Mirza Ghulam Ahmad ended up using lots of arguments from the Christian Missionaries vs. Islam. This is ironic since MGA called the Christian missionaries as Dajjal, then backtracked that he only cursed at them and did this to protect them. Nevertheless, in 1835, Pfander said that Eisa (as) was dead and called his physical return a contradiction. It was also the Christian missionaries who made the argument that since Muhammad (Saw) is dead in Islam, his status is lower than Eisa (as)(astagfarullah).

Tuhfa Golarwiya, Ruhani Khaza’in, Volume 17, Page 205

I have written again and again that this great distinction that is given to Jesus, of going up to heaven alive, staying alive for so long, and then returning, is an insult to our Holy Prophet Muhammad from every aspect and it makes Jesus have such a close connection with God as has no limits. For example, the Holy Prophet Muhammad did not reach even the age of a hundred years but Jesus is alive even after almost two thousand years. And God chose such an ignominious place to hide the Holy Prophet that is awfully stinking and dark and cramped and the place of excreta of insects but He took Jesus to heaven which is the location of paradise and the vicinity of the residence of angels. Now tell us: to whom did God show more love, to whom did He accord more respect, to who did He grant a place near to Himself, and to whom did He give the distinction of returning back?” 

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