One of the earliest books I ever read on Ahmadiyya and its history is “Ahmadiyya Movement: British-Jewish Connections” by Bashir Ahmad (1995). It is available here for a free download. It can also be copy and pasted from here., which is an old Ahmadiyya Awareness website had archived many digital pages herein. We had previously archived a chapter on the Furqan Force herein. I have used this book extensively in the past 10-15 years. The author, Bashir Ahmad, seems to have had a Masters degree from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in the USA. This book was published from Rawalpindi, Pakistan in 1995. We have also posted a word doc in the below which is searchable and contains most of the chapters.

“Ahmadiyya Movement: British-Jewish Connections” by Bashir Ahmad (1995)
Free download

Ahmadiyya Movement British-Jewish Connections by Bashir Ahmad (1995)

British-Jewish searchable

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Click to access ahmadiyya-movement-british-jewish-connections-by-bashir-ahmad-1995.pdf


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