Mirza Tahir Ahmad was a vicious mullah! He robbed Ahmadi’s blind and seems to have invented new beliefs within Ahmadiyya. He was the first Ahmadiyya Khalifa to call Maryam a hermaphrodite. He even claimed that iblis was a human and not a Jinn. He even went to far as to claim that heaven (jannah) was here on earth and not anywhere else, and thus, there is no afterlife (at the 1:24:30 mark, this is a lecture by Syed Dr. Holy Spirit). MGA started all of this nonsense as he copied from Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s tafsir and claimed that Adam (as) wasn’t the first human.

Nevertheless, on 9-14-1990, during a question and answer session, Mirza Tahir Ahmad told the questioner that the first ever human on Earth was a woman from Africa (see at the 50:27 mark, by Dr. Holy Spirit). In addition to this, Mirza Tahir Ahmad was claiming that Adam (as) and his followers were kicked out of Jannah, which was on Earth and not in the skies, beyond the Samaa Wattay (as 99% of Muslims believe). Mirza Tahir Ahmad even quotes a hadith from Muhammad (Saw) wherein he alleged that Muhammad (saw) said that there were 100,000’s of Adam’s (astagfarullah)(Mirza Tahir Ahmad quotes ibn Arabi). Finally, it should be remembered that the second Khalifa wrote that humans came from Jinn in 1947, which made it into all of his commentaries.

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