Ahmadis are all over social media marketing their product, they will not stop, they dont care if they tell the truth or not. They are brainwashed to read off of a script and they will never conduct independent research. In fact, in the 1974 NA-inquiries, Mirza Nasir Ahmad tried to read off of a script repeatedly and was stopped repeatedly, however, he continued. He wasn’t capable of answering questions about his grandfathers business and most likely had an Ahmadi-Mullah write the 200-page script.

Case in point, these Ahmadis are set to appear on FOXNEWS with Meghan Kelly and do marketing for their non-profit-corporation aka Ahmadiyya. In this video, this Ahmadi claims that the Ahmadiyya-Khilafat is a proven model of leadership, however, he covers up the fact that Ahmadiyya has been fragmented into sects since 1914. All sects of Ahmadiyya have accused the Mirza family of financial embezzlement and fraud. In fact, many Ahmadis were recently named in the Panama leaks. Moreover, many Ahmadi owned companies were storing money in Panama banks since the early 90’s. The Panama leaks mentioned the names of companies, and a few names of owners, however, once you search these companies, it is obvious, they were owned by Ahmadis out of Chenab Nagar, once such company was owned by Mirza Masroor Ahmad. Is this the type of leadership that this Ahmadi was referring to? A recent splinter sect of Ahmadiyya specifically accused the Mirza family of keeping money in Panama and being named in the Panama leaks.

In 1914, there was a major split in the Ahmadiyya Movement.  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (MGA) had written in 1906 that an Anjuman (A management association of 13 men) would be his successor and manager of the funds of the community. However, in 1908, this same Anjuman elected a Khalifa (Successor aka dictator) to be in-charge, with the permission of the wife of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. This led to many disputes about the future leadership of the Ahmadiyya movement. In fact, the-father-in-law of Mirza Bashir Ahmad refused to follow the new Khalifa and never did Bait at his hands.

The son of MGA was elected in a fraudulent election process in 1914, he was only 25 years old and had failed to pass the classic matriculation examination in British-India, which is ironic, since his father owned the school and he had every resource available in terms of tutors and time. Moreover, he was accused of illicit moral behavior in 1907 and was investigated and later cleared of all wrongdoings since all the witnesses were scared to testify to an appointed commission. Is this the proven leadership model that was mentioned here?

At the time of Mahmud Ahmad’s election, a group ceded, led by Muhammad Ali, the famous translator of the Quran into english. He opposed the Khilafat and called it a family business, he then accused the sons of MGA of inventing a prophethood that substantiated their family business. Muhammad Ali was one of the top Mullahs of MGA, in fact, MGA had referred ALL Ahmadis to Muhammad Ali if there were any points of dispute (1906) and made him a member of the Anjuman (1906) and editor of the Review of Religions circa 1902. Muhammad Ali moved to Lahore under the threat of violence and found the Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat e Islam, or which was referred to by the sons of MGA as “Lahoris”, or “Paghamis”. The mudslinging between these two groups continued for over 60+ years and was only stopped once they were both declared Non-Muslim by Pakistan in 1974.

There was another Ahmadi-Mullah, his name was Syed Muhammad Ahsan Amrohi, in 1914, he was the guy who presented the name of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad as Khalifa, in that fraudulent election, just 2 years later, he deposed Mahmud Ahmad oh his position as Khalifa and called him a fraud. Is this the proven model of leadership that this Ahmadi was referring to? This was the same guy who was the first paid Mullah of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in 1893, and it was his job to lead prayers at Qadian and proof-read MGA’s writings, or his teams writings, since MGA had a disabled right arm and wasnt capable of leading Salaat or giving a Khutbah Juma.


The Ahmadiyya Khilafat system is nothing more then a family business.  They rarely allow their employees aka Mullahs to publically represent them, instead they find volunteers and give them a script to read off of.  Ahmadis across the globe are not united on the hands of Mirza Masroor Ahmad.  So why are they asking ALL the Muslims in the world to follow their Khilafat?  As the facts in the above essay prove, this is nothing more then a marketing ploy by the Mirza Family in its attempts to re-brand itself as a solution to random shootings.