Suleiman Omipidan converted to Ahmadiyya without a proper investigation. He seems to be from West Africa (Ghana-Nigeria). His parents were Muslim. He seems to be working in Houston as a medical worker (Hemodialysis Technician at DaVita). He alleges to have went to the “International American University” (in Saint Lucia?) and got an M.D. in medicine (most likely a lie). Check out his youtube channel herein. He also seems to have went on Muslim youtube channels and pretended to be a Muslim and gave advice on non-Qadiani related matters (Randallstown Islamic Center). He also went on the Hasbuna Allahu Islamic Center youtube channel, see herein.

He wanted to leave Islam in his youth. His mom seems to have been getting revelations and he thought she was a prophet. He then explains how when he was a late-teen, he disagreed with the physical ejection of Eisa (as) from Earth and his physical return. He said that there was nothing in space it was all empty. Thus, he was against this belief. However, he seems to be ignorant of the concept of teleportation, which is most likely how Allah sent Adam (as) and Eve to Earth in the first place. Allah also sent the cattle, and potatoes, and sugar, and the bees, and the birds and etc etc etc. When he started college, he had officially left Islam (by leaving prayers), he claims to have went to the University of Ibadan and studied physiology. He claims that he stumbled into an ahmadiyya temple and was impressed. He then learned kufr from Ahmadiyya books and was convinced that Muslims were bad. He said he kept seeing Mirza Tahir Ahmad in dreams. He says that MGA was imam-mahdi, however, he doesn’t seem to know that MGA claimed to be a prophet. At the end, he doesn’t tell how he got a visa to move to the USA.

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