I am posting an interesting quotation from  “”Seeratul mahdi””, part three,  page no 640.

The Quote
(701) Stated to me by Munshi Abdul Aziz ojalvi in writing, that Molvi Muhammad Hussain Batalvi filed a criminal case in Gurdas Pur court against hazrat sb (MGAQ) in 1901. At that time Huzur was residing at the house of Khan Sahab Ali Muhammad pensioner, near masjid Hajjaman. This humble self, Mian Jamaluddin, Imamuddin and Kheruddin of Seekhwan were with him and rest of the friends were housed in some other place.

One day huzur got ill with diarrhoea. Huzur had to go to the toilet at short intervals whole night. Every Time when huzur stand up for toilet this humble self (Munshi Abdul Aziz) would stand and put lota (toilet water pot) in the toilet for huzur. Huzur would insist not to bother and keep sleeping. This continued for whole night.

Next morning huzur called us and said Massih nazzirite (jesus christ) when in trouble called his companions to wake up but none of them woke up to help him. On the contrary i kept asking my friends to sleep but they did not sleep. Then hazrat sb appreciated me by name very much for my efforts at night.

Author (mirza bashiruddin Mehmood) says that the saying of masih nazzirite that a tree is recognised by its fruits, is right. So every unbiased has to admit that the sweet fruits created by mirza sb,could not be created by jesus christ. (Nauzubillah). Hazrat sb created a jamat of millions that can sacrifice their lives on him. Whereas jesus christ pbuh nauzubillah, could not control a party of 12 persons, and one of them got him pbuh arrested for meagre sum of Rs 30/- only.

The scan work

Obviously, MGA hated Esa (As)…this is the proof.