MGA married his cousin in roughly 1853–1856 (see Dard page 38)(and Dr. Ahmad, page 35).  Her name was Hurmat Bibi, the daughter of his maternal uncle, Mirza Jami‘at Baig.

MGA neglected his children and his wife
Obviously, MGA’s young wife and children all lived in the same house in Qadian.  MGA was a lazy and lethargic man who hated working.  He barely spent any time with his 2 sons, Mirza Sultan Ahmad and Mirza Fazl Ahmad, his wife thus hated him, since MGA preferred the lazy life.

While MGA was roughly 25-26 years old, with 2 sons, he was tasked to go and pickup his daddy’s pension money.  Read the below.  MGA wasn’t allowed to come back to Qadian in this era.

Hurmat Bibi was adopted by Mirza Sultan Ahmad and his wife in roughly 1864
Since MGA was told that he could never return to Qadian and see his mom, wife and children, his wife Hurmat Bibi who was living in close quarters with MGA’s extended family, they seem to have officially adopted MGA’s wife, and sons.

MGA’s father called MGA a girl

MGA wasn’t allowed to interact with his eldest sons

MGA divorced Hurmat Bibi in-spite in 1892
Hurmat Bibi had sided with her cousins as they opposed MGA marrying a 3rd time, MGA had already married a 2nd wife in 1884, and now he lusted after a niece of his, named Muhammadi Begum.  MGA didn’t divorce Hurmat Bibi even though he hadn’t shared a bed with her for over 20 years, nonetheless, he finally divorced her in-spite in 1892 and forced his son, Mirza Fazl Ahmad to divorce his wife, since she had also opposed him, i.e. MGA.