Benjamin Sam (aka Binyameen Sam, see Hanson) was a member of the Fante people. One of his close associates was Mahdi Appah, they were both born pagans. The birth name of Mahdi Appah was Aduogyir Appah. After converting to the Ahmadiyya movement, he changed his first name to Mahdi. Appah converted to Christianity via Benjamin Sam and seems to be his follower (See Fisher). It seems that some guy named Abu Bakr converted them to Islam (See Fisher). It also seems that Mahdi Appah could read some English, however, Urdu and Arabic were out of the question. Benjamin Sam was a trader and a Wesleyan teacher-catechist, he got Mahdi Appah to convert to Christianity, and then to convert to Islam via Abu Bakr (See Fisher, page 117-119).

By the late 1910’s, he was working in a Muslim school as an english teacher and leader of the Fante Muslims. Mahdi Appah was totally missing from the scene and out farming cocoa. Ben Sam was tolerant of alcohol, circumcision and etc. This seems to have caused Mahdi Appah to move away. However, Ben Sam died in roughly 1919 and Mahdi Appah returned to Ekrofol. Ben Sam’s cousin (or nephew) Yusuf Nyarko dreamed of white man leading them. Mahdi Appah heard about this dream and with the help of Amadu Ramano Pedro invited the Ahmadiyya Movement to Ghana.


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