I am bringing this research study to the world today, in terms of Ahmadiyya. I have scanned all of the relevant pages and posted them in the below. This is from the 2nd edition, which seems to be a bit different than the first edition. However, Wilfred Cantwell Smith acknowledges how he misunderstood the political relevance of Ahmadiyya in India. Nevertheless, Smith visibly edited the Ahmadiyya section of this book, which is roughly pages 392–397, I’m not sure of the other sections. It should be noted that he totally overlooks the significance of Muhammad Ali Jinnah being a member of the Aga Khani community. Brush’s study on Ahmadiyya even addresses this error by Smith, since Smith called Ahmadiyya as “not important in Indian-Islam”. Smith also wrote, Pakistan, an islamic State by Smith in the summer of 1950. The ROR of Feb-1944 mentions this academic paper by Smith and how Ahmadiyya was listed as not-important. The ROR alleged that
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1st edition
See pages 324-328

[Wilfred_Cantwell_Smith]_Modern_Islam_In_India–1st edition

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Ahmadiyya in Pakistan by S.E. Brush (1955)

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