Check out Part-1 also. This is sick behavior of#Ahmadis. 

Part 2 Takeaways:

In Part 2, we continued to shed light on more questionable behaviour by these Ahmadis:

  • They are not afraid to admit that the former Pakistan dictator Zia al-Haq was an Ahmadi, which raises questions about their involvement in Pakistani politics.
  • They have no issues with saying that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the founder of the Ahmadiyya movement, called people “sons of a prostitute,” and more.
  • Some of them have made comments that suggest they do not support women’s higher education and believe in enforcing the hijab on women and share proof from their leaders to back this stance up.
  • They are happy to admit that the number of Ahmadi converts in Africa is overstated, and Ahmadis “suck” everywhere, according to their own admissions.
  • Despite their love for all mantras, many of them showcase a lack of empathy towards their enemies and have stated that they do not care if they are found dead in a ditch. This includes frequent commenters on this subreddit.
  • Despite their caliph’s wishes, Ahmadis there are continuing to dabble in cryptocurrency, even after incurring losses.
  • They claim that their own caliphs used to refer to themselves as “Qadianis” and “Mirzai”, which doesn’t help this victim mentality that they showcase whenever people call them that as “a slur” which their own leaders have accepted.
  • Many Ahmadis there continue to engage in takfir (declaring others as non-Muslims), despite claiming they don’t takfir.
  • They admit that their caliph does not understand Arabic, despite his role as the spiritual leader of the community and that Arabic is essential for a Muslim leader.
  • The Ahmadis admit that Ahmadis have lied about their numbers from the very beginning, even one of them lied straight to their founder about the number of Ahmadis in Egypt, which raises questions about the credibility of their claims.
  • The Ahmadis here believe in stoning, and they share a quote from their leader which proves he believed it is mentioned in the Quran. Stoning is something they believe is a punishment for those who engaged in homosexuality. Not just this, they state that even a highly promiscuous person could be killed too per their beliefs (I couldn’t include a screenshot of this one as I lost it but it’s true).
  • They even admit that their own Caliphs can differ from Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. That if Mirza Ghulam Ahmad said X was not a Prophet, a Caliph can say otherwise. If Mirza Ghulam Ahmad said Y died a certain way, then a Caliph later can say otherwise.
  • They admit to their Caliphs quoting mawdu narrations and are happy with their Caliphs sharing false stories about the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)‎.
  • Once again, despite Razi (Ahmadi Answers) telling them off for their comments after my last expose (part 1 was originally posted in May 2022). They still bash Razi (Ahmadi Answers) and think of him badly. Calling him a plagiarist in not so many words and even once Someplace Snowy referred to him as a “kameena” (on voice call).

And there’s more…

These revelations above are just some highlights. The post includes other bits which showcase the hidden behaviour of the top Ahmadis on their Discord server and raise questions about their true intentions towards non-Ahmadis and highlight the need for further scrutiny of this group. We urge you to continue to question their claims and intentions.

I have to add that part 2 also features a response to their false allegations made against me which if you’re interested in reading only goes to show you their character when people critique them or when women leave their group. So I feature their allegations towards the end and then dismantle them one by one demonstrating their falsehood and discrediting individuals like SomeplaceSnowy and Ahmadi Jutt who continued to spread lies about me and even others too.

Three Fun Facts:

In addition to the revelations in Part 1 and Part 2 of the expose, there are some interesting facts worth sharing.

1) The OG GOAT

The part 1 screenshots that I share were initially taken by an account with GOAT in its name, which belonged to a friend of a friend. Interestingly, this individual not only played the role of a Christian once but also acted as an Ahmadi. He successfully used speculation that he had converted to Ahmadiyya, which both the Ahmadis and I believed at one point to get into their chats and gain their trust. The irony here lies in the fact that the Ahmadis were so excited about his supposed conversion, only to have it proven that one of the statements that they made in part 1 about how their converts either leave or are fake was indeed accurate.

2) The Praised One

Another intriguing fact related to Part 1 of this expose is that there was an Ahmadi I had praised in the document, who later joined one of my Discord servers months later using another account and said he was an ex-Ahmadi.

It was later discovered that the person behind the ex-Ahmadi account was the same person I had praised earlier for his behaviour and who went by “Abu Amina Elias”.

What’s noteworthy is that Abu Amina Elias individual was completely unaware of the expose and was shocked when he found out that I had praised him inside it. This incident which I found amusing adds yet another layer to the already complex web of intrigue surrounding Ahmadis and their behaviour towards non-Ahmadis but only because the one decent Ahmadi at the time who I had never interacted with and so happened to praise, by fate, ended up leaving on his own, without any help from me and found the way to my server. Allah surely does guide whom He wills.

3) From Victim to Perpetrator

I find it interesting that in a strange twist of fate, the same Ahmadi who was once used by the Ahmadi Discord server to slander me had ended up no longer believing in their group.

To add another layer of irony, this group is now slandering her by calling her a “hoe.”

This turn of events adds an intriguing twist to the already complicated situation involving the Ahmadis and their behaviour towards those who question their beliefs or leave them.

With that said, let us know your thoughts on this expose and if you have any stories of your own from your experience in their Discord server feel free to share.

Notice: I want to add that for part 2 of this expose, I spent 99% of the time compiling it pre-Ramadan. I only mention this because I know these Ahmadis on their server will jump at anything to discredit me and they would love to say I spent my Ramadan compiling this all and putting effort into this instead of focussing on the Quran or something along those lines.


Unveiling the Hypocrisy: The Dark Side of the Ahmadiyya Discord Server and Addressing Allegations. – Part 2 | QuickNote

Unveiling the Hypocrisy: The Dark Side of the Ahmadiyya Discord Server and Addressing Allegations. – Part 2


After my last expose hurt the ego of the Qadiani Ahmadi Discord team.

I’m sharing this expose to damage their egos even more and to continue to share with you their beliefs and attitude when amongst themselves.

I will not be linking the original circa May 2022 version of my last expose but this is a link to part 1 which contains most of what was in there anyways and a little more.

In this expose, I won’t be mentioning myself and their allegations against me EXCEPT at the very end but Alhamdulillah Allah has embarrassed these Qadiani Ahmadis time after time and they know now full well that they have no legs to stand on when it comes to the allegations they have raised against me.

The structure of this expose will be like the last, I’m just going to be sharing random screenshots from their server, adding commentary myself where needed, but most of it will be self-explanatory.

The Qadiani Ahmadis thought they got rid of the account on their server from last time but they failed and that account is still on their server but very inactive.

Whether I am using that account or not to take these screenshots I’ll probably share that on Reddit someday (r/Islam_after_Ahmadiyya).

I’m assuming they will reverify Ahmadis that they are suspicious of but there is no need as this is a fruitless endeavour that they can waste their time doing so for all that I care.

Otherwise what more is there to add to this introduction other than to tell you to join our Discord server Islam After Ahmadiyya; here is an invite:

Part 1 Takeaways:

When among themselves, Discords most knowledgable Ahmadis admit and will be found saying things which they otherwise hide from non-Ahmadis.

Things such as:

– We non-Ahmadi Muslims are fully kafir, and we are only given the name Muslim (to appease us), but, in reality, we are not Muslim according to them. Our “Muslim” name is just that, a name, and it will be stripped from us on the Day of Judgement.

– Mirza Ghulam Ahmad said to kick out people who did not pay the Chanda and a complaint from one of their members that the Jamaat doesn’t follow him on this (in all cases).

– Mirza Ghulam Ahmad used strong language against his opponents and cursed the kids that were born from parents that committed Zina (as if they are to be blamed for this).

– Ahmadis admit in some sense Mirza Ghulam Ahmad would be included in the kalima and share a quote from MGAs son which says this. (Now given that others do not recognise him as a Prophet, that means others are reciting a different kalima. Ironic since they love to accuse other groups of “changing the kalima” yet they believe in a different one themselves.)

– Ahmadi Jutt is exposed for his racist comments against Turks and Pashtuns.

– Ahmadi Jutt admits that we Sunnis are winning in the West and in South Asia.

– Ahmadi Jutt says most MuRabbis (their scholars) have a rudimentary understanding of Arabic, that some only understand it when it’s not spoken fast and there are even some who can’t understand it at all!

– A collection of Ahmadi’s explicitly or implicitly admitting that Ahmadi Answers (Razi) who is their top apologist is dishonest. And much more…

On To Part 2

Zia al-Haq was an Ahmadi?

Ali claims that Zia al-Haq and his father were Ahmadis and were named as such in Al-Fazal. He shared images as proof in which “Muhammad Zia Ul Haq Sahib Jalandhar” was written in the red box.

This is another one of Moejahid’s alt accounts that were mentioned on their server: (Discord ID for server admins = 876352100639072276].

Bini in reaction to the video I shared of him last time mentions how it became cringe to him and was disappointing.

Ali admits that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad called people “son of a prostitute”.

The Pajeet “Syed” Bini makes more Pathan jokes.

If you find my usage of the word “Pajeet” offensive. They use it themselves and against some new Muslim convert of theirs that simped for India before she converted and probably still does.

Ahmadi Jutt admits you can force women to wear Hijab but the force doesn’t have to be physical.

Want to know Ahmadi Jutt’s favourite word?

Ahmadi Jutt says his favourite country is “Niger”.

Why you must wonder?

Is it because there must be lots of Ahmadis there?


It’s because he loves how it is spelt.

This is a 27 or 28-year-old married man possibly with a child too who is acting so childish.

Want to know what he thinks of ex-Ahmadis that are critical of Ahmadiyya (such as ROF)?

He doesn’t care if they die in a ditch.

Ahmadi Jutt also says prominent Ahmadi apologist who he simps over on Twitter and who goes by Ifkethar Ahmad say that mental maturity is not required for child marriage. Ahmadi Jutt says he disagrees with him.

Someone should bring up this ikhtilaf amongst these spazoids next time they bring up “Sunni Fatawas” on child marriage. They don’t ever mention disagreements on it among themselves when they blast Sunnis.

Ahmadi Jutt says the 4th Ahmadi Caliph said to do polygamy and early marriage even if it is against the law.

Early marriage… Do you mean UNDER 18? ⏰

As that is against the law in most countries.

Ahmadi Jutt claims Pakistan has only 250k Active Ahmadis and Ali admits their 1974 debate WAS NOT a success.

Not only do they admit they have been crushed in Pakistan but Ali says he doesn’t like Ahmadis who claim the 1974 debate was a success which would include apologists like Razi and other clowns in their server.

Half of the Ahmadis from Pakistan became apostates.

Ahmadi Jutt says there is a lot of hype around Ahmadi’s success in Africa and Ali admits in other words that if true this means Ahmadis suck all around the world.

It’s no wonder he didn’t love Niger for the amount of Ahmadis it may have because they admit amongst themselves that Ahmadi’s success is overhyped in Africa.

Ahmadi Jutt admits Ahmadis are poor in comparison to Sunnis and that they have low birth rates and that there are too many liberal Ahmadis.

Ahmadi Jutt even says most Murabbis can’t be called scholars even.

And admits that most Ahmadis are Jahil.

Ahmadi Jutt says Mirza Ghulam Ahmad called Naturalists Kuffar. (NOTE these are to show Ahmadis that Mirza Ghulam Ahamd takfired people.)

Zevius got into Crypto thanks to Crash, against Khalifa’s wishes I suppose?

Ali admits the Qadiani caliphs called themselves Qadiani, Mirzai etc so bring that up next time one of them complains about being called by those in their server.

Ahmadi Jutt complained about Razi again, saying the maulvi takfired Ahmadis many times but Razi is showing otherwise.

More shitting on Razi. They love to hate him.

Here they mention how Ahmadi Answers is overrated.

Oh and Razi copies from Iftekhar according to Ahmadi Jutt

It is better to keep Ahmadi women unmarried than to marry them to non-Ahmadi men per their leaders.

Some SUS behaviour…

I sure hope you’re right there buddy with the last comment.

Did you expect a part 2 though Phil when you were harassing me?

You wanted to be a part of it if I recalled so here:

He = me.

Here is Ahmadi’s advice against debating me!

Here they admit Truth was Rana on Twitter who was trolling people and sending child abuse videos to them.

Truth, you reported me to the authorities.


What came of that?


In the end Rana, YOU are the one who needs reporting. 👇🏼

This tweet above is about Rana, aka Truth.

Truth posted child abuse images on Twitter. Someone should check his hard drive.

Back to Razi.

Being a fanboy of Razi just means you’ve dipped your feet in Ahmadi apologetics… I’m sure that must be how bad he is!

Ahmadi Jutt thinks Pashtun culture involves raping young boys.

As for this comment.

Yes, I exposed his love for Crypto but also how he is getting other Qadianis into it.

Where is Moe to start his failed crusades against your server this time?

FatwaMachine admits the Saffron argument is weak and AhmadiJutt told him to stop using it…

Razi only cares about his channel and doesn’t want to support other channels:

They complain about these “kameenas” like Razi (Zevius’ words elsewhere) stealing others’ content. When, ironically, the True Islam Discord steals content from others too.

This video on their channel contains clips taken from another channel.


The same part was taken from a video 11 years ago.

No credit was given to this Ahd Abdul in their description either. I guess they think we’d not notice?

Even their token “convert” admits Razi sucks now by saying he has nothing new to offer.

Someone should send these new screenshots to Razi too. I’m sure he’d love them.

Moving on, the Qadianis say the 2nd Caliph quotes a mawdu fabricated hadith according to Zevius.

Look at the last bit, besides the claim that they admit that if Mirza Ghulam Ahmad quotes mawdu narrations they’d accept it.

They also say if a muhaddith sees a vision that x hadith is not weak or mawdu it becomes sahih. I’m sure wannabe muhaddith Bini is who they’re referring to here.

Now watch how Ali owns himself.

This is what he says about Aurangzeb.

He believes Aurangzeb is a grave worshipper and would be a Beralvi today but one of their leaders called him a Mujjadid and his tune changed.

Speaking of their Caliphs… they can have differences with “prophet” Mirza Ghulam Ahmad now too so it seems!

Point 1: Khulafa and Masih Maud can have furui Ikhtilaaf(differences) but not Usooli Ikhtilaaf, Socrates being a prophet or not is a furui ikhtilaaf

مسائل فقہ میں خلیفہ سے اختلاف ہوسکتا ہے سوال: کیا ایک شخص مسائل میں اختلاف رکھ کر خلیفہ سے بیعت کر سکتا ہے؟ جواب: مسائل فقہیہ میں سوائے نبی کے ہر ایک شخص سے اختلاف ہو سکتا ہے۔ حضرت ابوبکرؓ، حضرت عمر، حضرت عثمان ، حضرت علی سب سے اپنے اپنے صحابہ بعض باتوں میں اختلاف رکھتے تھے۔ ہمیں کئی مسائل میں حضرت خلیفہ اول سے اختلاف تھا مثلا حضرت خلیفہ اول کا یہ اعتقاد تھا کہ نبی قتل نہیں ہوسکتا مگر ہمارا یہ اعتقاد ہے کہ نبی قتل ہوسکتا ہے اور خود حضرت مسیح موعود علیہ السلام نے بھی لکھا ہے کہ حضرت بھی قتل کئے گئے۔ گو یہ بات کہی جاتی ہے کہ وہ الزامی طور پر لکھا ہے مگر یہاں الزام کی کوئی بات نہیں۔ پس اصولی بات میں اختلاف نہیں ہوسکتا۔ یہ نبی ہی ہوتا ہے جو کہتا ہے یہ بات یوں ہے پھر خواہ وہ سمجھ میں نہ آئے مانی پڑتی ہے۔ الفضل ۵ فروری ۱۹۲۴ء جلدا انمبر ۶۱)

There can be a difference of opinion in Fiqhi Masial with the Khalifa Question: Can one person in Masial have a difference in an opinion from a Khalifa he has done Bayah to? Response by Musleh Maud: In Masial Fiqhiyah, except for a Prophet, you can have a difference of opinion with every person. Hazrat Abu Bakr(RA), Hazrat Umar(RA), Hazrat Usman(RA), Hazrat Ali(RA) with all of them their own sahaba had iktilaaf(difference of opinion) with some topics. I myself in many masial have differences with Hazrat Khalifa Awwal(RA), for example Hazrat Khalifa Awwal(RA) had the belief that Prophets can not be killed however my belief is that Prophets can be killed and Hazrat Masih Maud(AS) himself wrote that Yahya(AS) was killed. Some people say that Masih Maud(AS) said this in an Ilzaami Jawaab (accustaory response in where the aqaid of the opponent is attacked) fashion however here there is no talk of ilzaam. Thus, in usooli topics there can not be a difference of opinion. It is only a prophet who says that this thing is like this and then even if you don’t understand you have to follow it.

Point Number 2 – Hazrat Khalifa Awwal Believed Ram was not a Prophet, While Musleh Maud believed Ram was a prophet Image

Number 3 – Socrates being a prophet or not is a furui Ikhtilaaf because him being a prophet or not is neither mentioned in Quran, Hadith, or Wahyi-e-Masih Maud. @Ismail al Bukhari The whole reason Yahya being killed or not, is also a furui ikhtilaaf: Khalifa Awwal and Khalifa Rabay believed Yahya was not killed and they based it on the Qur’anic Ayah that states that Messengers will always be Ghalib, while Musleh Maud, Huzoor(ABA), Masih Maud were of the opinion that Yahya was killed due to the ayah of Jews killing messengers.

You can see above they mention some of the differences their Caliphs have had with their so-called Prophet like whether Yahya (عليه السلام) was martyred or whether Ram was a Prophet or not etc.

Most of these differences Mirza Ghulam Ahmad wasn’t even aware of, and truth be told they just made up this shi as they went along and tried to justify it above with that waffle.

One caliph had used a fake story about Muhammad (ﷺ)‎ according to Ahmadi Jutt. Even if this isn’t true, notice how this didn’t even concern Ahmadi Jutt at all.

The same Khulafa had advocated for blasphemy laws.

The current one they admit doesn’t even know Arabic.

We know.

Ironically while in a comment Ahmadi Jutt makes saying that the Qadianis are irrelevant in Pakistan and that those who survive are the literate and higher class people he ends up showing his own illiteracy.


Remember how Qadianis were humble bragging about this guy Qasim Rashid? I do:

Now, this guy is a deviant Jahil according to them. And a weirdo.

These guys have no issues with Takfir. Engrave that in your mind.

They should just be more open with it although they’ve let it slip sometimes outside of Ahmadi-only channels. But they know as shown in the last expose they are scared of losing followers and getting Razi DMing them if they go public with Takfir.

Lahoris are fasiq but non-Ahmadis are kafir to them.

This one Quranist who rejects the Shahada even asks to have his Muslim role removed yet they do not do so. Even when they were apparently called non-Muslim by their founder.

Even Farhan Iqbal can’t survive being called out for sharing fake stuff by Ahmadi Jutt.

He is scared of getting cancelled so he says his unpopular opinions among Ahmadis only like his views on higher education for women and the Taliban banning it.

Pro Burka too. These screenshots are for the liberals.

Stoning adulters is in the Quran per Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Also, he admits Ahmadis used to exaggerate the numbers of Ahmadis that there is even to their own Prophet at his time.

Article link.

And with that said. In trusted chat, you told people who join and are trusted they will be banned if they join any of my servers too.

Don’t act like I don’t know what happens in there too. Perhaps that could make it in part 3 (if there ever is one)? 😉


Now to address many of the allegations against me.

Let me share with you what they say about me using their own words and show you all how it’s baseless.

#1 = Fake Pashtun?

I want to start by saying most of these allegations do not bother me, such as this.

I only want to start by showing you how they come up with allegations against their opponents so I used this as an example in the first place. Therefore, let’s delve deep into the empty mind of this man-child Ahmadi Jutt.

Here he clearly understands the word “Afghan” meant Pashtun in a certain context so he should have no issue with a Pashtun like myself calling myself Afghan.

As can be seen, I clearly told Ahmadi Jutt here I am Afghan in the sense of ethnicity and he admits “in the past” Afghan meant Pashtun and understood me very well. I also made clear to him I’m from northern Pakistan back then. No lies were told.

But… here he comes in Ahmadi only about a year later and he says I’m a fake “Pathan” because I once called myself an Afghan and then he found out I am a Pakistani Pashtun.

The screenshot above is very self-explanatory as to how he spreads lies.

He did admit somewhere or had inferred from a few messages he had a pretty bad memory which would explain this just like the other Ahmadis who have persistent memory loss.

There is a Persian saying that goes like this, “Darogh Go ra hafiz naba shood”, which means, that the memory of a liar is not good.

You see that here.

#2 = I photoshop my images, changing my face.

Honestly, I couldn’t help but laugh so badly when I read these messages. Especially the claim that I took Moes’s picture and did some fancy editing using himself.

Truth be told I was wondering why Rana aka Mr “Truth” came up with this allegation to me one time on Twitter so I spoke with him on DM about it…

…And in the end, I proved to him I didn’t edit any single picture of myself or essentially distorted my face as he claimed and he apologised publicly too (see below).

When I asked who came up with this lie in DM, he said not to worry he will “pass on the message” to them that their allegation was BS.

That’s allegation number 2 that was made against me which turned out to be false. Most of the rest can be proven false too by just asking them for proof and critically analysing them.

= #3 I am stalking/hacking Ahmadi Girl(s)?

= #4 I called Mirza Ghulam Ahmad a Dajjal.

= #5 I have lots of alt accounts.

= #6 I broke my oath upon Allah(?).

It’s quite easy to address this all.

#3. There is NO proof I stalked an Ahmadi girl’s picture and what is the proof for this? It’s a made-up lie. I don’t even know where they could have possibly got this from either.

The name he gives is P███████, keep that name in your mind because they know now they can no longer keep using this allegation so when you see them continue to do so you will know they’re doing so shamelessly.

#3b. I got this P███████ hacked or somehow admitted to it.

Zevius joined one of my servers and raised this allegation to me directly and this was how I replied.

I told you to remember the name P███████ but so too should the name F███████ in the image above be remembered as it will come in handy for people reading to realise how terrible this allegation is against me.

#4. When I was on your server, I didn’t call him a Dajjal, I shared a syllogism which had as a conclusion that he would be a Dajjal if the premises hold. You used this as an excuse to ban me initially and then came up with the alt excuse afterwards.

Either way, yes, I will happily say he is a dajjal and I came to this conclusion after reading more books of his and about him than most of you Ahmadis combined including Ahmadi Jutt.

#5. Far stretch with the billion alt claim, when you know now I didn’t need to have lots of alts with this expose so obviously that is false.

I’m not Zevius with “too much IDs”.

Though apparently, it’s fine if he does it yet if I did, it’s blameworthy.

Not just that, I do not need a single alt to enter your server because of a method that allows people outside of a server to view the server without being in it. When you figure that out you will look like an idiot. Thirdly, you act as if there haven’t been alt accounts sent to our servers, by Moejahil and others from your team so don’t talk about something you all are involved in yourselves.

#6 Now I don’t know exactly what makes them come up with this allegation that I swore an oath by Allah but it’s not something I’d ever intend to do. I have a fear of God, these Ahmadis do not.

Allegations 3 and 3B Examined.

This is the main allegation that they level against me but before I address it let me share with you how Ahmadi Jutt and others use this allegation against me to make other allegations resulting from it.

#7 = I send “kids” to tweet or go on their server on my behalf?

So after this one guy had a strange dream about me (wtf?)…

Ahmadi Jutt had this to say:

He just calls me a “pedo” and in other places “perv”.

And then randomly shares this one account that wallahi I do not have a clue who runs or that it belongs to anyone I know and then says I made someone called Ayan (who was apparently pretending to be an ex-Ahmadi) run it?

Anyone who knows Ayan from their server would know he does not speak in any way like what that person in the tweet portrays themselves and they should be smart enough to question wtf is Ahmadi Jutt going on about like the lost case as he is.

Anyway, Ayan hasn’t made Twitter accounts to troll you guys, so chill. He doesn’t concern himself with you all anymore and neither do I send him to do things either so just come to your senses. It’s so pathetic honestly.

This is proof I would not tell him to do things. I asked him to take an oath in the past the other times you all have made similar accusations.

In these old screenshots, Ayan admits time and time again I don’t go around telling him to do things.

Yet that didn’t stop these Qadianis like Moejahid from lying and making false claims that I “tell other kids to create these kinda servers.”

Here is another case of Ayan admitting that I didn’t tell him to make servers when someone accused me of telling him.

Anyways, he has moved on from you all AGES AGO and Ahmadi Joote, Salim also ain’t also making alts as you claimed on a voice call once.

To see how useless his lies are, here Ahmadi Jutt calls Albani a pedo too.

Keep these screenshots whenever he or other Ahmadis uses Albani’s grades as hujjah too.

When you have shameless people like this guy above who throws around words like pedo and pervert with no shame, there is no surprise he does so with muhaddithin too.

Back to allegations 3 and 3b. This is the charge sheet against me.

How do I answer this allegation?

Firstly, the reality is there was NO hacker.

P███████ was not hacked.

She thought she was.

That then made me think she was.

Then I perhaps (and mistakenly so) used that confusion to leak screenshots from Ahmadi only (see part 1).

I said someone random messaged me telling me to say Wallahi I wouldn’t share their Discord account with anyone and that explains the allegation about “swearing an oath to protect the hacker” above.

It wasn’t as they made it seem that I took an oath after this imaginary “hacker” told me they were “a hacker” as they want people to think.

A logical way to show I had no access to their account was to examine the account in question called P███████ in part 1 of the expose.

Like in the image below (from part 1):

Zevius in the very screenshot above which I shared in the first expose replies to the account called P███████ here; remember this is the same account which they claim I used to access messages.

The key bit here is to notice how Zevius replied to that account and by replying to that account. IF I WAS USING THAT account it would have a yellow border around the message as can be seen in the example below.

But because it does not, it proves I wasn’t accessing that account. Easy.

But what came of this allegation?

The reality was, it was P███████ friend in real life who she willingly gave access to and who had control over her account.

She was confused because her friend was DMing the Ahmadi apologists from her account insulting/trolling them or something along those lines without telling her he was going to do that and when she heard the overreaction that she somehow got hacked in one server without knowing about the DMs her friend sent.

This led her to believe that was true herself but the reality was the most rational thought is that it was her friend who she gave access to that did the messaging which she and I found out later.

But there’s more to this. If you remember the name F███████ in one of the screenshots above, I told you that’d come important.

She is P███████ herself.

The Ahmadis know this, and the Ahmadis have heard all this from her too.

Here is Zevius’ interaction with her below…

The “Victim” Speaks For Herself:

This is where others join in and question why he asks this and I mention how he wants to get her to say she was in a relationship with her friend at that time just so as to slander her.

And I reply to Aiesha (the owner of r/ExAhmadis):

I strategically said here to Aiesha that Zevius wants to slander F███████/P███████ and say she converted for a man which is why he is trying to get her to say she was in a relationship.

Keep note of his reply to me above which was:

Here he told me if he wanted to slander F███████/P███████ he would have done so already and he said this all with her witnessing him saying that.

So let us see.

This conversation was on January 31 2023.

Now Look at the messages below Zevius and tell me if you HAD NOT ALREADY SLANDERED F███████/P███████ before this or is this yet another case of your bad memory? You are a clear-cut liar.

You specifically called her a HOE and said she converted for a man. So you lied.

There is a sort of irony to this given later on you publically claimed people from my server called some other person called Hippo a hoe which is unfounded but this isn’t.

As a side note, where is the proof of this?

In the end… Zevius and these clowns have heard from P███████ herself that I didn’t hack her, and indeed she was not hacked at all. Neither did I go through any of her messages too. She herself asks him to drop those allegations.

And this is a message to you Zevius.

I told F███████ you called her a hoe and lied about not slandering her when you joined our server; it’s no wonder she doesn’t want anything to do with you so when you were trying to add her afterwards.

I also had to redact her name because you all are weirdos; especially with your assumptions about her.

From being an alleged “victim” to “a Sunni simp” to now “a hoe”.

Have some shame.

All the Ahmadi women you seek to convert like that former Sikh woman or that one half-mixed Japanese woman or whatever should see how you handled this case and think twice about giving bayat knowing it could end up with them being called a hoe or something as such if they left.


The key takeaway for everyone reading this allegation 3 and 3b is that the same person who they’ve used time and time again to claim I am some sort of a pervert or paedophile, and that there is this the one Ahmadi girl whose pictures I supposedly stalked too is someone who they now call a hoe and someone who “converted for a man” because she saw through the falsehood of Ahmadiyya.

The claim itself against her is slander and obvious BS that doesn’t require more than one brain cell to see through but that is the character of these Discord Ahmadis.

So BS it is that if she converted for a man (her friend), why not straight away? It’s just lies.

Slander upon slander.

This is the same girl who they also claimed I blackmailed too as another allegation. SMH.

There is even more slander that is thrown my way but the above is sufficient to expose Ahmadi apologists on r/Ahmadiyya as being liars.

Anyway to end this, any Ahmadi who has read up to here please tell this weird 17-year-old or something kid Ali to stop being so obsessed with me.

If all he wants is my autograph just let me know.

I already know he goes by Qalam-e-Ahmad on Reddit.

I already know he gets bullied by women, and so I’ve heard too, he also got bullied by Razi of all people.

Ali… You sound like a nerd, you sound as old as Ahmadi Jutt sounds but he is almost 30 and you are a child.

Why are you of all people piping up about me?

Just know whatever you say in Ahmadi only channel from today forward I won’t be seeing it anytime soon so I hope I hear you’ve stopped your manic obsession with me.

Anyhow, you poor child Ali, are you gonna inform us if Ahmadi Jutt has given birth yet since apparently… he is pregnant?

You must be the child he gave birth to after all. Because you simp, but not just that, you slander me like him. Nerd.

As for the message below, you THOUGHT.

They sure didn’t.

I’ll end this expose with this.

At least you’re right here “Mr Islam or the sword”.


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