Ahmadis will argue with any Muslim endlessly. They will contradict themselves over and over again. An Ahmadi is a radicalized person who does anything that the Mirza family says. In this short video, Kashif Chaudhry, tries to make a parallel and essentially call the Muslims of 2016, as the Kuffar of 1400 years ago. His guest was Mehr Tarar, she wouldn’t listen to it…she stopped Kashif dead in his tracks, she then told him to STOP with behavior of giving examples from the Life of Muhammad (Saw) and twisting those examples to suit your needs. Kashif stopped….however, as well know..the Ahmadis on social media will never stop. And these parallels are offensive to Muslims. Ahmadis even go so far as criticizing the death of Muhammad (saw) as they argue for how it was OK for Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to die of extreme diarrhea.

The video work-

My commentary on the video
Kashif, like many Ahmadis, tries to make a parallel….this muslim lady stops him. ¬†Ahmadis should take notice.