In the post-mutiny period in British-India, Christian missionaries had been actively studying main religious, social, economic, and political causes of the “Mutiny” and were analysing the emerging trends in Indian politics in order to play a decisive role in the colonial game (See “The Indian Crisis, A Special General Meeting of the Church Missionary Society at Exeter Hall, on Thursday, Jan-12-1858, London, from Recent intelligence, Special Meeting on Indian Crisis, Church Missionary Record, New Series)(Via “Ahmadiyya Movement: British-Jewish Connections” by Bashir Ahmad [1995], see page 12-13).

During the years 1858 to 1870 various studies were conducted and missionary conferences were organized to discuss these questions. One such conference was held in December 1862 in the Punjab. It was attended by 35 Christian societies and denominations as well as high civil and military officers and great number of influential men, although there was a good deal of discussion in official circles whether such a conference should be convened (See The history of Church Missionary Society, London, 1899, Vol. 2, page 250)(Via “Ahmadiyya Movement: British-Jewish Connections” by Bashir Ahmad [1995], see page 12-13).

In 1869, a private commission consisting of missionary heads visited British India to ascertain the causes of the Mutiny and suggest ways for the consolidation of the British Empire. The commission visited many places, conducted meetings with senior British officials occupying high administrative and military posts and held discussions with officials of secret service to have first hand knowledge of religo-political problems that posed a potent threat to the British rule in India.

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