It seems that MGA and his team stole from Al-Ghazali when they presented “The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam” in 1896? Nevertheless, we present an evaluation of this lecture/book. Be advised, we only have Ahmadiyya sources on this specific topic, hence, most of this background data is dubious, however, Ahmadiyya sources do quote 5-6 British newspapers which only indicate that this event did take place and MGA’s speech was read out and applauded heavily (see Hidden Treasures). In reality, this book was penned by MGA’s team at Qadian and delivered in a speech at Lahore by Maulvi Abdul Kareem. Khawaja Kamaluddin [who later left Qadiani Jama’at] brought a message to MGA that they should write something. MGA was sick as usual, he seems to have ordered his team to write something for this occasion, Dard claims that MGA had a severe attack of diarrhea as he tried to write this lecture (page 477). Khawaja Kamaluddin was not happy with the exposition and expressed a sense of hopelessness and felt it would be mocked and derided (See Dard pages 477-478)(See the ROR of Nov-1942 also). However, Ahmadi sources claims that their God had already informed MGA that his exposition would excel so he had some posters published about the exposition and assured Khawaja Kamaluddin about it and asked him to put up the posters in Lahore. Khawaja Kamaluddin had made his mind up about the exposition so he withheld putting up the posters and only did so at the very end when others insisted. He put up a few posters high up on walls the night before so that no one could see them because he thought the exposition was not worthy to be read at the convention. The conference (called the Dharma Mahotsu in the ROR of Nov-1942)was eventually held on December 26, 27, 28, 1896, and it was extended to December 29. However, when the exposition was read out at the convention, as we know, MGA’s paper won, however, the judges were overly sympathetic to ahmadiyya, in fact, the person who gave up his time so that Maulvi Abdul Kareem could keep reading was Maulvi Mubarak Ali of Sialkot, who had many sympathies to the Ahmadiyya Movement. The appointed time for the exposition passed but the audience remained ever eager. The time was extended, so much so that in order to accommodate the exposition the convention had to be extended by a day. Khawaja Kamaluddin was an educated man, he was a lawyer, and he knew that this paper was not good at all. This story is also covered by Muhammad Ali and Mirza Basheer-ud-Din Mahmud in the era of 1915-1924, as they criticized each other extensively. Did MGA‘s team steal from Al-Ghazali when they presented “The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam” in 1896?

The ROR of Sep-1911 tells the world that this book can be bought from London also, at this address: Messrs. Luzac and Co., 46 Great Russell Street, London, W.C. The ROR of July-1912 has many book reviews of “The Teachings of Islam”, even one from Mary Hunt. The ROR of March-April-1916 reports that “The Teachings of Islam” is set to get translated into Tamil. The ROR of Sep-1916 reports that Brother Dr. Abdullah from Rouen has been spreading the French translation of “The Teachings of Islam”. The ROR of May-1918 reports that Qazi Abdullah has given a Belgian officer a French translation of the “Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam”. Its unclear as to who translated this. “Our Foreign Missions” 1961 edition reports that a second edition of a chinese language version of “Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam” was published in the early 1960’s. In 1957, Ahmadiyya sources claim to have also created a Burmese translation. This book is also mentioned in the ROR of Jan-1940 and Nov-1940. The ROR of Nov-1940 alleges that Maulvi Sanaullah and Syed Muhammad Hussain Batalvi were in attendance when the speech was given by Maulvi Abdul Karim, which ended up becoming the book, “Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam”. The ROR of Nov-1940 alleges that it has been translated into English, Arabic, French, Gujrati, Hindi, Bengali, Malay, Sumatri, Chinese, Sindhi, German, Burmese, Kantari, Gurmukhi, Marhatti, Malyalam, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Balandi and Sunda. The ROR of Feb-1944 mentions the conference wherein this book was read out. The ROR of Feb-1947 mentions it.
It was published from London

The book was published in London as “The Teachings of Islam” in 1910″, translated by Muhammad Ali (he even credited Alexander Russel Webb with help on the translation). Muhammad Ali signs off the Preface as May 1910. He also erroneously writes that the translation was continued in the ROR of 1903, however, it wasn’t. The October-1902 edition of the ROR contains the final portion of the english translation. It was first translated into english in the March 1902 edition of the English-ROR (see pages 81 to 100) and the April edition of the same year (see pages 121-140), the June edition, pages 209-237, the July edition pages, 253-265, the August edition, pages, 292-297, the October edition, pages 383-389.

In this same year, it seems to have been used at the famous conference of 1910, Mufti Sadiq and many other high ranking Ahmadi’s attended. The ROR of June-1918 alleges that a white women, Miss Alice Johnson of a random London School is recommending this book to the world. The ROR of Oct-Nov-1917 reports that this book is being used in the UK to get converts.

Basically, all throughout the 1910’s and 20’s, the ROR had advertisements about this book, “The Teachings of Islam”.
An announcement of certain victory

The June-1916 edition of the ROR reports that MGA allegedly wrote an announcement on Dec-21-1896. This announcement wasn’t published in any newspaper in 1896. Thus, this is a case of back-tracking by the Qadiani-Ahmadi-troll team. Nevertheless, in this announcement, MGA was claiming divine support and asserting that he would win. Interestingly, a revelation of MGA is botched and needed to be fixed in the July-1916 edition of the ROR. They changed haythu to aynamaa, we have no idea why.
Nur ud Din concluded the conference

MGA’s ghost writer and speech preparer, Maulvi Nur ud Din was a moderator at the conference and the the person who was to officially close the conference. This data alone proves that MGA has official support during this conference. Further, there didn’t seem to be any other Muslim there to present the case for Islam. Thus, the entire conference was a sham, further, there is no way to tell if Maulvi Abdul Kareem read out the entire lecture or not, this book wasn’t published in Urdu til 1905, additional content could have been added.
MGA and his team of writers denied the concepts of heaven and hell

#Ahmadis don’t believe that hell is forever (abadan, see 4:169 of the Quran) for non-Muslims

In this book, MGA and his team of writers totally denied the concept of heaven and hell and called them metaphors.

MGA writes that if someone’s wife even speaks to another man, the man should divorce her
See Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam, online edition, page 42

“”For instance, if a person is guilty of an approach towards the wife of another which, though it does not proceed as far as adultery, yet amounts to its preliminaries, it would become incumbent upon the self-respecting husband of the woman to divorce her on account of her willingness to tolerate such an approach. Her children would also be sadly afflicted. The husband would have to endure all this injury on account of the misconduct of a villain.”””
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Eating Pork/swine = immoral acts and leads to homosexuality

This famous Ahmadi argument was invented in this book.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Nuzhat Haneef’s data on this lecture
p355 of Begum Nuzhat Haneef’s seminal work “Recognizing the Messiah” says this:

“””I would also like to mention that I have heard (through personal communication) from two different Ahmadee sources that the material in Islaamee Usool kee Filaasafee seems to have been taken from `Abdul Qaadir Jeelaanee, a renowned Muslim saint/scholar of the 6th century AH. But I have not verified this myself.””””

Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam

That is why in the rainy season the level of the water in the wells also rises. Why does it rise? The reason for which is that heavenly water exercises a pull upon earthly water.
______________________________________________________________________________________________MEN SHOULD NOT LOOK AT WOMEN WHETHER WITH PURE INTENTIONS OR NOT

Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam

we have been positively commanded not to look at their beauty, whether with pure intent or otherwise, nor to listen to their musical voices or to descriptions of their good looks, whether with pure intent or otherwise.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ STARS DO NOT COLLIDE NOR CHANGE SPEED

Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam

There are so many grand heavenly bodies that are gliding through space that the slightest disorder in their gliding through space that the slightest disorder in their movements would bring about the ruin of the whole world.

What a manifestation of Divine power is it that these bodies neither collide nor change speed, nor alter their courses in the slightest degree, nor have they been worn out by their circulation during such long period, nor has their machinery suffered any disorder.

______________________________________________________________________________________________ INSECTS ARE BORN WITHOUT PARENTS LIKE ADAM

Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam

We observe daily that thousands of insects infect impure and stale foods and are generated in unwashed wounds. Dirty linen secretes hundreds of lice and all sorts of worms are generated inside a person’s stomach. It cannot be said that all these come from outside or can be observed descending from heaven.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ IT IS OK TO MARRY ORPHAN GIRLS UNDER YOUR CARE

Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam

There is no harm in your marrying orphan girls who are under your care, but if you apprehend that you may not be fair in dealing with them because they are orphans, then marry women who have parents and relations to be watchful of them, who would respect you and concerning whom you would be careful.

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#Ahmadis don’t believe that hell is forever (abadan, see 4:169 of the Quran) for non-Muslims

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