Mirza Imam Din seems to have been just 5 years older than MGA, we estimate 5 years, that is based on the court case of 1865, the pension story and the fact that his daughter (his only surviving child, Khurshid Begum) was married to MGA’s son (Mirza Sultan Ahmad) in roughly 1883. In 1857, many men from the Mirza family from Qadian helped the British led by Mirza Ghulam Murtaza, the uncle of Mirza Imam ud Din and brother of Muhyuddin, even Mirza Ghulam Kadir participated heavily. However, only Mirza Ghulam Murtaza was given pension. This caused considerable turmoil in the family, since MGA’s father (Murtaza) was depriving his nephews of an earned pension. Thus from 1858 to 1865, only Mirza Ghulam Murtaza was given pension. He had 4 siblings in total as recorded in Dard, (see page 74), his brothers were Mirza Nizam Din and Kamal Din, and his sisters had the same name, Hurmat Bibi and Umar-un-Nissa. Hurmat Bibi was married to Mirza Ghulam Qadir (MGA’s brother) these were the children of Mirza Ghulam Muhyuddin, who was the brother of MGA’s father, so these were MGA’s first cousins.  Mirza Ghulam Muhyuddin (MGA’s paternal uncle) died in 1866, just a few months after the famous settlement of 1865, thus, this might have been a premeditated murder. Nevertheless, these were real close relations of MGA. In fact, in Indian culture, and even Islamic culture, MGA and Mirza Imam Din were brothers, not cousins. In 1865, many men from the Mirza family seem to have sued MGA’s father and won. There was a huge settlement of 1865 which included lots of MGA’s cousins and uncles as beneficiaries of a new pension. Then we have the famous pension story wherein MGA squandered his father’s pension with Mirza Imam Ud Din in tow.  This must have been just after the settlement of 1865, thus this also proves that MGA was in Sialkot from 1865 to 1869. Dard tells us that Mirza Imam ud Din tried to kill Mirza Ghulam Murtaza many times, thus proving that there was considerable ill will between these families.  When Mirza Ghulam Murtaza died in 1876, in that same year or close to it, the extended family sued MGA’s brother and won, this case seems to have ran for 6-7 years. The shock struck MGA’s brother so hard that he died suddenly and at barely 50+ years old (1883). Mirza Sultan Ahmad, Mirza Imam ud Din’s soon to be son-in-law completed the payments to Mirza Imam ud Din, thus concluding this entire scenario in 1883, Mirza Sultan Ahmad was the family representative to the British government, there were no other Mirza’s employed by the British Government by 1883. By 1886, Mirza Imam Din became the spiritual leader of the “sweepers” they considered him the the second coming of Lal Beg, it seemed like an age wherein “non-profits” or “peerism” was a booming business, nonetheless, his religion was called “the-sweepers” and they were mistakenly considered as Ahmadis by the British Government and Dr. Griswold, who wrote the first independent study on Ahmadiyya. By 1888, MGA started another controversy in the family as he requested Mirza Ahmad Baig’s daughter for marriage (Muhammadi Begum) in exchange for the land rights of MGA’s cousin (Mirza Ghulam Hussain), who had been missing for 25 years, he was married to the older sister of Mirza Ahmad Baig.  Also, remember, MGA’s only surviving eldest sister was also married to an older brother of Mirza Ahmad Baig, she also sided with the rest of the family in opposing this marriage.

Mirza Imam ud Din died in 1904. His only surviving child, a daughter, was married to Mirza Sultan Ahmad in roughly in the 1883. They had 2 children, Mirza Aziz Ahmad and Mirza Rashid Ahmad. MGA essentially terrorized his cousins (See Dard, page 717) tells us that all of MGA’s relatives eventually became Ahmadi…however, this is unverified…and most likely a lie. In 1888..MGA was publishing revelation after revelation which seem to indicate that all of his cousins would die and their progenies would be cut off (see Tadkirah, 2009 edition, online, page 198–onwards). He is mentioned in the ROR of Aug-1939 and Oct-1939.
His daughter?

He seems to have had one daughter and married her off to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s eldest son (Mirza Sultan Ahmad). See Dard page 336 & 712, online english edition. Her name was Khurshid Begum.
His grand-sons?

He seems to have had 2 grandsons, Mirza Aziz Ahmad and Mirza Rashid Ahmad.

One was Mirza Aziz Ahmad and the other was Mirza Rashid Ahmad. Mirza Rashid Ahmad (born in 1903) was married to Amtul Salam Sahiba, they had a daughter that was eventually married Mirza Tahir Ahmad. Her name was Asifa Begum (married to mirza tahir ahmad 1957–1992), they were married on the 5th of December, 1957, before Mirza Tahir Ahmad left for the UK, she was married to Mirza Tahir Ahmad for 35 years. They had 4 daughters, Shaukat Jehan, Faiza, Yasmin Rehman Mona, Atiatul Mujib Tooba and one daughter who died in infancy. Asifa Begum died of pancreatic cancer on April 3rd,1992.  

We estimate that he was born and away from Qadian in this year. MGA was the first Mirza-baby born in Qadian after a hiatus of roughly 40 years.

His uncle, Mirza Ghulam Murtaza applied for financial benefits with the British Government but failed.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1857

Mirza Imamuddin of Qadian served as a Risaldar in Hodson’s Horse during the siege of Delhi. It is possible that he was the commander of the 50 horses and cavaliers raised by Mirza Ghulam Murtaza (father of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) for the British.(See “Chiefs and Families of Note in the Punjab”, Volume Two, by Sir Lepel Griffin and revised by W.L Conran and H.D Craik, Civil and Military Gazette Press, Lahore-1910, Pages-41 & 42).
The settlement of 1865

Mirza Ghulam Murtaza gets sued by his entire extended family in terms of getting a piece of the British governments pension which they had earned since they helped the British during the mutiny of 1857. Mirza Ghulam Murtaza’s extended family wins and a new pension agreement is formed which is extremely detailed (see Dard, page 68). This money (700 rupees) was given to the Mirza family as a result of their military service for the British in the Mutiny of 1857. The Mirza family showed more loyalty then any other family in the entire Gurdaspur district and were thus compensated. This money was to be divided as follows: Two-fifths belonged to the descendants of Mirza Tasadduq Jilani, two fifths to those of Mirza Gul Muhammad, and one-fifth to Mirza Ghulam Murtaza as the managing proprietor (see Dard page 68). Jilani and Mirza Gul Muhammad were grandfathers of Mirza Ghulam Murtaza. Of the 700 rupees, 280 rupees were allocated to Jilani, who’s entire family seems to have went missing from Ahmadiyya records. Another 280 rupees were allocated to Mirza Ghulam Murtaza and only 2 of his brothers (Muhiyideen and Haidar), that means 46.66 rupees per family. Another 140 rupees were just for Mirza Ghulam Murtaza. There must have been a third cousin who also traveled with them to pickup the money. Thus, MGA seems to have picked up his daddy’s portion of the money which would be 140 rupees and a split of the 280, of which MGA grabbed 46.66, thus his total weas 186.66 rupees.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The Pension story

As we all know, MGA was sent to pickup his fathers pension money and ended up spending it all and living on-the-run for several months before finally returning after the money was spent.  MGA was already a father at the time and had 2 sons, this is very irresponsible behavior. MGA was thus punished by having to take up a job in Sialkot as some type of “court clerk”, MGA grudgingly took the job and worked in Sialkot for a few years (see Nuzhat Haneef, page 180).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The pension Quote

“””in the name Allah the beneficient and the merciful. Stated to me by walda sahiba (mother of the author) that once , at the young age hazrat masih e moud went to receive pension of his father, when hazrat sahib (Mgaq) received the pension , he was chased and tracked by Mirza imamuddin who instead of bringing hazrat sahib to Qadiyan, lured him and took him from one place to other till the whole amount of pension was spent up. Then Imamuddin left hazrat sahib. Feeling regretted, hazrat sahib went to Sialkot instead of coming back to home. He got a job in the court of Deputy Commissioner Sialkot, on a very meagre amount as his father also desired him to get a job. Hazrat sahib remained there for some time till his mother got ill and he was called home by the grand father. At Amritsar He was received by a messenger from Qadiyan who told him that his mother had died.”””

Bismillah Alrehmani rahim
Bayan kia mudge say hazart walida sahib nay kay aik dafa apnee jawani (youth) kay zamana main hazart masih maoud alaih salam tumharay dada kee pension wasool kernai gaye to peachay peachay (behind) mirza imam din bhee chala gaiya. Jab aap nay pension wasool ker lee to wo aap ko phusla (trick) ker aur dhoka day ker bajayi (instead) qadian lanay kay bahir (meaning of the word is outside-but it means outside qadian somewhere else) lay giaya aour idher udher (here there) phirata raha. (according to this narration -this incident was just before sialkot employment which was 1864-1868-MGA is around 25 years old-purpose of this is to ascertain MGA age- he was not a child that imam din could lure him hither thither in India)
Phir jub us nay (imamdin) saraa rupiya ura (spend) ker khatam ker diya to aap ko schore (leave) ker kaheen aour chala gaya. Hazrat masih maoud ees (this) sharam kay maray wapis ghar naheen aiyee. Aour chounkay tumharay dada ka munsha (desire) rehtaa tha kay aap kaheen mulazam ho jayeen -ees liyay aap sialkot shahr (city) main -deputy commissionar kee katchehri main qaleel tunkhua (little wage) per mulazam ho gayay (now that proves that MGA was in his 20s and was not a child) aour kutch arsaa tuk wahan mulazmat per rahay. Phir jab tumharee dadee (MGA mother) beemar hounee to tumharay dada nay admee bhaija – kay mulazmat chour (leave) ker aa (come) jaao. Jiss per hazrat sahib forun rawana ho gayay. Amritsar pohuntch ker qadian aanay kay wastay yakka karayia per liyaa. Iss mouqa per qadian say aik aour adamee bhee aap kay laynay kay liyay amritsar pouhntch giyaa -us admee nay kaha yakka (tanga) juldi chalao kiunkay un (MGA mother) kee halat bohat nazuk thee. Phir thoree dair kay baad kehnay laga -bohat hee halat nazuk thee- jaldi karo kaheen fout (died) nah ho gaee houn. Walida sahiba bayan kertee theen -kay hazart sahib fermatay thay -kay main isee waqat sumahg giaa kay -derasal walida fout ho chukee hain. Kiunkay agar woh zinda hoteen to wo shakhas aisay alfaz na boltaa. Chonanchay qadian pohnchay to pata laga kay waqayee wo fout ho chukeen thee. Walida sahiba bayan kertee hain kay hazrat sahib fermatay thay kay humain (means -“us “ is plural- does that mean that there was at least one more person?) chore (leave) ker phir mirza imam din ihther udher (here and there) phirta raha. Akhir us nay chaiy (tea) kay qaflay per daka (theft) mara aour pakra giaa- magar muqadma main rihaa ho giya. Hazrat sahib farmatay thay kay maaloom hota hai kay Allah taala nay hamaree waja say hee usay kaid (prison) say bachaa liya-werna wo khud kaisa hee adamee tha hamaray mukhalif yahee kehtay -in kay aik chacha zaad bahee jail khana main reh chuka hai. Khaksaar araz kerta hai kay hazrat masih maoud alaih salam kee sialkot kee mulazmat 1864-1868 ka waqia hai.
Is rawait (narration) say yay naheen samajna chahiya kay hazart masih maoud ka sialkot main mulaazam hona is wajah say tha- kay aap say mirza imam din nay dada sahib kee pension kaa rupaya dhoka say ura (taken) liya tha-keyoon kay jaisa kay khud hazart masih maoud alaih salam nay apnee tasaneef main tasreeh (explain) kee hai. Aap kee mulazmat akhtiayar kernay kee waja (reason) siraf yay thee kay aap kay walid sahib mulazmat kay leyay zour daitay rehtay thay -werna aap kee apnee raiy (opinion) mulazmat kay khilaf thee. Isee tarha mulazmat chour (leave) daynay kee bhee asal wajah yahee thee – kay hazrat masih maoud mulazmat ko naapasand fermatay thay-aour apnay walid sahib ko mulazmat turk ker daynay kee ijazat kay leyay likhtay rehtay thay. laykin dada sahib turk a mulazmat kee ijazat naheen daytay thay. Magar jub dadi sahiba bemaar hunyee to dada sahib nay ijazat bhijwaa dee kay mulazmat chore ker aa jao.



Another story about Imam Din
No: 44″””Mirza says mirza imamuddin later on attempted dacoity at a tea caravan, got arrested but released on trial . Allah swt saved him respite of his bad deeds, because of me (mgaq) lest people would say mirza’s cousin was jailed. “””

My commentary on this additional story

Obviously, MGA hated his elder cousin (aka brother) and he told many stories to his 2nd wife and children about their uncle. In this story, MGA tells that Imam Din should have been arrested for theft, however, the British Govt, released him simply because of MGA and etc. This fuels the idea that MGA and his family were above the law in British-India.
Dard tells us that Imam Din paid for someone to kill MGA

Another case of a one-sided story. Dard tells us (without giving any reference) that Imam Din seems to have hired someone to kill MGA’s father, (see Dard, page 22).

Scan from Seeratul Mahdi


His daughter,


The ROR of Oct-1939 alleges that Mirza Imam ud Din issued a leaflet vs. MGA on Aug-13-1885. 
See Dard, page 172
See ROR of Dec-1939 also

“”The Riyad-e-Hind, dated February 15th, 1886, Vol 1, No. 16, publishes the fact that Mirza Imam Din became an Arya for a short time. ‘As he could not be bothered with any fetters of religion,’ it continues, ‘he could not follow the Aryas, nor was fixed there any monthly allowance for
him and he remained in penury as before, so he has devised a new plan,’ he has become the head of the sweepers of Qadian.””  


MGA lusted hard after Muhammadi Begum and this caused considerable family beef, MGA even threatened his cousins with death-threats and etc, very sick indeed.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Mirza Imam Din wrote books about MGA and Batalvi

He wrote: “Did-e-Haq”, “The Story of Each of the Two Kafirs” (in this he declares me and Muhammad Husain Batalwi as kafirs) and Gul Shiguft, etc. (See Dard, page 708)
pdf page 36 of 296
Narration no. 39

“My mother narrated to me that once I heard Mirza Imam Din (cousin of mgaq) loudly talking to someone saying that people are running their shops and making profits – he was referring to mgaq – we should also start some business. Mother used to say that he started the Chura Peeri “.
1901 and the case of the wall

Somehow, Mirza Imam Din and MGA’s father both owned a piece of land that Mirza Imam Din had built a wall in an attempt to block. MGA knew this all along, and he purposely dragged out the case, he had worked in the courts in his youth and fad fought cases for his families land for years and years, in some cases, MGA was even above the law. See Dard, chapter 67.

An interesting quote from Malfuzat about the case of the Wall
In this entry from Malfuzat, MGA claims that this entire case was predicted by the words of Muhammad (saw), it is as follows:

“””Mirza Imamuddin and some other cousins, and co owners of ancestral property of Mirza sb Qadiani , had constructed a wall between MGA’s house and Masjid  (most likely masjid aqsa), Mirza sb approached the court for remedy. The court allowed his appeal and the wall was demolished accordingly.

Commenting on this order of the court, Mirza sb said we were kept under siege for 2 1/2 years by the opponents and the news of demolition of this wall was given by Rasool Karim Sallallaho alaihi wasallam in his ahadis. “””” (MALFOOZAT PAGE 532 , 15 August, 1901)

The scan from Malfuzat

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ In 1903, he Mirza Imam Din and many residents of Qadian opposed the building of the minaret

Dard tells us that when MGA and his team began building the white minaret, the residents of Qadian, which included Mirza Imam Din, they had some serious issues with tourists being able to see down and into their homes, this was a serious case of “invasion of privacy” and MGA was purposely trying to annoy his neighbors in Qadian.  (See Dard, page 775).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1901, the punjab census report confuses MGA with Imam Din

See page 83
_____________________________________________________________________________________________By 1904, Mirza Imam Din was dead

This cousin of MGA seems to be much older then MGA, he seems to have died of old age.  Ahmadis don’t give out those details. Nonetheless, Ahmadis report that Mirza Imam Din and his brother Mirza Nizam Din were forced to pay MGA 147 rupees for damages and the wall had to be demolished. Read the full case settlement in Dard. Ahmadis report that the debt was then transferred to Mirza Nizam Din, however, MGA seems to have arrogantly refused it. He seems to have died shortly after Aug 31, 1904.

MGA had a dream about the wife of Imam ud Din wherein he called her a prostitute. This was inserted into Tadhkirah in 1935. From the diary of MGA.

Also, in the April 1906 english edition of Tadhkirah, Mirza Imam ud Din is mentioned as dead.

He is mentioned in the ROR of Aug-1939, Oct-1939 and Dec-1939.

The book is called Deed-e-Haq (Sighting of God) and explains to the Lal Begis in detail what they are supposed to believe and practice. His name appears as “talif Mirza Imam-ud-Dinma’ruf ba maula-e-hidayat kuninda qaum Lal began” (written by Mirza Imam-ud-Din, known as the guiding lord of the Lal Begi people).

IMG 20230919 WA0014
Title page of Deed-e-Haq by Imam-ud-Din, self-styled as Maula-e-Haq (lord of the truth)

IMG 20230919 WA0015

The foreword, the author of which is not mentioned at the end, appears to be written by a Lal Begi, and reads:

“Thousands of thanks to God, that as the religious teachings of our insightful pir Balmik Sahib were becoming distinct through the neglect of his people, he has ignited this lamp through a very pious person, Mirza Imam-ud-Din of Qadian, district Gurdaspur, who has rejuvenated the teachings of Balmik Sahib. […]” (Deed-e-Haq, p. 5)

“O Lal Begis! Do not go towards any other religion and stick strictly on the path of Pir Balmik. […]” (Ibid., p. 7)

“My desire is that you stay on your path and do not seek to follow any other religion. […]” (Ibid., p. 9)

“There is no special god in mosques who is their friend and your enemy. You should build your own temple to remember god. […]”

Imam-ud-Din goes on to remind them of their prayers and gives advice on new ways of praying where everyone stands facing each other and says special mantras, which Imam-ud-Din spells out for them; before telling them that “you ought to take these instructions as god’s words […]” (Ibid., p. 18).

This collaboration with the notorious Islamophobic Lekhram is evident from the tract written by Mirza Imam-ud-Din, published under the auspices of Lekhram, and later included in his book Takzib Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya, as part of a special appendix titled Zamima Kitab Haza Babat Khatut-o-Ishtiharat (Appendix on Letters and Tracts):

Arya Musafir
Imam-ud-Din’s tract, reproduced in Arya Musafir, being the complete works of Pundit Lekhram, in Takzib Barahin Ahmadiyya, pp. 414-415

It is signed by “Mirza Imam-ud-Din, Chief of Qadian, brother of Mirza Ghulam Ahmatd, baqalam khud [autograph]” and dated 13 August 1885.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Links and Related Essays

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