MGA and his team aggressively and viciously attacked Abdullah Athim, who was a Christian man who was kind enough to allow MGA to come into his house and have a debate. As we all know, MGA lost this debate and was humiliated, he then threw out a false prophecy that Athim would die in 15 months, however, Athim didn’t die.  Athim eventually died a few years later and MGA claimed it as a victory.

Some Quotes
“Miyan Abdullah Sinnuari has reported to me that when only one day was left for the expiration of the prophecy (September 4, 1894), the Promised Messiah (Mirza Ghulam) summoned Miyan Hamdi Ali and I and ordered us to take a particular number of beans and recite on them a particular chapter of the Holy Quran so many times.  I have forgotten the verse, but I remember it was a short surah, probably as short as “Al-Fil“.  We spent the entire night reciting the chapter and, after completing the assignment, we took the beans to His Holiness (Mirza Ghulam).  He lead us to the northern part of Qadian and told us: ‘I shall soon throw these beans in a deserted well.  When I throw these, do not look behind but turn back on your heels and hasten back home.’  He did so and we ran back home without looking behind.”
(Sirat-ul-Mahdi, Vol. I, P.159/178, by Bashir Ahmad Qadiani)

Yaqub Ali Qadiani in his book titled the Life of the Promised Messiah recounted:

“When the last day of the period appointed for Athim dawned, the faces of the Qadianis were pale white and their hearts were perturbed.  Some of us had laid bets with the opponents on the death of Abdullah Athim. A sense of dismay and depression prevailed….”
(Sirat-ul-Mehdi, P. 7)

The sun set and nothing, again! Mirza Ghulam gathered people in a mosque and reassured them that nothing was lost.  He prophecised that “The sun will not rise and Atham will be dead.” He ordered them to pray all night asking for the death of Athim.(Raees-e-Qadian, Vol. 2, P. 172). That night voices were heard from every Qadiani house in town, so that the “cries and wails reached such a pitch that even the opponents felt afraid.” (Sirat-ul-Mehdi, P. 7)

Yet, the sun rose and Mr. Atham had not died!  Many Qadianis were agitated by these failed prophecies, some even gave up on their faith.  Mirza Ghulam, once again, gathered his remaining supporters and gave them a sermon on the meaning of tests and trials.  Some accepted his explanation and forgot the failure of the prophecies he had attributed to Allah(SWT).  On the other hand, the Christians celebrated the failure of Mirza Ghulam in Amristar (a city in India) and carried Mr. Atham around in a victory march.  To them, Mirza Ghulam’s loss equated the loss of Islam. (Al-Hakam of Qadian, September 7, 1923, by Rahim Buksh Qadiani)


“It is possible that heaven and earth may heavens might be shaken from their place but the promise of God is unshakable.”
(Jang-i-Muqaddas, P. 2)

Christians responded: 

“I invite your attention to the prophecy of Ghulam Ahmad about my death.  I inform you that, by the grace of God, I am safe and sound.  I have heard Ghulam Ahmad alleging that I have turned my back on Christianity.  I proclaim that this is a lie.  I was a Christian and I ever remained a Christian and I thank God that He made me a Christian…”
(Wafadar, Lahore, September 15, 1894 )


Muhammad Ali Khan, the son-in-law of Mirza Ghulam, in a letter to Mirza Ghulam expressed his dismay and concern for the clear loss and failure of all the prophecies:

“Respected Maulana, May God keep you safe!
Peace and Mercy of Allah on you.

Today, is the 7th of September, while the last day of the fulfillment of the grand prophecy was the 5th of September.  I shall not repeat the words of the prophecy.  I shall, however, mention the words of your revelation – ‘Now I promise before God that if my prophecy is proved to be a false one and the liar does not die within the period of fifteen months and is not plunged into Hell, I am prepared for my punishment  By God, it will so happen.  The earth and the heavens might be shaken from their place but the promise of God is unshakable.’  Was this prophecy fulfilled according to Mirza Sahib’s description?  No – Never.  Abdullah Atham is safe, sound, and alive and is not punished by dead to be flung into Hell.  I do not consider any other interpretation is possible for this prophecy than what it clearly meant to be.  It, however, sounds very ugly that every prophecy is misunderstood and had to be elaborately interpreted to be rightly understood.  At the birth of a child, for instance, it was named Bashir (harbinger of good tidings) for good omen, and when it died, you said the matter was misunderstood.  As for the prophecy concerning Atham, it has given birth to the very master piece of distortion and interpretation.”

(Aina-e-Haq Numa, P. 100-101, Published by Yaqub Ali Qadiani)

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