In 1898, MGA and his team of writers published Kitab ul Barriya (A Brief Sketch of my life, 1898). Is it available in english by the Lahori-Ahmadi’s herein (this is a partial translation, many controversial pages are missing). In this book, MGA tells many lies about his family history, see here for that full essay. Listen to Zia Rasul explaining this entire story herein. Then listen to Dr. Syed Holy Spirit explain this scenario herein. In Kitab-ul-Barriya (A brief sketch of my life)(1898). Many lies were told in this book. MGA specifically lied about Qadian being a fortress wherein some of the walls were 22 feet high, and so wife that 3 carts could easily move in it, similar to the great wall of China. MGA also claimed that a mosque of the family was converted into a Sikh temple, and that there was a library that contained 500 old quranic manuscripts, which was burnt. MGA claimed that his grandfather, Mirza Gul Muhammad lived 100 learned religious men, everyone of these workers, even the women read the 5 daily prayers. However, these are all lies. Factually, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s father (Mirza Ghulam Murtaza) never even read his prayers in his whole life and he lived in Qadian before the Sikhs invaded. Similarly, MGA and his family lied to Lepel Griffin in the 1865 (and subsequent editions) edition of the Punjab Chiefs and claimed to be royalty, whereas in reality, they were poor farmers. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad even claimed that a minister of the Mughal Empire, named Ghias al-Daula came to Kadian. However, this name doesn’t exist in the history of the Mughal’s.

A paragraph of this book appeared in the ROR of Oct-1912.


This is an English translation of a complete, self-contained section from the book Kitab al-Bariyya. The translation of the rest of Kitab al-Bariyya is available here.




Title page and Publisher’s Note
1. Introduction 1
My brief biography and objects of my mission 1
Purpose of biography 2
2. Family history 4
Settlement in Qadian 4
Great-grandfather’s time 5
High, noble qualities of Mirza Gul Muhammad 6
Teaches noble lesson on death-bed 7
Time of grandfather 7
Qadian captured by Sikhs 8
Return to Qadian in father’s time 9
3. Early life 10
Education 11
Pursuit of father’s legal cases and farming work 12
Short period in official service 12
Return home 13
Father’s death 15
4. Spiritual experiences 16
Undertaking spiritual rigours 18
Experience of visions 18
Spiritual hardship was to come 20
5. Divine appointment and claims 21
Appointed as Mujaddid of fourteenth century 21
Acclaimed by Ulama 22
Reaction to claim of being Promised Messiah 22
My followers 23
Expectation of Promised Messiah by Muslims 24
Contradictions introduced into beliefs 25
True interpretation of prophecy 26
Messiah, not king in literal sense 28
Opponents resort to false accusations 30
Messiah to come at time of havoc caused by Christians 30
No prophet after Holy Prophet Muhammad 31
6. Death and spiritual ascension of Jesus 33
Death of Jesus 33
Sound Islamic authorities uphold death of Jesus 33
Belief that Jesus is alive contradicts the Quran 35
Meaning of raf‘ 38
Which issue was the Quran settling? 38
Jews’ attempt to prove Jesus accursed 39
Christians also declared Jesus ‘accursed’ 40
Quran removes allegation of curse from Jesus and teaches his spiritual ascension 42
Bodily ascension was not the issue 43
Raf‘ of prophets and believers 45
Jesus cannot return if dead 46
7. Prophecy about Dajjal 47
Ulama’s beliefs disillusion rational thinkers 47
Meaning of Dajjal 49
Religious leaders and scientists of Europe fulfill signs of Dajjal 50
Man’s control leading to denial of God’s power 51
Other nations revere Europe because of scientific advances 53
8. Proof of claim of being the Promised Messiah 56
Likeness to the time of Jesus 57
Place of coming of Messiah and Mahdi 58
9. Breaking of the Cross 60
Smashing of Christian belief of crucifixion 60
Jesus’ ascension — spiritual, not bodily 60
No proof of Jesus’ bodily ascension 64
How could the curse be for only three days? 65
My Divinely-ordained mission 67
10. More proof of claim 69
Revival and strengthening of faith in God 69
Criteria for the truth of a claimant 70
Mujaddid of the fourteenth century Hijra 72
How will the cross be broken? 74
Meaning of ‘shining forehead’ and ‘lofty nose’ 76
Bringing down faith from the Pleiades 77
Revelations 78
Triumph by spiritual, not physical, weapons 80
Author’s footnote to page 66 83
Index 86

Kitabul Bariyyah,p. 10,11
The Opponents of the Promised Messiah (

“”My words had assumed some severity against my opponents in my writings, but I was not the one to start such severity. Those writings were undertaken in reply to the severe attacks of my opponents. They had used such harsh and abusive language as called for some severity. This can be perceived by the comparison which I have instituted between the harsh language used by my opponents -and that used by mein the foreword of my book which I have called KitabulBariyyah.As I have just stated the harsh language used by me was by way of retort. It was my opponents who first used such language against me, I could have endured their harsh language without making a retort to it but I had recourse to a retort on account of two reasons: One, so that my opponents, being faced with severity in reply to their harsh strictures, might change their tactics and might revert in future to the use of civil language; and two, that the general Muslim public should not be aroused by the defamatory and provocative language used by my opponents.”””
______________________________________________________________________________________________Kitab-ul-Bariyah, Roohani Khazain vol 13 p.350

“From my early age till now when I am 65 years of age, I have been engaged, with my pen and tongue, in an important task to turn the hearts of muslims towards the true love & goodwill & sympathy for the British Government and to obliterate the idea of jehad from the hearts of stupid (muslims).”
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