Ahmadis are heavily involved in politics, since at least 1889.  They normally send out memo’s to their Mullahs, since in Ahmadiyya, management of Mullahs is centralized from London.  They recently sent out a memo in terms of the Panama Leaks and the mention of Ahmadis therein, the official line has been to admit that Ahmadiyya leadership stored money in Panama, however, to argue that it was necessary since the Pakistani govt. is corrupt and may seize the assets of the Mirza family at any time.  However, as we all know, this is a half-truth, the money that Ahmadiyya collects, since at least 1984-85, has been stored in banks in the UK, not Pakistan.

Trump’s Muslim ban and Ahmadiyya
The Muslim ban didn’t cover Pakistan, and since Ahmadis have held refugee status with the United Nations since at least 1984, it doesn’t effect Ahmadis at all.  Further, since Ahmadis are not even considered Muslim in the countries that were banned, the ban totally doesn’t even effect them.  Nonetheless, Ahmadiyya leadership loves any and all press.  Moreover, while Ahmadis keep pussyfooting around, a legit organization in the USA, CAIR, has began the legal process vs. Trump.  We all know Ahmadis will never sue any government as such.

The Scan
The talking points

President Trump has issued an executive order preventing refugees from certain Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. Furthermore, some Green Card holders from said countries have also been detained.


Talking Points

1. As Ahmadi Muslims, we recognize the importance of keeping our immigration process secure through the use of practical rules and regulations.

2. However, only by keeping true to the American ideals of inclusion and diversity can we overcome the hatred and fear caused by both terrorism abroad and domestic bigotry.

3. As Muslims, it has been humbling to see the American spirit of acceptance and inclusiveness expressed by Americans of all backgrounds as they have actively spoken in support of Muslims.

4. It is our belief that bigotry is deeply rooted in misinformation and misinterpretation. Thus the best way to quash it is through education. In that vein, Ahmadi Muslims across the US are arranging 2 events to educate the American public about Islam. The Meet a Muslim campaign and the Coffee, Cake, and Islam initiative both seek to mitigate fear, hatred, and misinformation through education.

***Please refrain however from directly criticizing the executive order while officially representing Islam or Ahmadiyyat. We are not allowed to do that.  In other words, you can speak of principles but refrain from politics.