan)

Usama Awan | Muslim Writers Guild of America

Usama Awan is a medical student at The Ohio State University. He completed his bachelor’s degree in the Arabic language and also studied two years of Persian. His interests include: translation work for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, studying languages, astronomy, and anything related to the human body. Additionally, Usama lives by the motto of “ball is life,” as he enjoys pick-up basketball on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Houston area Ahmadi Muslim youth group distributes food to people in need amid the pandemic (

He is working as an assistant to the national AMYA president. 
Two Moroccan Sunnis converse with Ahmadis over Iftar (

He is working as a radiologist.

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