Just the other day, i went on Maulvi Adubofour live stream (he gets paid to make youtube videos and etc). He had an alleged Hafiz with him and a man named Suleiman Omipidan who claims to be a doctor, however, he is working as a Hemodialysis Technician at DaVita, and thus, not a doctor in the USA. He has setup an additional stream on his channel to discuss if Maryam is a hermaphrodite or not.

Nevertheless, I asked them about the birth of Eisa (As) from the writings of MGA and they were dumbfounded, they don’t know the writings of MGA and immediately refused. I then asked them as to why #Ahmadis believe that Maryam “could be” a hermaphrodite. At first, Suleiman Omipidan couldn’t find the quote, after I showed it to him, he claimed that Mirza Tahir Ahmad only meant that it was possible. However, he doesn’t know that this is Kufr. Muslims (shia’s and sunni’s) simply believe the birth of Eisa (as) to be a miracle, and don’t put any explanation on it.

Nevertheless, they kept denying it. I then told them in 2022, A qadiani-Ahmadi named Dr. Jalil Ahmad Bhatti wrote an article wherein he accused Maryam of being a hermaphrodite and he quoted Mirza Tahir Ahmad in “Christianity – A Journey from Facts to Fiction”, however, they refused to look at, even afterwards, Maulvi Adubofour refused to acknowledge the facts from this essay in the Al-Hakam. I also tried to tell them that this belief has been in Ahmadiyya literature since MGA and MGA was also asserting as such, whereas his confidant, Maulvi Nooruddin believed that Eisa (as) had a biological father.

The same arguments were made in the first edition of the Moslem Sunrise (July-1921) by Muftree Muhammad Sadiq. Thus proving that as early as 1921, the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s had came up with this ideology. In the January 1927 edition of the ROR, the Ahmadiyya Movement published (and endorsed) an essay by a doctor named M.S. Nawaz, M.B., B.S., (from India), its unclear if this man was an ahmadi or not. The title of the essay is “Parthenogenesis (virgin birth)”. In this essay, it is plainly stated that since animals can reproduce without male sperm, this explains the virgin birth of Eisa (as) (astagfarullah). The Sep-Oct-1934 edition of the ROR says that a person must believe that Eisa (As) was born without a father to be a true muslim aka Ahmadi. Later on, in the ROR of Jan-1935, they published an article by a european which seems to cast doubt on the concept of the virgin birth. In the Aug-1935 edition of the ROR, there is an article on “Pregnant Virgins”, wherein it is argued Parthenogenesis can happen and has happened in human history. The ROR of Nov-1936 calls the first man as a “fertile hermaphrodite” (see pages 422 and 425). The ROR of April-1938 has an essay on “Some Interesting Cases of Hermaphroditism”.

The Qadiani branch went on to call the miraculous birth of Esa (as) as less then a miracle and some sort of rationally explained phenomenon. Obviously, the classic islamic view is that Esa (as) was born miraculously, just like Adam (as). By the will of Allah.  

Mirza Tahir Ahmad went a step further in his assertions. He eventually asserted that Maryam (ra) was a hermaphrodite, watch this tik tok clip. This clip is from a question and answer session by Mirza Tahir Ahmad in the 1990’s. Mirza Tahir Ahmad also said that a woman from Africa was the first human. In 1998, Mirza Tahir Ahmad compared the birth of Eisa (as) to those of animals who had both genders (From June 14, 1998) 24:45 time stamp. He also argues that many females in the world can have children without a male touching them. We have archived these clips on twitter and tiktok.

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