When Abdullah Atham (Athim) died on 27th July 1896, MGA published the book Anjam-i-Atham. The book actually consists of four booklets, viz: Anjam-i-Atham, Khuda-i-Faisla (God’s decision), Da’wat-i-Qaum (Invitation to the nation) and Maktoob-i-Arabi Banam Ulama (A letter in the Arabic language addressed to the Ulema) all four books are collectively known as Anjam-i-Atham(since at least 1984), and a supplement. We have collected many quotes and posted them here for further investigation, this book is not yet in English. This book is published right after Athim’s natural death as a sort of celebration of the increasingly incredulous prophecies and advertisements that had obsessed the author during the 1890s. He calls, by name, Christian priests and Islamic scholars to a final mubahila (prayer duel) and when asked about the previous such event with Abdul Haq Ghaznavi, resorts to vicious and vile attacks. He also re-iterates his pre-claim position on prophethood and the third wife who never was. As with most of his books in the 1890s, the same themes dominate: Batalvi, Ghaznavi, Jesus, Muhammadi Begum, Atham and Lekhram. An Appendix of 64 pages was added to the book in which MGA enumerated a number of signs that God had shown in his favor. He also published a letter wherein Mian Ghulam Farid of Chachran spoke good of MGA, however, this letter was from before 1889. 99% of these translations are official from the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, thus, we doubt their accuracy in many cases.
The breakdown

1: Anjaam e Atham Page 1-33
2: Khudai Faisla Page 34-44
3: Risalah Dawat E Qoum Page 45-72
4: Maktoob E Arabi Benaam Ulaimaa page 73-284
5: Zamima Risala Anjaam E Atham page 285-347


Anjam-e-Atham, p. 3, Reference Announcement of December 30, 1895,
Majmu‘ah Ishtiharat, vol. 2, p. 204. Via the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah.  

“”””Atham will not make the statement on oath even if the Christians would cut him to pieces or slaughter him.”””

Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, pp. 7-10 footnote. Essence of Islam, online english edition, Vol. 2. 

“”””Muslims should remember that though according to God’s knowledge a person’s end is to be in disbelief, yet it has ever been the way of God that in consequence of such a one’s humble and fearful supplications his punishment is postponed. That is why the Ahl-e-Sunnah hold that a Divine warning of punishment is subject to change, but a Divine promise of blessing is not so subject, as, for instance, the punishment of the people of Jonas though fixed for a definite date was remitted in consequence of their humble submission. The Bible and the Holy Qur’an are agreed that on Pharaoh’s promise that he would believe, his chastisement was repeatedly postponed, though God Almighty knew that he would die a disbeliever.  What is the secret behind the fact that God’s design of chastisement varied in certain cases, though
such variation seems inconsistent with God’s warning?

The answer is that chastisement is not an integral part of Divine Will. His four basic attributes are all expressive of His bounty and beneficence. These are the four names mentioned in the first three verses of Surah Fatihah, namely, Rabb-ul-‘Alamin, Rahman, Rahim, and Malik-i-Yaum-id-Din, that is, Master of the Day of Judgement. 

All of these four attributes show the will of Allah to grant nothing but favours to mankind. That is to say, to create and nourish which is called Rububiyyat, to provide out of His pure mercy without any action on man’s part which is Rahmaniyyat; to provide security for man against suffering and affliction in return for righteousness, fear of God and faith in Him which is Rahimiyyat; and to bestow upon His servants the abode of eternal bliss and tranquillity and happiness in consequence of righteous action like worship, fasting, Salat, sympathy for fellow
beings, alms-giving and sacrifice, etc., which is known as reward by the Master of the Day of Judgement. No one of these four attributes comprises a design which would harm man; they are all designed for his good. But in the case of a person who, through his misconduct and extravagant behaviour, puts himself outside the operation of these attributes, they begin to operate to his harm. For instance, Rububiyyat takes on the aspect of destruction and annihilation, and Rahmaniyyat is manifested in the shape of wrath and anger, and Rahimiyyat is manifested in the shape of revenge and harshness, and the design of good recompense takes on the terrifying aspect of punishment and torment.

This change in the expressions of Divine attributes is brought about in consequence of a change in man’s own condition. Thus punishment, and warning of punishment, are not comprised in the basic attributes of God, inasmuch as God’s warning of punishment is not absolute so long as the person warned is alive and has the capacity to carry out a change in himself. Therefore, a change in respect of the promised chastisement is not a breach of
promise. Every warning of chastisement is conditional though no condition may be expressly mentioned, except when the warning is expressed in absolute terms in which case it becomes an absolute decree and is not subject to change. This is a grand and valued principle relating to
the comprehension of Divine attributes which is inherent in the Surah Fatihah.””””
See “Truth About Ahmadiyyat” by B.A. Rafiq, online english edition, Anjam Aatham, p.13

“””It should be remembered that I hold this view concerning the Jesus who claimed to be God and held previous prophets to be thieves and robbers and has said nothing about the Khatamul Anbya, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, except that he, Jesus, would be followed by false prophets. Such a Jesus is nowhere mentioned in the Holy Quran. “””
Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, pp. 15-16, Essence of Islam, online english edition, Vol. 5

“””If any Christian still doubts Atham’s deception, then let him have his doubt removed through the Heavenly Testimony. Atham died in accordance with the prophecy, now let any person proclaim himself as his surrogate and swear that Atham was not overawed by the prophecy, and that he was in fact attacked four times, and if he who takes this oath survives for one year, I will declare publicly that my prophecy proved to be false. But this oath will have to be without any preconditions. In this manner the matter will be clearly resolved and the person who is false in the sight of God will be exposed.

If the Christians do firmly believe that this prophecy was false, then what prevents them from putting it to this test?”””

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in Vol. 11, p.17 

“Who does not know that Mr. Atham published a clear statement in the Noor Afshan Paper(which was a Christian newspaper) that ‘definitely during the term of the prophecy I became scared of blood thirsty angels?’ Who does not know that there were so many signs which pointed towards Atham being scared that it is impossible to cover them up?”  

_______________________________________________________________________________________________Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in Vol. 11, pp. 17-19.

“…then he understood that it was not right of him to show so much agitation due to an Islamic prophecy. It was then that the excuses of attempts to poison and three attempts to murder were made. Because of the level of fear that had been shown by Atham due to his bewilderment, it required that if they were to prove that the cause of this was not the revealed prophecy, then there should be some other reason which was so strong and powerful, that it could instil the fear of death in one’s heart. Therefore, with the support of lies they forged these causes of fear…”

“Who finds it difficult to understand that he faced abasement due to his false and baseless allegations? And there was no way to rid himself of this disgrace other than to have proven the false claims in court or to have brought forward some witnesses or to have sworn to the truth of the claims in a public gathering. However, Mr. Atham did not adopt any of these means”. 

Anjam e Atham (January 22, 1897), p. 19 (See Muhammad Ali, “Prophethood in Islam”, Supplement).    

“The sum and substance of the divine communication Is that God, as in the case of His prophets, honours a person who annihilates himself in She Prophet (fana fin Nabi), with God’s perfect communication(kamil mukalamat). And during this communication the person who is spoken to by God (kalim Allah) has direct communication with Him. He makes a request and God answers it, although such a question and answer should occur fifty times or more. God the Most High grants three favours to His perfect servant through His divine communication. Firstly, his prayers are mostly granted and the grant is made known to him. Secondly, God apprises him of many Unseen matters (umur-i ghaibiyyah). Thirdly, many spiritual sciences of the Quran are disclosed to him by means of revelation. Here, in the name of God, I ask everyone who rejects me (mukazzib) and claims to possess this virtue (hunar) to stand and compete with me in these three favours.”

“There is nothing more foul than a pig in the world. But the ulema who oppose me are more foul than pigs.”  (Anjam-i-Atham, P. 21).
“There is a contradiction in his [i.e., the objector’s] statement. On the one hand he says very kindly that it is wrong to call a Muslim as kafir, and on the other he says about me that my followers really believe me to be a messenger of Allah and that I have claimed prophethood in fact. If his first view is right, that I am a Muslim and believe in the Holy Quran, then this second view is wrong in which he says that I myself claim prophethood. And if his second view is right, then the first is wrong in which he says that I am a Muslim and believe in the Holy Quran. Can a wretched imposter who claims messengership and prophethood for himself have any belief in the Holy Quran? And can a man who believes in the Holy Quran, and believes the verse ‘He is the Messenger of Allah
and the Khatam an-nabiyyin’ to be the word of God, say that he too is a messenger and prophet after the Holy Prophet Muhammad?

“Insaf Talb [pen name of the objector] should remember that I have never, at any time, made a claim of nubuwwat or risalat [prophethood or messengership] in the real sense. To use a word in a non-real sense, and to employ it in speech according to its broad, root meaning, does not imply heresy (kufr). However, I do not like even this much, for there is the possibility that ordinary Muslims may misunderstand it.

However, by virtue of being appointed by God, I cannot conceal those revelations I have received from Him in which the words nubuwwat and risalat occur quite frequently. But I say repeatedly that, in these revelations, the word mursal or rasul or nabi which has occurred about me is not used in its real sense. (Author’s Footnote: Such words have not occurred only now, but have been present in my published revelations for sixteen years. So you will find many such revelations about me in the book Barahin Ahmadiyya.) The actual fact, to which I testify with
the highest testimony, is that our Holy Prophet, may peace and the blessings of God be upon him, is the Khatam al-anbiya and after him no prophet is to come, neither an old one nor a new one.

Whoever says that he is a nabi or rasul in the real sense, as a fabrication, after our Holy Messenger, he departs from the Quran and the commandments of the Shariah, and is a kafir and liar. In summary, it is my belief that whoever claims prophethood in the real sense, and wishes to become a prophet directly, separating himself from the grace of the Holy Prophet and that sacred fountain, that person is irreligious and without faith. Presumably, he would create a new kalima of his own, and amend the acts of worship and the commandments to some extent. Undoubtedly, he would be like Musailima, the Liar, and there would be no doubt in his being a kafir. How could we say about such an evil person that he believes in the Holy Quran?

But it must be remembered that, as we have explained here, sometimes the revelation from God contains such words about some of His saints in a metaphorical and figurative sense; they are not meant by way of reality. This is the whole controversy which the foolish, prejudiced people have dragged in a different direction. The name ‘prophet of God’ (nabiullah) for the Promised Messiah, which is to be found in Sahih Muslim etc. from the blessed tongue of the Holy Prophet, is meant in the same metaphorical sense as that in which it occurs in Sufi literature as an accepted and common term for the recipient of Divine communication. Otherwise, how can there be a prophet after the Khatam alanbiya?” (Anjam Atham, footnote, p. 26–28; Ruhani Khaza’in, v. 11, p. 26–28).
Taken from the Lahori-Ahmadi website–



“Can such a wretched fabricator who claims himself to be a Prophet and Messenger, have faith in Quran, and can such a person who have faith in Quran and believes the verse: ‘wala’kin Rasoolullahi wa Khataman Nabiyeen’ to be the word of Allah, say that I am also a Messenger and Prophet after Holy Prophet S.A.W?”
– [Ruhani-Khazain: Volume 11, Page # 27]. (direct link to the page)

Anjaam Aatham P.27

_____________________________________________________________________________________________(See wiki Qern), Anjam-e-Athim, p. 28:

Best way to resolve this is by way of Mubahila (prayer duel) and invites Fateh Maseeh by name.

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Anjam-e-Atham, P. 31

“I say again and again that quintessence of my prediction in case of the son-in-law of Ahmad Baig shall be his inevitable destiny. Wait for it. If I am a liar then this prediction will not be fulfilled and my death will come.” 
(See wiki Qern), Anjam-e-Athim, pp 1 33- : Polemical question/answers:

  1. Murder attempts were made on Atham and the author says that since Atham did not go to the police, he was afraid from inside. Muhammad Hussain Batalvi said that since Atham openly declared the attempts to be orchestrated by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the latter should have filed a criminal complaint against him.
  2. People left MGA when he prophecied the death of Atham. MGA responds with saying that Jesus promised to restore the throne of David but did not. He uses very aggressive language but with the caveat that he is talking about the ‘Jesus who claimed to be God and not the Jesus of the Quran’.
  3. In addition to attacking Atham, he attacks Christians in general and says:Sadly this was the first instance to determine the integrity of the Christians but none of them cared for the truth. Even the editor of the Civil and Military Gazette, who claimed to be unbiased and straightforward, told a dirty lie on this occasion. I am not sad about Hasam-ud-Din as these people who join the ranks of the Padres (priests) are usually puppets of lies and insects who feed on filth. They have no natural shame nor fear of God.
  4. Gloating over Atham’s death –See how today the reality of the prophecy has been laid out. Didn’t all of them die today who put Atham on a vehicle and paraded him through the streets of Amritsar? Hasn’t it been proven today that all their happiness was false?
  5. In response to a question from Shuhna Hind paper in Meerath (1 September 1896) about MGA claiming to be a prophet:How can a person who believes in the Quran . . . that I am a prophet or messenger after Muhammad(saw). . . . I have never claimed in real terms to be a prophet or messenger; and using a word in its non-real meaning, and using its dictionary meaning in normal conversation does not obligate ‘kufr’. However, I don’t even like that as there is a chance that common Muslims will be deceived by it. But I cannot hide the conversation of God to me that frequently uses the words of prophet and messenger, as I am an appointed one. I repeatedly say that the word ‘mursal’ (messenger) or ‘rasool’ or ‘nabi’ (prophet) used for me in those revelations is not used in its real sense (common usage) – and the real truth to which I bear solemn witness is that our Prophet Muhammad(saw) is the ‘khatam-ul-anbiyaa’ and no prophet will come after him – old or new. . . . Sometimes, the revelations of God, some words are used about some of His friends (saints) in allegory and similitude, and are not based on fact. The whole quarrel which foolish and biased (people) have dragged in a different direction: the name of the coming promised messiah stated from the blessed tongue of Muhammad(saw) as quoted in Sahih Muslim etc. – i.e. prophet of Allah – is in the spirit of the same accepted allegorical usage in the books of Sufis (reference to ibn Arabi) and a common idiom for communication with God. Otherwise, what prophet after the Khatam-al-Anbiya (Last Prophet).


Anjam e Atham (January 22, 1897), p. 27 footnote (See Muhammad Ali, “Prophethood in Islam”, Supplement).    

“Can a cursed impostor, who lays claim to messenger-ship and prophethood, has any faith in the Quran? And can a person, who has faith in the Quran and the verse: ‘wa la-kin rasu-lullah wa khataman nabiyyin’ (but he is the Messenger of Allah and the Seal of the Prophets) say that he too is a messenger and a prophet after the Holy Prophet? The seeker of justice should note that this humble servant has never laid claim to prophethood or messengership in the real sense of the term. To apply a word in other than its real significance and to use it commonly in its general literal sense does not amount to heresy (kufr). But I am even averse to this because it might create confusion in the minds of general Muslims. However, being an appointed one of God (mamur), I dare not conceal the words ‘prophethood’ and ‘messengership’ occurring frequently in the communions and communications received by me from God Almighty. But I declare it repeatedly that in such revelations (ilhamat), the words mursal, rasul or nabi occurring for me are not to be taken in their real sense. (Such words occur in my ilhamat not only now but for the last sixteen years; in Barahin-i Ahmadiyya, you will find many such divine communications about me). And the true fact (asl haqiqat) which I pronounce at the top of my voice is that our Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), is the Seal of the Prophets (Khatam al-Anbiya) and no prophet, either new or old shall come after him.

“And whoever claims to he a real prophet or messenger after our Messenger and Master, it is a fabrication and the repudiation of Shari’ah and he is an unbeliever (kafir) and a great liar (kazzab).”

(Anjam Atham, footnote, pages 27 – 28, published January 1897)

“Can a wretched imposter who claims messengership and prophethood for himself have any belief in the Holy Quran? And can a man who believes in the Holy Quran, and believes the verse ‘He is the Messenger of Allah and the Khatam an-nabiyyin’ to be the word of God, say that he too is a messenger and prophet after the Holy Prophet Muhammad?

“Anyone who is fair-minded should remember that I have never, at any time, made a claim of nubuwwat or risalat [prophethood or messengership] in the real sense. To use a word in a non-real sense, and to employ it in speech according to its broad, root meaning, does not imply heresy (kufr). However, I do not like even this much, for there is the possibility that ordinary Muslims may misunderstand it.

“However, by virtue of being appointed by God, I cannot conceal those revelations I have received from Him in which the words nubuwwat and risalat occur quite frequently. But I say repeatedly that, in these revelations, the word mursal or rasul or nabi which has occurred about me is not used in its real sense. (Footnote: Such words have not occurred only now, but have been present in my published revelations for sixteen years. So you will find many such revelations about me in the book Barahin Ahmadiyya.The actual fact, to which I testify with the highest testimony, is that our Holy Prophet, may peace and the blessings of God be upon him, is the Khatam al-anbiyaand after him no prophet is to come, neither an old one nor a new one. …

“But it must be remembered that, as we have explained here, sometimes the revelation from God contains such words about some of His saints in a metaphorical and figurative sense; they are not meant by way of reality. This is the whole controversy which the foolish, prejudiced people have dragged in a different direction. The name ‘prophet of God’ for the Promised Messiah, which is to be found in Sahih Muslim etc. from the blessed tongue of the Holy Prophet, is meant in the same metaphorical sense as that in which it occurs in Sufi literature as an accepted and common term for the recipient of Divine communication. Otherwise, how can there be a prophet after the Khatam al-anbiya?


Anjam e Atham (January 22, 1897), p. 28 footnote (See Muhammad Ali, “Prophethood in Islam”, Supplement).    

“But it should be remembered, as I have just explained, that such words (e.g., prophet, messenger) used in God’s revelations for some auliya (saints) by way of metaphor and simile are not to be taken in the real sense. This is, in fact, the entire dispute which has been drawn towards another direction by the prejudiced ignorants. The name of the corning Messiah which, in al-Sahih of Muslim etc., has been mentioned by the blessed tongue of the Holy Prophet as nabi Allah (Prophet of God) is, in fact, a metaphorical expression, which is an admitted and colloquial term for divine communication in the writings of the high ranking sufis (mystics). Otherwise, how can there be a prophet after the Seal of the Prophets?”
(See “Truth About Ahmadiyyat” by B.A. Rafiq, online english edition).  (Anjam Aatham, p.32).  

“”””The determination of this is quite easy. Ask Sultan Muhammad, the son-in-law of Ahmad Beg, that he should publish a denial. Thereafter, if he should not die within a period that God Almighty might specify, I would be proved false… Such death would be withheld from him till he becomes defiant. Thus if you are in a hurry then arise and make him announce his denial and then witness the power of God Almighty.”””””
[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, p. 33](Essence of Islam, online english edition, Vol. 3). 

“””Invitation to Christians for Mubahalah

As the religious rancour of the Christians keeps mounting, it has become necessary that, in order to put an end to this daily conflict, they should enter into a Mubahalah [prayer duel] with me on the question of the truth or falsehood of Islam and Christianity. Should the Christians
be averse to the use of the word ‘curse’, I will not insist on it, and will propose that both sides should pray in the following words:

‘Lord of the world, Islam teaches that the doctrine of Trinity is altogether false and a satanic device, and that son of Mary was not God but only a human being and a Prophet, and that Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was a true Prophet and Messenger of God, and was the Seal of the Prophets, and that the Holy Qur’an is the Word of God which is free from all error and misguidance. The Christian teaching, on the other hand, is that Jesus, son of Mary, was the true God who created the heaven and earth and through whose blood the world was redeemed, and that God is made of a Trinity: the father, the son and the holy ghost; and that Jesus, a combination of the three, is the perfect God. Almighty God, may You judge between the two parties who are present before You, in the following manner: May the one who professes the wrong doctrine be destroyed in a great torment within one year, because the destruction of a few would provide deliverance for the whole world.’

One of the parties should make this supplication and the other should say Amin; and then the other party should make the same supplication and the first party should say Amin; and both should await God’s Judgement for one year. I promise that I shall deposit two thousand rupees
to pay over to Christians who participate in this Mubahalah.  This is a necessary method of settlement as we claim that the Living and Mighty God is with us, and the Christians claim that He is with them.

From the result of the Mubahalah the public will learn which party has God’s support. If the Christians do not agree to this method of settlement, they will build for themselves a store of curses in heaven, and people will know that they are false. My invitation is addressed to Dr Clark, Reverend ‘Imad-ud-Din, Hissam-ud-Din (Editor of Kashf-ul-Haqa’iq), Munshi Safdar ‘Ali Bhandarah,  Reverend Fateh Masih and to every Christian minister who is an enemy of Islam and may wish to join in. This is a good way of settlement so that the world may be rid of these daily conflicts and the false ones may be humiliated. Peace be on those who follow the guidance. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadian.
[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 11, pp. 34-36](Essence of Islam, online english edition, Vol. 1).  

“””””The Christian doctrine is that those who do not believe in Trinity and do not subscribe to the atonement of Jesus would be condemned eternally to hell…. To confine Limitless God to three or four partners and to believe that each is perfect in himself and is yet in need of association,
and to imagine that God was word in the beginning and that the same word that was God descended into the womb of Mary and acquired a body from her blood and was born in the usual manner and suffered all the ailments of childhood and when he grew up, he was seized
and put upon the cross, is abominable shirk, whereby man has been deified. God is above descending into a womb and acquiring a body and being seized by His enemies. 

Human nature rejects that God should undergo such suffering and that He Who is the Master of all Greatness and is the Fountainhead of all honour should permit such humiliation for Himself. The Christians admit that this was the first occasion of the humiliation of God and that He had never suffered such humiliation before. It had never happened before that God should have been established in the womb of a woman like the sperm. Ever since people had heard the name of God, it had never happened that He should have been born of a woman like a human child. The Christians admit all this and also admit that the three partners in the Godhead did not in the beginning have three separate bodies, but that at a certain point in time, 1896 years ago, separate bodies were assigned to the three partners. The form of the father is like that of Adam, for He created Adam in His own image (see Old Testament, Genesis 1:27), and the son appeared in the form of Jesus (see John 1:1) and the Holy Ghost assumed the form of a dove. (see Matthew 3:16)….

According to the Christians, these three embodied gods are embodied forever and have separate beings forever and yet all three combined are One God. If anyone can tell us, we should like to know how could all these three be one and yet have separate eternal bodies. Let someone unite Dr. Martyn Clarke and Padre ‘Imad-ud-Din and Padre Thakar Dass into one despite their separate bodies.  We can confidently affirm that if the three are beaten into one and their flesh is mixed together, they who were created three by God cannot become one. Since three mortal beings, despite possessing the possibility of assimilation and division cannot become one, then how the three beings about whom the Christians do not admit of the possibility of assimilation and division, can be one?

It would not be improper to say that these three gods of the Christians are like three members of a committee and according to them every commandment is issued by them unanimously or by a majority, as if Godhead were a republican form of government and god could not run the government on his own and is dependent upon the decisions of the council. 

Such is the compound god of the Christians; let him who wishes take a look at him.””””

[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, p. 37](Essence of Islam, online english edition, Vol. 1).  

“””If chastisement by the sword is in conflict with Divine attributes then this objection would apply primarily and very strongly to Moses who slaughtered whole peoples and caused rivers of blood to flow and left no room for anyone’s repentance. The battles undertaken according to the teachings of the Holy Qur’an kept the door of repentance open which is in accord with the law of nature and with Divine mercy. We observe that when God Almighty sends His punishment upon the world in the shape of plague or cholera, He, at the same time, bestows upon the physicians knowledge of such herbs and remedies as prove effective in putting out the fire of such epidemics.  Therefore, it is the method of warfare adopted by Moses which is open to the objection that it did not permit a way of escape for the enemy according to the law of nature. Even when such a way was permitted, it was partial and not complete. It is clear that it has been the Divine way from the beginning that the wrongdoing enemies of the Prophets have been destroyed by the sword. Then why is a similar commandment in the Holy Qur’an considered as open to objection? Was the God of the time of Moses different from the God of the time of
Islam? Or is it that in the time of Moses God loved battle, but now He considers it an evil?

Taking Up Arms Against a Just Non-Muslim Government is not Permitted

It should also be remembered that Islam permits the taking up of the sword only in opposition to people who themselves take it up first, and it permits the slaughter only of those who embark upon slaughter first. It does not lay down that the Muslims while they are the subjects of a non-Muslim sovereign who deals with them with justice and equity should take up arms against him as rebels. According to the Holy Qur’an this is the way of the wicked and not of the righteous. But the Torah has not made this distinction clear at any place. This shows that the Holy Qur’an in all its commandments, whether of majesty or of beauty, adheres to the straight line of equity, justice, mercy and beneficence and is unique in this respect also among all the scriptures.”””

(See wiki Qern), Anjam-e-Athim,  pp 34-44: A good way for the priests of Punjab and India to solve the issue

    1. Cartoon of Trinity
    2. MGA invites one of the following Christian priests: Dr. Martin ClarkImad-ud-Din, Thakar Das, Hasam-ud-Din, Safdar Ali Bhandara, Thomas Howell, or Fateh Maseeh
    3. Christians eat pigeons with relish although the pigeon is their God (Holy Spirit). Hindus are better as they do not eat their God, the bull.
    4. Offers to gather in a field (Mubahila) and let the wrath of God descend on the person opposite. Offers 10,000 rupees (3,000 advance) in case nothing happens to the opposite person within one year.
  1. Challenge of Mubahila to Muslim scholars
    1. Declares Nazir Hussain of Delhi to be the originator of the declaration of ‘kufr’ against MGA


[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, pp. 38-41](Essence of Islam, online english edition, Vol. 3). 

Proposal to Seek Divine Settlement

“””We have learnt from long experience that, despite failing repeatedly, our opponents have not abandoned their campaign of vilification….They stage foul and painful plays which are derogatory of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and represent him as a person of evil character.

How, then, should this matter be settled? We can of course issue effective refutation, but how can we stop them from offending again? How can we tie up their foul tongues and how can we put a lock upon their reviling mouths?…These heartless Christian ministers have wounded our hearts by hurling millions of vile abuses on our Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon

How then can these contentions, which increase daily, be settled? We have despaired of anything good coming out of debates and discussions. These have only led to an increase in rancour and hatred. In this state of affairs, there is, in my estimation, only one easy way to reach a settlement,
if the Christian ministers were to agree to it: It is to seek a decision of these disputes from God Almighty.

I wish to state that I am most eager to seek a Divine settlement of this affair, and I wish most sincerely that these daily contentions may be set at rest in this manner. If God does not render a decision in my favour, I will hand over all my property, moveable and immovable, the value of which is not less than ten thousand rupees, to the Christians. I am prepared to deposit up to three thousand rupees in advance for this purpose. This would be a sufficient penalty for me. I also promise that I shall, in such case, make an announcement bearing my signature that the Christians have been victorious and I have been defeated. This announcement will not be subject to any explicit or implicit condition.

The method of settlement will be as follows: One of the respected Christian ministers, whose names are mentioned below, should declare his willingness to come forward against me at a place to be agreed between us. Both of us should present ourselves on the appointed day at the appointed place along with a number of our followers. We should seek a decision from God Almighty through the prayer that God Almighty may, within one year, afflict one of us, who is a liar and deserving of His wrath, with such torment as, out of His sense of Honour, He has always imposed upon false and disbelieving people, including Pharaoh, Nimrod, the people of Noah and the Jews. The Christian ministers should note that this supplication does not call down a curse upon anyone. Its only purpose is the chastisement of a false person who is not willing to abandon his falsehood. The death of one man is a small price to pay for the revival of the whole world.
[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, pp. 41-42](Essence of Islam, online english edition, Vol. 3). 

“”””We have repeatedly admonished you O’ Christians that worship of Jesus is no less than idol worship or the worship of Rama, and that the son of Mary has no superiority over the son of Kaushallia; but have you ever paid attention to our admonitions? You attack all other religions but have you ever reflected over your triune God? Have you ever considered how one who possessed all greatness was afflicted like an ordinary human being, and how the creator was beaten and maltreated by his own creatures?  Can it be contemplated that humble creatures should flog their creator, should spit in his face, should seize him and nail him to the cross and he should be helpless in their hands; and that, being God, he should be subject to death? Can it be imagined that there should be three physical gods, one whose physical image was Adam, another Jesus, and the third a pigeon, and that of the three one should have a son and two should be without issue? Can it be contemplated that God should walk behind Satan who should require him to prostrate himself before him and tempt him by offering to bestow the world upon him? Can it be understood that a person with God dwelling in his bones, supplicated throughout the night and yet his supplication was rejected? Is it not surprising that the Jewish scriptures are cited in support of the godhead of Jesus while such a doctrine is an anathema to the Jews, which they repudiate emphatically, and none of their sects subscribes to the doctrine of Trinity?  Had the Jews been taught this doctrine by Moses as and all the Prophets after him, how was it possible that all of them, divided into so many sects, should have forgotten this teaching?

Is it not worth considering that from the earliest times there existed a Christian Unitarian sect, which was in existence at the time of the Holy Prophet sa. It testifies that the unholy doctrine of Trinity emerged only in the third century? Even today there are hundreds of thousands of
Unitarians in Europe and America who continue to publish books in support of their doctrine. In view of all this, and as the Christian missionaries still persist in their vile affirmation, is there not the need for Divine Judgement so that those who base themselves on falsehood may be ruined? Those who adhere to falsehood will now take to their heels and will seek refuge in false pretences.
[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, pp. 46-48](Essence of Islam, online english edition, Vol. 3). 

“”””There have been many Dajjals and there may be more to come. But the greatest Dajjal, whose deceit is so vile in God’s estimation that heaven might well be rent asunder by it, is the group which deifies a mere human being. God Almighty has set forth in the Holy Qur’an various kinds of deceit practised by the Jews, the Polytheists and others, but does not single out any which might cause heaven to be rent asunder. Therefore, we should not designate any group as the greatest Dajjal but the one so designated by God in His Holy Word. It would be most unfair and cruel to try to find someone else as the greatest Dajjal.

On no account can we justify the existence of a greater Dajjal than the present day Christian clergy. Whereas God has designated them in His Holy Word as the greatest Dajjal, it would be the height of faithlessness to consider anyone else to be the greatest Dajjal in contrast to
the Word of God. Had there been any possibility at any other time of the existence of such a Dajjal, God Almighty, Whose knowledge transcends the past, the present and the future, would have designated him and not these people as the great Dajjal. The sign of the great Dajjal, which we can clearly deduce from the Hadith of Bukhari is that the great Dajjal would deify Jesus and would attribute salvation to the cross.

It is a matter of great delight for the knowledgeable that on this point the definitive verses of the Holy Qur’an and authentic Ahadith are both in agreement. Thus, the truth about this controversial issue has come to the open. The Holy Qur’an unambiguously designates the Christian clergy as the greatest Dajjal and terms their lies to be so great as could destroy heaven and earth. And the Hadith also specifies that the true sign of the Promised Messiah would be that he would break the cross and slay the great Dajjal. Our stupid Maulavis do not seem to reflect that the main objective of the Promised Messiah is the breaking of the cross and slaying of the great Dajjal. The Holy Qur’an has foretold that the great deception and mischief whereby the order of the entire universe might be upset and the world brought to an end is the mischief of the Christian missionaries. From this it clearly follows that there is no greater Dajjal than the clergy and that he who, having witnessed the revelation of this great mischief, waits for some other, denies the truthfulness of the Holy Qur’an.

Moreover, as the literal meaning of the word Dajjal is a group that pollutes the earth with its deceit, and, according to the Ahadith, the singular sign of the great Dajjal would be his advocacy of the cross, if someone still fails to consider the Christian clergy as the great Dajjal, he is
indeed spiritually blind.

[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, pp. 49-51](Essence of Islam, online english edition, Vol. 2). 

“”””Our opposing Maulavis are well aware that God Almighty has expressed in the Holy Qur’an His disgust of one who fabricates lies against God, so much so that He has said concerning the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) that if he had fabricated any lies against Him, He would have severed his large artery ((The reference is to Al-Haqqah, 69:45-47)).

In short, to claim as an impostor that a person is the recipient of revelation is so heinous a sin that it incurs not only the penalty of hell but according to the conclusive verdict of the Holy Qur’an it is punished speedily in this life also. The Mighty and Jealous God never leaves an impostor in peace. His jealousy soon crushes him and destroys him.

If the hearts of these Maulavis had the slightest shade of righteousness and were they aware in the least of the ways and practice of God Almighty, they would have known that ever since the beginning of the world there has been no single instance in which an impostor had continued with his imposture for such a long period and had added to it daily but instead of being punished,
greater and greater honour among people was bestowed upon him by God Almighty, with increasing acceptance by the people, and with his tongue serving as a fountain of verities and comprehensions. It is a pity that these hypocritical Maulavis do not honour the commandments and warnings of God Almighty. Can they cite a single instance from the Holy Qur’an or from the Ahadith of an ill-natured impostor who goes on fabricating lies against God and puts himself forward as one greatly loved by God; who presents his satanic compositions deliberately as Divine revelation and proclaims that it is the Divine command that people should follow him; who falsely claims that God has revealed to him that he is the chief of the believers in this age and who falsely claims that God has told him that He has appointed him the Promised Messiah who is sent to break the cross; who claims that God has told him that his standing with God is like the
Unity of God and that the people are unaware of his close relationship with Him; while all the time God knows that he is an impostor and curses him and counts him among the rejected and the humiliated? Is it then the way of God Almighty to grant a respite extending over more than
twenty years to such a lying and daring impostor?

Who can reconcile himself to the fact that the Holy One, the flame of Whose wrath has always consumed impostors like lightning, should grant respite to a false one over a period of which there has been no other instance in the whole world? God, the Glorious, has said:

Al-An‘am, 6:22

Who is guilty of greater wrong than one who fabricates lies against God? Without doubt, an impostor is under the curse of God and is soon destroyed. It is enough proof for a righteous person that God has not destroyed me like an impostor and has bestowed numberless bounties on my body and my soul. I was young when I claimed that I was a recipient of Divine revelation and now I am old and more than twenty years have passed since I put forward my claim. Many of my friends and dear ones who were younger than me have died, but He has bestowed a long life on me and has been my Helper in every difficult situation. Are these the insignia of those
who fabricate lies against God?
[Anjam-e-Atham, p. 51, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, p. 51].  Via the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah.
“””Some of these revelations were received about twenty years ago and have been revealed repeatedly in different order and slight variation of words.”””
[Anjam-e-Atham, pp. 51–62, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, pp. 51–62].  Via the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah.

“””””[Arabic] ‘O ‘Isa whose time will not be wasted, you have a standing with Me of which the people have no notion. You are to Me like My Unity and Uniqueness. So the time has come that you should be recognised by people and be helped. He is the One God Who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth so that He might make this religion
prevail over every religion.

No one can change the prophecies vouchsafed by Allah. Say: I have been commissioned and I am the first of believers. He is the Most Gracious One, Who has taught the Qur’an, so that you might warn a people whose ancestors have not been warned and so that the way of the guilty ones might become manifest. We suffice you against the scoffers. Say: I have with me a testimony from Allah, will you then believe? Say: I have with me a testimony from
Allah, will you then accept? My Lord is with me, He will soon show me the way. Say: If you love Allah, then come and follow me, Allah will also love you. Shall I tell you on whom do the satans descend? They descend upon every sinning liar. They desire to put out Allah’s light with the breath of their mouths and Allah will perfect His light, though the disbelievers might resent it. We shall soon put fear in their hearts. When the help and victory from Allah comes and the age will turn to us it will be asked: Was not this the truth? I am with you. Be you with Me wherever you might be. Be with Allah wherever you might be. You are the best people raised for the benefit of mankind. You are under Our sight. Allah will exalt your name and will perfect His bounty upon you in this life
and in the hereafter. O Ahmad, your name will come to an end but My name will not come to an end. I am about to raise you towards Me. I have poured My love on you. Wondrous is your
status and near is your reward. The heaven and the earth are with you as they are with Me. (See footnote).  You have a high standing in My presence. I have chosen you for Myself. You have a high standing in this world and in the Hereafter. Holy is Allah, Who is the Source of Blessings, and very High. He has increased your rank. From now on, the name of your forefathers will be cut off and God will begin with you. You have been helped with prestige and have been revived with truth, O Siddiq [Truthful One], you have been helped and the opponents will say: ‘There is no way of escape left. Allah has preferred you to us even though we disliked it.  Our Lord, forgive us, we were in error.’ ‘O you who have returned with repentance no blame will lie upon you this day. Allah will forgive you and He is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy.’ Allah will not leave you till He has demonstrated the difference between the clean and the unclean. Allah is Supreme over His decree but most people know it not. When the help of Allah comes and the victory, and the
words of your Lord are fulfilled it will be said: This is what you had desired to be hastened. I determined to appoint a vicegerent and so created Adam. I perfected him and breathed into him My Spirit. He will establish the Law and will revive the faith.

Had faith been hanging with the Pleiades he would have brought it down. Holy is He Who took His servant on a night journey. He created Adam and honoured him. The Champion of Allah in the mantle of the Prophets. Those who have disbelieved and obstructed people from the way of Allah were refuted by a man ofPersian origin. Allah appreciates his effort. The book of this friend of Allah is like the Dhulfaqar [sword] of ‘Ali. Its oil would well nigh glow forth even if no fire were to touch it.  Adhere to Unity, adhere to Unity, O Children of Persia. We have sent him down close to Qadian and have sent him down with the truth and to meet a real need. Allah’s command was bound to be fulfilled. Do they say: ‘We are an avenging host?’ All of them will be scattered and they will turn their backs. Fear not, My servant, I hear and see. See you not that We are gradually reducing the earth from its borders? See you not that Allah has power to do all that He wills? Call down blessings on Muhammad and the people of Muhammad. He is the Chief of mankind and Seal of the Prophets. You are on the straight path; so convey clearly that which you are commanded and turn away from the ignorant ones. They ask: ‘Why was not it sent down on some great personage of the two large towns?’ They ask: ‘Whence have you obtained this? This is a plan that you have devised in the town and other people have helped you in it.’ They look at you but do not see you. O people! Know well that the earth was dead and Allah is reviving it afresh. Allah is for one who is for Allah. Allah is with those who are righteous and those who do good. They have said: ‘This is but imposture.’ Say: If I have invented it, this heavy burden is on me.

You have a position of high rank and trust with Us this day. My mercy is on you in the world and in matters of faith and you are of those who are helped. Allah praises you from His Throne. Allah praises you and is walking towards you. Hearken, the help of Allah is near. A jewel like you is not wasted. Good tidings for you My Ahmad. You are My purpose and are with Me. I am your Helper. I
am your Guardian. I will make you leader of men. Is it a matter of wonder for people that Allah is Wonderful? He chooses whom He wills from among His servants. He is not called to account for what He does and these others are called to account. These are days that We revolve among the people. They say: ‘This is certainly an imposture.’ When Allah helps a believer He creates those in the earth who are envious of him. Say: Allah has sent down this revelation; and then leave them being beguiled by their sport. No one can comprehend the mysteries of the friends of Allah. Deal kindly with people and have mercy on them.

You are among them in the position of Musa [Moses]. Then be steadfast against whatever they say and leave up to Me the punishment of those who reject from among those who were favoured. You are from Our water and they are from fashal.(see footnote) When it is said to them: Believe as the good people have believed, they retort: ‘Shall we believe as the ignorant and
foolish ones have believed?’ Take note, they are the foolish ones but they know it not. Say: If you love Allah, then follow me, Allah will then love you. It was said: Turn towards Allah; but you do not turn. And it was said: Overcome your doubts: but you overcome them not. All praise is to Allah, Who has made you Messiah, son of Mary. There is mischief here, then be steadfast like those of high resolve. Ruined are the two hands of Abu Lahab and ruined is he.  It was not for him to jump into this affair except with fear. Whatever afflicts you is from Allah. It is a trial from Allah so that He should love you with a great love… Love from Allah, the Almighty, the Noble; a bounty unlimited. It is a time of trial and a time of distinction. The time of torment will not be turned away from the guilty people. O the Community of this appointed one, slacken not and grieve not, you will be on top if you are believers. It might be that you like something and it might prove
harmful for you, and it might be that you dislike something and it might prove good for
you. Allah knows all and you do not know.

I was a hidden treasure and I desired to be known. The heavens and the earth were a solid
mass and We split them asunder. They are given to mock you, saying: ‘Is this the one who
has been raised by Allah?’ Say: I am but a human being like you. It is revealed to me that
your God is One God and that all good is contained in the Qur’an. I have spent a whole lifetime among you before this; are you not well informed of my affairs? They say: ‘This is but imposture.’ Say: The guidance of Allah is the true guidance, without any error, and take note, it is the party of Allah who will triumph. We have bestowed upon you a clear victory so that Allah might suppress all your past and future sins. Is Allah not sufficient for His creatures? Allah cleared him of all their
allegations and he has a high standing with Allah. Allah will render their plan ineffective.  And We shall make him a Sign for the people and an example of Our mercy… That was a matter decreed. This is the word of truth, which people doubt.

Mercy flows from your lips, O Ahmad. We have bestowed abundance of verities, points of wisdom, and blessings upon you, and have granted you a pious progeny; then supplicate
your Lord and offer sacrifice. He who talks ill of you is deprived of blessings, that is, God will
leave no trace of him and he will die frustrated.(See footnote) The moon of the Prophets will
come and you will achieve your objective. On that day the truth will arrive and truthfulness will be demonstrated and the loss of the losers will be obvious.

Observe Prayer for My remembrance. You are with Me and I am with you; your secret is My secret. We have removed from you the burden, which had well-nigh broken your back and have exalted your name. They frighten you with those beside God; they are the leaders of disbelief. Be not afraid, you will be on top. I have planted for you the trees of My mercy and My power with My own hand. Allah will never let it happen that the disbelievers should be able to blame the believers. Allah will help you in diverse places.

Allah has decreed from eternity that: I and My messengers shall prevail. No one can
change His words. Allah is He Who has made you the Messiah, son of Mary. Say: This is the
grace of God and I do not desire any titles. O ‘Isa! I shall cause you to die and shall raise you towards Me and shall place those who follow you above those who deny you till the Day of Judgment. Allah has looked at you fragrantly. People said: ‘O God! Will you appoint such a trouble-maker as vicegerent?’ God said: I know that which you do not know. People said: ‘This is a book full of disbelief and falsehood.’ Say to them: Come, let us gather together with our and your sons, women, and people, and then let us pray fervently and call down the curse of Allah upon the liars. Peace be on Ibrahim (that is, my humble self). We gave him Our hearty friendship and delivered him from sorrow. This pertained only to Us, and We did it. O Dawud [David], treat people kindly and benevolently. You will die in a condition that I am pleased with you. Allah will safeguard you against the mischief of people. They gave the lie to My Signs and mocked at them.

So Allah will suffice you against them and will bring her back to you. This is Our decree and We are determined to enforce it. After returning, We married her. This Commandment is from your Lord, then be not of the doubters. There is no changing the words of Allah. Your Lord surely carries out that which He determines. He shall bring her back to you. On that day the earth will change into another earth. When the trumpet is blown there will be no relationship left between them. God grants them respite till a specified term which is near. The moon of the Prophets will come and all of your affair will be achieved. This is a hard day. Today I have addressed Myself to making the judgment. We shall bring her back to you. If she should seek refuge with you then give her refuge and be not afraid; We shall restore her to her previous quality. We have granted you a clear victory.

O Nuh [Noah]! Keep your dream secret. People asked: ‘When will this promise be fulfilled?
Say: Allah’s promise is true promise. You are with me and I am with you, and this verity is known only to those who are rightly guided. Despair not of Allah’s mercy. Look at Yusuf [Joseph] and his glory. Allah has taken note of his, that is Atham’s, grief and therefore He has postponed the chastisement. This is the way of Allah and you will not find a change in the way of Allah. Do not be surprised and do not grieve. You will be on top if you remain steadfast in faith. By My honour and My glory you will surely be on top. We shall break the enemies into bits and their plan will come to naught. We shall lay bare the secret and on that day the believers will be happy, a group from among the earlier ones and a group from among the later ones. This is a reminder and let him who wishes, adopt the way to his Lord. The Christians have changed the reality and We
shall bring back humiliation and defeat upon them. Atham will be thrown into the exterminating fire. We give you good tidings of a gentle son, who will be a manifestation of truth and exaltation as if Allah had descended from heaven. His name is Emmanuel, which means God is with us. A son will be granted to you and grace of God will come close to you.  My light is near. Proclaim: I seek the protection of the Lord from the mischievous creation. He is a lifeless calf from which
proceeds a meaningless sound; (this refers to Lekhram); for him is pain and torment, that is,
in this very world.

Revelation in Persian and Urdu:
[Persian] [Tread joyfully that your time has arrived and the feet of the Muslims have been
planted firmly on a high tower]. [Urdu] God will set all your affairs right and will bestow on you all that you desire. I shall manifest My flash and shall raise you with My power and shall spread your blessings till kings shall seek blessings from your garments. A Warner came into the world and the world accepted him not but God shall accept him and will demonstrate his truth with powerful assaults.

[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, p. 54].  Via the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah.  

“””August 17, 1894
[Arabic] [Verily, I am the Most Loving, and Noble.]

August 19, 1894
Translation: [Arabic] Verily, Allah is with those who adopt righteousness and those who do good deeds.”””
[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, p. 55].Via the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah.  

(F) [Arabic] [You may possibly hate something while it is really good for you. And you may possibly like something, while it is really not good for you. Allah knows and you do not.]

(G) Translation: [Arabic] Leave unto me the punishment of the deniers who are well-off.

[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, pp. 56–57].  Via the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah.  

(C) [Arabic] [That is, he will perish after being granted a life and body, and he will be
considered dead by people, despite having been alive.]

(D) [Arabic] [A pearl like you cannot be destroyed.]

(E) [Arabic] [You may possibly hate something while it is really good for you. And you may possibly like something, while it is really not good for you. Allah knows and you do not.]

September 14, 1894
Translation: [Arabic] It is a time for trial and a time for purification. And the time of punishment cannot be averted from befalling the guilty.

In the revelation: ‘You are from Our water and they are from (fashal)’; by water is meant the water of faith, steadfastness, righteousness, loyalty, sincerity, and the love of God which is bestowed only by God. (fashal) means cowardice, which proceeds from Satan and is at the root of all faithlessness and viciousness. When steadfastness is lost a person leans towards sin. Thus cowardice proceeds from Satan and the water of righteous doctrine and pure conduct proceeds from God Almighty. When a child is conceived, if it is fortunate and destined to be righteous it is taken under the protection of Ruhul-Qudus [spirit of holiness] and if it is unfortunate and is destined to be vicious it is under the shadow of Satan. Satan has a part in it, and metaphorically it is called the progeny of Satan. And those who belong to God are attributed to Him; they have, in earlier scriptures, been metaphorically called sons of God.
[Anjam-e-Atham, pp. 56–57 footnote, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, pp. 56–57 footnote]Via the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah.  
[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, p. 58].  Via the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah.  

(B) [Urdu] The stigma of migration.

(C) [Arabic] [And they planned and Allah also planned; and Allah is the Best of planners. Then He will seize those who planned.]

(D) [Arabic] They said: This man is a magician and a great liar. [Publishers]

((((((The part could not be read. [Syed Abdul Hayee]))))

(E)Translation: [Arabic] Your ill-wisher is deprived of all beneficence, that is God will wipe out his name and he will die in misfortune.

November 4, 1894
This day, I saw [in a vision] that I have killed one snake and I have fled from another snake.

November 5, 1894
(A) On this day I received revelation:

[Persian] On my face appear the brightnesses of His light. [Publishers]


[Persian] On my face appears the brightness of good fortune. [Publishers]

Translation: [Arabic] And Allah cleared him of what they charged. And he is an accepted one with God.
[Anjam-e-Atham, pp. 58–59 footnote, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, pp. 58–59 footnote].  Via the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah.

“””The revelation [The line of your enemy shall be cut off] was conveyed to my humble self from Allah the Almighty when Sa‘dullah, a convert to Islam from Hinduism, sent me a poem full of
vile abuse. This progeny of the Hindus used such words concerning me as cannot be used unless he was vicious by nature and had a corrupt heart. I received the revelation when I read his announcement and pamphlet. If the revelation concerning this vile person is not fulfilled and he does not die frustrated, humiliated, and disgraced, then it might be concluded that I am not from God.”””
[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, p. 59].  Via the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah.  

“””September 18, 1894
(A) Translation: [Arabic] God will never allow events to shape such that the believers can be
blamed by the disbelievers.”””

[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, p. 61]. Via the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah.  

“””August 22, 1894
[Arabic] [And in it was a great tribulation from your Lord.]

August 25, 1894
(A) [Arabic] [Verily people were denying Our Signs.]

(B)[Arabic] [The believers thought well of their own people.]

August 26, 1894
Translation: [Arabic] The believers will be happy that day, a group from the early and a group from the later ones.”””

August 26, 1894
(A) Translation: [Arabic] We will lay bare the truth.

(B) [Arabic] Do not be in doubt and do not be sad for you will be victorious as long as you have faith and remain steadfast. Surely, victory is for you.””””

August 27, 1894
(A) [Arabic] [Verily, my Lord is with me. He will guide me aright.]

(B) I saw that Baitullah is on one side and Baitul- Muqaddas is on the other; and I am standing in-between.

(C) I saw that a few bananas were placed in front of me and I gave one banana to Hamid ‘Ali.

August 29, 1894
Translation: [Arabic] You will find no change in the way of Allah.

August 31, 1894
(A) Translation: [Arabic] God has noted his [Atham’s] anxiety.

September 2, 1894
(A) I saw that there were several pomegranates lying beside me and I took one of them in my hand.

(B) Translation: [Arabic] Their schemes will be frustrated.

*September 30, 1894
(A) Translation: [Arabic] We have granted you a manifest victory.

[Arabic] You are with Me and with those who are with you. [Publishers]

October 3, 1894
[Arabic] [Victory has come to you.]

October 5, 1894
Translation: [Arabic] O Nuh [Noah]! Keep your dream hidden.

[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, p. 62].  Via the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah.  

October 11, 1894
Concerning ‘Abdullah Atham:

Translation: [Arabic] Atham will be cast into the consuming fire.
[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, pp. 61–62].  Via the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah.  

“””(B) Translation: [Arabic] God has noted his [Atham’s] anxiety. This is the way of God and
You will find no change in the way of Allah.

And be not surprised and grieve not. [And in that there is a great trial for you from your Lord.] And you will be on top if you remain steadfast. And We shall expose the mystery and
We shall break the enemy into bits. Believers shall be happy that day, a group from among
the earlier ones and a group from the later ones. This is a reminder so let him who will
adopt the way of God.”””
(Anjam-e Atham, p. 64).(Via Lahori-Ahmadi website, by Future of the Ahmadiyya Movement:
by Imam Kalamazad Mohammed, retrieved on 6-10-19). 

“””Rest assured that this is a tree planted by the Hand of God. He will never permit it to go to waste. He will not be satisfied until He has seen it through to its fullness. He will see to it that it is well-irrigated and will build a protective fence around it. Thus God will bless my followers with astounding progress and prosperity. Have you, O enemies of truth, left any stones unturned? Had it been the work of man, this tree would have been cut and felled since long and no trace of it would have remained”””
[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 11, pp. 63-64, footnote](Essence of Islam, online english edition, Vol. 1.  

“”””If anyone should have a question that there are hundreds of false religions which have flourished through thousands of years, though they must have originated in some imposture, the answer is as follows. According to us, imposture means that a person should himself fashion deliberately a few sentences, or should invent a book claiming that it has been revealed to him by God Almighty whereas nothing of the kind has been revealed to him. We can affirm on the basis of full research that such imposture has never been able to flourish in any age. The Book of God bears clear testimony that those who were guilty of imposture against God Almighty were soon destroyed. We have already stated that the same testimony is borne by the Torah, the Gospel and the Holy Qur’an.

The false religions that we observe in the world today like those of the Hindus and the Zoroastrians do not represent the dispensations of false prophets. The truth is that their followers through their own mistakes have fallen into accepting their current doctrines. You cannot point to any book which claims clearly that it is a divine book while in truth, it might be an imposture and a whole people might have held it in honour throughout. It is, however, possible that a Divine book might have been misinterpreted. A political government seizes jealously a person who falsely claims to be a government official. Then, why would God, Who is jealous of His glory and His kingdom, not seize a false claimant?”””
Letters from Chachran: Khawaja Ghulam Farid’s support of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (

Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khazain, vol. 11, pp. 64-68

In 1897, in his book Anjam-e-Atham, the Promised Messiah issued a mubahala challenge (prayer duel) to the sajjada nasheens (successors of sufi saints) of India, saying that they had caused him great pain and anguish by labeling him a disbeliever and heretic. Now, God Almighty had instructed him to engage them in a prayer duel so that the truth may become distinct from falsehood. 
[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, pp. 64-67](Essence of Islam, online english edition, Vol. 3).

“””O Ye Maulavis and custodians of shrines who oppose me, the contentions between us have exceeded all limits.  My Community is much smaller in number than yours, and at the moment does not exceed four or five thousand.  Nevertheless, be sure that this tree has been planted by the hand of God Who will not let it be destroyed. He will not be pleased till He carries it to perfection. He will water it and enclose it within a compound and will foster it in a wonderful manner. Have you spared any effort in trying to destroy it? Had it been a human project, it
would have been destroyed long ago.

It is He Who commanded me to invite you to a Mubahalah so that the enemy of truth may be ruined and the lover of darkness may fall into the abyss of chastisement.  Hitherto I had not wanted to call for Mubahalah, nor did I wish to pray for anyone’s ruin. Mr. ‘Abd-ul-Haq of
Ghazni, presently of Amritsar, desired to hold a Mubahalah with me, but I put him off for a long time. At last, on his insistence, a Mubahalah was held, but I made no supplication for his ruin.  But now things have come to such a pass that I have been called dajjal, I have been named
Satan and I have been accounted a liar and an impostor. My opponents have cursed me in their public announcements and in their meetings I have been mentioned with contempt. Now you seem to be intent upon denouncing me as if you have not the slightest doubt in my being a
disbeliever. Everyone of you considers reviling me as an act of great merit. You have declared it the way of Islam to call curses on my head.

In the time of all this bitterness and distress, God was with me; He comforted and consoled me throughout. Can an insect stand up against a whole world? Will a particle set itself against the universe? Can the soul of a liar possess such steadfastness? Can a low impostor possess such power? Be sure, therefore, it is not me you are fighting, but you are fighting God. Can you not distinguish between fragrance and foul smell? Can you not observe the majesty of truth? It would have been much better for you if you had shed tears before God Almighty and had sought guidance from Him concerning me with a trembling heart, and had then followed a certainty and not pursued doubts and delusions.

Now get up and be ready for Mubahalah. You know that my claim is based on the authority of the Holy Qur’an and Ahadith and on Divine revelations vouchsafed to me. You rejected the authority of the Qur’an and the Ahadith and disregarded altogether the Word of God, as if it were no more than a broken reed. This leaves the second basis of my claim, so I call upon
you in the name of the Mighty and Jealous God—and no faithful one can reject a call in His name—to come for a Mubahalah for a Judgement on the basis of the revelation vouchsafed to me.

The procedure will be as follows: After the date and place of the Mubahalah have been agreed upon, I will present myself with a paper on which all the revelations, which I have set out, will be written, and I shall supplicate:

Lord, if these revelations that I hold in my hand are my inventions and You know that I have made them myself, or if they are the result of the incitement of Satan and are not Your Words, may You then cause me to die before the end of one year from this date, or afflict me with such torment as may be worse than death, and do not grant me deliverance until I die, so that my disgrace may be known and people may be delivered from the mischief of my design, as I do not desire that Your creatures should be mislead on my account, and it is better that such an impostor should die. But, O All-Knowing and All-Aware God, if it is in Your knowledge that all these revelations which I hold in my hand are from You and are Your Words, then may You afflict these opponents of mine who are present here, within one year of this date, with a severe
torment; afflict some with blindness, some with leprosy, some with paralysis, some with lunacy, and some with epilepsy. Make some of them the victims of snakebite, or the bite of a mad dog; destroy the property of some and afflict some with calamity and some with disgrace.

When I finish my supplication, both parties should say Amin. Everyone of the opposite party who is present for Mubahalah should then supplicate:

O All-Knowing and All-Aware God, we account this person, whose name is Ghulam Ahmad, a liar, an impostor and a disbeliever. If he is truly a liar and an impostor and a disbeliever and a faithless one, and his alleged revelations are not from You but are his own invention, then may You, as a Benefactor of the Muslims, destroy this impostor within a period of one year so that the people may be saved against his mischief. But if he is not an impostor and is from You and all these revelations are Words of Your Mouth, then may You afflict us, who consider him a disbeliever and a liar, within the period of one year, with painful and disgraceful torment by making some of us blind, some leprous, some paralytic, some lunatics, and some by being bitten by a snake or a mad dog. May You afflict with a calamity the wealth and life of some and the honour of others.

At the end of this supplication, everyone should say Amin. If anyone considers me a liar and an impostor, but wishes to avoid the use of the expression ‘disbeliever’, he will be at liberty to employ only the term ‘liar’ and ‘impostor’, concerning which he is certain.

After the Mubahalah, if I die within a year or am afflicted with some torment from which I am not expected to be delivered, the people will be secure from my mischief and I shall become accursed forever. I proclaim here and now, that in such case I should be considered a liar and accursed. I will not mind being called dajjal or the accursed or Satan, and will deserve always to be mentioned with a curse and will accept the Divine Judgement without reservation. In this case, anyone who follows me or considers me to be good or truthful will be subject to God’s chastisement. Thus my end would be vile as is the end of all disgraceful liars.

But, if God safeguards me for a year against death or physical calamity, and my opponents are afflicted with Divine wrath and each of them becomes the subject of some misfortune, and my prayer against them is manifested in a shining manner, the world will recognize the truth and this daily conflict will come to an end. I repeat that up to now I have never prayed against anyone who professed to be a Muslim, and have endured everything with patience; but on that day I shall seek the Judgement of God and shall hold to His Holiness and Honour, so that by destroying the party that is in the wrong and is committed to falsehood, He may safeguard Islam against the mischief of the wicked.

I also agree that my prayer should be regarded as having been answered only if each one of those who come into the field for Mubahalah is afflicted, one way or another, within one year. If even a single one of them is spared—out of a total of one or two thousand—I shall consider
myself to be false and I shall repent at their hands. If I die within one year, the world will be restored to peace and security by the death of an evil one.

But one of my conditions is that at least ten of those whose names are mentioned below should be present at the time of the Mubahalah. If more of them can be present, so much the better, inasmuch as the affliction of a large number with Divine torment is such a clear sign as
no one can doubt.

Bear witness, O earth and O heaven, that the curse of God lies on him who, having received this book, neither comes to Mubahalah nor desists from denouncing me as a disbeliever and defaming me, nor keeps away from the company of those who mock at me. O Ye believers, say
Amin to this in the name of God. I have to record that up till now these wicked Maulavis have not paid any heed to this straightforward manner of Judgement, so that if I am a liar, as they imagine, I may be chastised by God Almighty Who is the Judge of judges.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________As quoted in Haqiqatul Wahy, online english edition, Anjam e Athim, page 67

“””Witness, O earth and O heaven! God’s curse be upon the very one who, after receiving this booklet, neither presents himself for a mubahalah, nor stops denouncing and insulting me as an unbeliever, and does not part company with those who ridicule me. O true believers! Do all of you, for the sake of God, say, ‘Amin’.”””

[Anjam-e-Atham, pp. 74–75, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, pp. 74–75].  Via the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah.  

“”””It has been put in my mind that I should write this letter in Arabic and translate it into Persian and should, thus, take its readers through the real meadows and should propagate the message in the Islamic tongues so that this propagation should reach the point of perfection for seekers after truth.””””
[Anjam-e-Atham, p. 77, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, p. 77].  Via the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah.  

[Arabic] O My Ahmad, you are My purpose and you are with Me. Allah praises you from His Throne. [Publishers]

You are the ‘Isa whose time shall not be wasted. A pearl like you is not wasted. The Champion of Allah in the mantle of the Prophets. [Publishers]
[Anjam-e-Atham, p. 79, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, p. 79].  Via the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah.  

[Arabic] I am sending you to a disorderly people, and I have made you a leader of men. I appoint you a Khalifah with honour as has been My way with the earlier people. [Publishers]
[Anjam-e-Atham, p. 80, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, p.80].  Via the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah.  

[Arabic] You certainly are the Messiah, son of Mary, from Me; and you have been sent so that the promise made aforetime by your Lord of Honour may be fulfilled. His promise is bound to be fulfilled. He is the Truest of the true. [Publishers]

[Arabic] It is indeed you who have appeared (as Jesus) in the mantles of spiritual manifestation. This is the true promise which has remained a hidden secret. Then convey clearly that which you are commanded and be not afraid of that which the ignorant ones utter. Thus has been the way of Allah with the earlier peoples. [Publishers]

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Anjam e Atham (January 22, 1897), p. 143 (See Muhammad Ali, “Prophethood in Islam”, Supplement).    

“And I have been sent for the purpose of eradicating vice and promoting virtue and convincing the people of the unity of Godhead and piety. I have no religion other than the religion of Islam and no book besides the Holy Quran and no messenger except Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) who is the Seal of the Prophets.”
RK vol, 11, p. 144, Maktoob E Arabi Benaam Ulaimaa
See also Imtiaz, time stamp, 2:24:30

MGA says that whoever adds or subtracts from the Ijma of the Sahaba of the prophet Muhammad SAW have upon them the curse of Allah and the angels and humans all together!


Anjam-e-Atham, page 181, Ruhani Khaza’in, volume. 11, page 181.  Via the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah.  

[Arabic] O Ahmad, I shall accept all your supplications except in the matter of your collaterals.

[Anjam-e-Atham, p. 182, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, p.182].  Via the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah.  
“”””Allah gave me glad tidings time after time in the matter of my sons till He took the number to three. I was informed of their birth in advance by revelation.”””
[Anjam-e-Atham, pp. 182–183, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, pp. 182–183].  Via the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah.  

January 1, 1897
(A) My Lord has cheered me with the news of a fourth son by His mercy, saying that:

[Arabic] He will convert the three into four….

Thereafter in a vision between waking and sleeping I was again shown a visible representation of this event. The spirit of the fourth son moved within me in the vision and called his brothers saying:

[Arabic] There is a term of one day between you and me appointed by God.

I imagine that he indicated a complete year or some other term which is known to the Lord of the worlds.”””
[Anjam-e-Atham, pp. 211–213, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, pp. 211–213].  Via the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah.  

“””””Be it known that Ahmad Baig’s wife and her family were related to me but would not follow my way in matters of faith. On the contrary, they were very daring in committing sins and indulging in all types of innovations. They had exceeded the limits in this respect. It was conveyed to me by the Most Gracious One by revelation that He would chastise them if they did not repent. My Lord said to me that:

[Arabic] If they do not repent and do not turn back from their misconduct, We shall pour upon them chastisement from heaven and shall give them death with humiliation without leaving any offspring behind; and We shall fill their homes with widows and divorcees. But if they repent and reform, We shall turn to them with mercy and shall give up the design of their punishment. Thus, they will experience whatever they choose on their own accord. [Publishers]. 

To complete the admonition I counselled them and said: ‘Seek forgiveness from the Lord Who forgives;’ but they paid no heed to my words and advanced further in their hostility towards me. Then it occurred to me that I should make a public announcement about it so that they might take to the ways of righteousness and return to the path of goodness and be among those who ask forgiveness of God the Almighty.

Therefore, I made the announcement while I was in Hoshiarpur, but they irresponsibly cast it behind their backs.””””
[Anjam-e-Atham, pp. 213–214, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, pp. 213–214].  Via the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah.  

“”””(A) When they did not change their ways, even after this announcement, and did not give up the path that leads to ruin, Allah disclosed to me certain matters about this family while I was between sleep and waking. This vision recounted some details of the revelation I had received concerning them and it happened in this wise. When I was about to go to sleep, Ahmad Baig’s mother-in-law was personified before me and her condition caused me distress and I trembled. In the meeting, she appeared to me to be in great distress and I saw [in the vision] that her eyes were shedding tears. I said to her:

[Arabic] O Woman, repent, repent for misfortune is about to befall your progeny.
That is, your daughter and maternal granddaughter will be involved in distress.

Then I came out of this condition and My Lord granted me the understanding that the vision I had seen was an interpretation granted by Allah the All-Knowing of the revelation I had previously received. I was given the understanding by God, the Requiter, that the word ‘aqibi means her daughter and her maternal granddaughter and not anyone else from among her children. It was conveyed to me that misfortune meant two afflictions, one upon her daughter and the other upon her maternal granddaughter. By the command of Allah Ahkamul-Hakimin [the Arbiter above all arbiters] the two would resemble each other.””””
(Anjam-e-Atham, Page 216). (Taken from, Retrieved on 6-12-19).  


کَانَ أَصْلُ الْمَقْصُوْدِ الْإِہْلَاکِ، وَتَعْلَمُ أَنَّہٗ ہُوَ الْمِلَاکُ، وَأَمَّا تَزَوِّیْجُہَا إِیَّّایَ بَعْدَ إِہْلَاکِ الْہَالِکِیْنَ وَالْہَالِکَاتِ،فَہُوَ لِإِعْظَامِ الْآیَۃِ فِیْ عَیْنِ الْمَخْلُوْقَاتِ


“The actual purport was destruction, and my marriage to the girl would follow their death, and that was only to highlight the greatness of this sign in the eyes of the people”
Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khazain, Vol. 11, p. 223

Translation from Arabic/Persian
“I am not just telling you that this affair (marriage of Mohammadi Begum) has ended here and whatever has happened is the culmination and the reality of the prophecy has ended here. Rather the main affair is still pending, none can cancel it with any excuse and this fate is predestined (taqdeer-e-mubrim) from God AlMighty. Soon its time will come. By God, who sent Hazrat Muhammad Rasoolullah and made Him Best of Messengers and Best of Persons, this is absolutely true. You will see soon and I declare this prophecy as a yardstick of my truth or lies and what I have said, I have said it after getting news from God.” 



Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khazain, Vol. 11, p. 234
Via Al-Hakam on twitter,

إنّ کمالی فی اللسان العربی، مع قلۃ جہدی وقصور طلبی، آیۃٌ واضحۃ من ربی، لیُظہِر علی الناس علمی وأدبی، فہل مِن مُعارِض فی جموع المخالفین؟ وإنی مع ذٰلک عُلِّمتُ أربعین ألفًا من اللغات العربیّۃ، وأُعطیتُ بسطۃً کاملۃ فی العلوم الأدبیۃ، مع اعتلالی فی أکثر الأوقات وقلّۃ الفترات، وھذا فضل ربی

“My proficiency in Arabic, despite a lack of effort and research, is a sign from God Almighty, so that my intellect and literary prowess becomes manifest to people. Thus, can anyone from among the opponents object to it? Moreover, I have been taught 40,000 words of the Arabic language. Despite the fact that I am sick most of the time and I enjoy very few days of health, I have been given vast and complete knowledge in the literary sciences and this has happened only through the blessings of my God.” 

(Roohani Khazain vol.12 p.234-235)

In a poetic reply to Molvi Abdul Haq Ghaznavi regarding the failure of the prophecy of Atham, he says

“And in the case of Atham you are mentioning the curse of people 
 Make sure people have always cursed the pious ones 
And people are blind that they start abusing quickly 
thus their curse O Ibne Ahmaq (Son of Stupid) is nothing 
O the one who is afflicted with cursed, leave the mentioning of curse 
 did you not see that after BAKWAAS (useless talk) what has happened to you 

You cursed me and God curse you on your face
and curse is God’s curse
And I do not see in you knowledge and intelligence
and you attack like a pig and make noise like a donkey
And you danced like a prostitute dances in a gathering
and declared me Faasiq although you are the most faasiq”
[Anjam-e-Atham, pp. 262–263, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, pp. 262–263]. Via the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah.  

“””The word ‘turab’ is derived from tirb and tarbush-shai according to Arabs means ‘that thing which is created with it’. Tha‘lab has said: tirb to something is that which resembles it. Therefore, the clay has been called ‘turab’ because it shares certain qualities of time or
characteristics with heavens. In the beginning, the earth was created together with the heavens and both resemble each other as forms of the creation of God.”””

PAGE 278, the Appendix of Anjam e Athim starts.
Anjam-e-Atham, RK vol. 11, page 282

MGA wrote some poetry in this book vs. Saadullah.  It is as follows:

“”””You have persecuted me out of your vileness and now if you do not die in disgrace, 0 wicked one ibn baghaI will not have been proved truthful in my claim.””””(anjam e athim, 1897)(Taken from, middle of the webpage, retrieved on 11-9-16).

[RK, v. 11, p. 282; 8th verse on page; Anjaam-e-Aatham]
[Arabic verse:]
‘aadhitanee khubthan falasto besaadeqan
in lam tammot bil khazee yaa ibn-bighaa [O son of prostitution].’

[Persian text, under the Arabic verse:]
‘maraa bekhabaasate khod eezaa daadee, pas man saadeq neestam
agar to ay nasle badkaaraan [O progeny of the unchaste] bezellat nameeree.’

[English translation:]
You have offended me by your wretchedness; thus, I am not truthful
If you, O son of prostitution, do not die in disgrace.


Original with correct Persian translation:

“””You have pained me with filth and I would not be truthful

If you do not die in humiliation, O son of Prostitution (ibn Bagha)”””””

(See wiki Qern), Anjam-e-Athim, pp. 283-284:

Arabic rejoinder to the editor of the Civil and Military Gazette

(See wiki Qern), Anjam-e-Athim, Appendix pages 285-291

Atham and the prophecy (in response to Fateh Maseeh:

“””If any of the prophecies of Jesus, the dead god of Christians, is proven to be equal in weight to this (Atham’s death) prophecy, I will pay any sort of fine. What were the prophecies of that helpless person? Only this that earthquakes and droughts will happen and there will be battles? May God’s curse be on those minds who took these prophecies as evidence of his divinity and made a dead person their god. Don’t earthquakes happen all the time? and droughts occur all the time? Isn’t there some war going on somewhere all the time? Then why did this foolish Israeli (Jesus was of the progeny of the Biblical Israel) term these normal occurrences as prophecies? Only because the Jews were after him? When they asked for a miracle, Jesus replied that these adulterous and promiscuous people ask me for a miracle . . . see how Jesus sidetracked them . . . now someone would have to be adulterous and promiscuous to ask for a miracle . . .”””

The author then goes on to describe the low moral character of Jesus (lying and relationship with prostitutes and being the offspring of prostitutes, etc.) and then ends by saying, ‘Quran does not mention anything about Jesus’ life’ and had Fateh Maseeh not insulted Muhammad(saw), he would not have insulted Jesus.


(See “Truth About Ahmadiyyat” by B.A. Rafiq, online english edition)(Anjam Aatham, p.8 of the appendix, roughly page 286).

“””We wish to record that we had no concern with the Jesus of the Christian missionaries and his conduct. Their purposeless abuse of our Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, has provoked us that we should set forth somewhat of the circumstances of their Jesus. This vile and wicked Fateh Masih has in his letter that he has addressed to me called the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, an adulterer and has heaped other vile abuse on him. In the same way this dead and wicked sect that worships the dead has compelled us that we should set forth somewhat of the circumstances of their Jesus. The Muslims should remember that God Almighty has made no mention of Jesus in the Holy Quran as to who he was, but the Christian missionaries believe that Jesus was a person who claimed to be God and called Moses a thief and a robber and denied the coming of the Holy Prophet and said that he himself would be followed by prophets who will all be false. We cannot accept such a vile thinker and arrogant man and an enemy of the righteous as a good human being let alone that we should accept him as a prophet. These foolish missionaries would be well advised to abandon this method of abuse lest God’s jealousy be aroused.”””

(Anjam-i-Atham, P. 288)
“You have inflicted pain on me with your foulness. You are not truthful. I pray that you die in shame, you son of a harlot.”
(Zamima Anjam-e-Atham, Roohani Khazain vol 11 p.288)(See also,, retrieved on 6-11-19).  

“The prophecies of this helpless man (Jesus) were merely that there will be earthquakes, famines and wars…. Why did this Israelite term these common occurrences as prophecies?”

(Zamima Anjam-e-Atham, Roohani Khazain , Vol 11 p.289) (Via the online discussion boards at, retrieved on 6-10-19).  (See also,, retrieved on 6-11-19).  

“(Jesus) had the habit of uttering obscenities and frequently using foul language.”

“It should be remembered that he (Jesus) had also to some extent the habit of lying.”

“A cunning and wicked (person) who had the soul of the Messiah from head to toe.”
Zamima Anjam-e-Atham, Roohani Khazain vol 11 p.290. See also,, retrieved on 6-11-19.
Watch the video by these imams herein:

“The Christians have written about many miracles of (Jesus) but the fact is that he did not perform any miracle.”


Anjam e Athim Zamima (appendix), via Aaqa Ka Ghulam (at the 14:33 mark)

“”Aur niyahat sherm kee baat yahee hai, kay apnay paharee taleem ko, jo injeel ja magaz kahlatee hai, yahuddeeooo kee kitab thalmud say churaa kay leekha hai, aur pir aisa zahir keeaa hai kay goya yeh meree taleem hai, laikun jab yeh choree pakaree gai, Esai bhot sherminda hai”

(Zamimah Anjam Atham, Roohani Khazain Vol 11 p.291).  (Via the online discussion boards at, retrieved on 6-10-19).  

“Jesus had an inclination for prostitutes, perhaps due to his ancestral relationship with them, otherwise no pious man could allow a young prostitute to touch his head with her filthy hands, and massage his head with the unclean perfume purchased with the earnings of adultery and rub his feet with her hair. Let the intelligent judge what sort of character such a person must possess.”

“Perhaps he (Jesus, the Messiah) may have healed some blind and cured some other ailments by ordinary means. Due to (Jesus’) bad luck, during his time there was a pond which was a source of great miracles. It can be assumed that he also used (the miraculous) clay of the same pond. The complete reality of his miracles is exposed by this pond. And a categorical inference drawn from the existence of this pond is that if at all he performed any miracles, they were not his own but rather attributable to this pond and he had nothing to his credit except cunning and deceit.” (Zamima Anjam-e-Atham, Roohani Khazain vol 11 p.291).  (See also,, retrieved on 6-11-19).

“The family of Jesus was perfectly holy and immaculate. Jesus’ three paternal and maternal grandmothers were fornicators and prostitutes, from whose blood the body of Jesus came into existence.” (Zamima Anjam-e-Atham, Roohani Khazain vol 11 p.291). (See also,, retrieved on 6-11-19).

Anjam i Athim (1897) Appendix page 14, roughly page 292 of RK.  See also, Faruqi, “Truth Triumphs”, pages 30—33, published roughly 1964-5.  (Via the online discussion boards at, retrieved on 6-10-19).  

“”””…then there is another ilham which was proclaimed on 20th February, 1886, and that was that God will increase 3 into 4. At that time there was no sign of my 3 sons (Mahmud, Bashir and Sharif) who are present now ; so it seemed that the ilham meant that first of all 3 sons will be given and then another one will be added who will make the number 4. So a greater part of this ilham is fulfilled as God has given me 3 sons from this marriage (the second wife) who are here; and the next one is awaited who will increase the number into 4””””

[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, pp. 292-293].  (Essence of Islam, online english edition, Vol. 3). 

“””The truth is that if any cleric of this country should wish to compete with me in respect of Qur’anic insights, and I should write a commentary on a chapter of the Holy Qur’an and he should write a commentary on the same chapter, he would certainly be humbled and would not be able to stand against me. That is why, despite my insistence, the Maulavis do not respond to my challenges.  This is a great sign, but only for those who possess faith and a sense of justice.”””
[The Appendix Anjam-e-Atham, printed 1897, p. 15, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, p. 299].Via the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah.  

“””(A) The birth of Mahmud, my elder son, was prophesied clearly in the Sabz Ishtihar together with the name Mahmud. That announcement was published with reference to the death of the first boy and comprised several pages like a pamphlet.””””

(See wiki Qern), Anjam-e-Athim, Appendix, pp. 299-301:

Advertisement about a conference in Town Hall, Lahore, where the author’s paper will be read.


It was revealed to me beforehand that the paper which would be read on my behalf in the conference of religions to be held in Lahore, would surpass all other papers. I, therefore, published an announcement about it well in advance, which I now reproduce in the footnote. In accordance with the revelation, my paper was accorded such wide acclaim that even my opponents were forced to acknowledge that the paper surpassed all others.”””
[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, p. 299].  (Essence of Islam, online english edition, Vol. 5).
[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, pp. 299-301, footnote].  (Essence of Islam, online english edition, Vol. 5).

“”””A Great News for Seekers after Truth

In the ‘Conference of Great Religions’, which will be held in Lahore Town Hall, on 26th, 27th and 28th December, 1896, a paper written by this humble one, dealing with the excellences and miracles of the Holy Quran, will be read out. This paper is not the result of any ordinary human effort, but is a sign among the signs of God, written with His special support. It sets
forth the beauties and the truths of the Holy Quran and establishes, as clear as day, that the Holy Quran is truly God’s own Word, and is a Book revealed by the Lord of all creation.  Everyone who listens to this paper and to my treatment of all the five themes set out for the conference from beginning to end, will surely develop a new faith and will perceive a new light
shining within him, and will acquire a comprehensive commentary on the Holy Word of God. This paper of mine is free from human weakness, empty boasts and vain assertions.  I have been moved by sympathy for my fellow beings to make this announcement, so that they should witness the beauty of the Holy Quran, and should realize how mistaken our opponents are in their love of darkness and their hatred for light. God, the All-Knowing, has revealed to me that my paper will be declared supreme over all others. It is full of the light of truth and wisdom and understanding, which will put to shame all the other parties, provided they attend the conference and listen to it from beginning to end. They will never be able to show these qualities in their own scriptures, whether they are Christians, Aryas, those belonging to Sanatan Dharam, or anyone else. This is because God Almighty has determined that the glory of His Holy Book shall be manifested on that day. I saw in a vision that, out of the unseen, a hand was
laid on my mansion, and by the touch of that hand a shining light emerged from the mansion and spread in all directions. It also illumined my hands. Thereupon someone who was standing by me cried out:

God is Great! Khaibar has fallen! [Publisher]

The interpretation is that the mansion signifies my heart, on which the heavenly light of the verities of the Holy Quran is descending, and Khaibar signifies all the perverted religions that are afflicted with paganism and falsehood and in which man has been raised to occupy the place of God, or Divine attributes have been cast down from their perfect station. It was thus disclosed to me that the wide publication of this paper would expose the untruth of false religions, and the truth of the Holy Quran will spread progressively around the earth till it arrives at its climax. From this vision, my mind moved towards revelation, and the following was revealed to me: i.e., God is with you, God stands where you stand.  This metaphorically conveys the assurance of Divine support. I need not write any further. I urge everyone to attend the Conference in Lahore, even at some inconvenience, and to listen to these verities. If they do so, their reason and their faith will derive benefit beyond their expectation. [Peace be upon him who follows the guidance.]

The humble one,
Ghulam Ahmad,
Qadian, 21st December, 1896.
[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, p.303, footnote](Essence of Islam, online english edition, Vol. 3). 

“””The nature of converse with the Divine is that God Almighty bestows the honour of such a dialogue upon one who is wholly devoted to the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) as He granted to earlier Prophets. In this dialogue, the Kalimullah [the servant who is blessed with converse with God] talks to Him like one man to another. He puts a question to God, Who responds to him; even though such question and answer may extend to fifty or more exchanges. Through such dialogue, God Almighty bestows three types of bounties upon His perfect servant:

1. Most of his supplications are granted and he is foretold about their acceptance.
2. God Almighty discloses many matters of the unseen to him.
3. The philosophy of many teachings of the Holy Qur’an is revealed to him through revelation.

Whoever rejects me and claims that he himself is blessed with Divine converse, I call upon him in the name of God to compete with me in respect of all these three criteria.  Both of us should write an exegesis on any seven verses of the Holy Qur’an to be agreed upon. My opponent should write on the basis of revelation vouchsafed to him and I shall write on the basis of mine. Each of us should set forth, in advance, some revelations received by him intimating acceptance of prayers and relating to matters beyond human capacity. He should also disclose in advance some hidden matter relating to the future and so should I. Both our statements should be published through posters. Thus truth and falsehood of each party will become evident.

But remember, my opponents will never be able to do this. The hearts of liars have been cursed by God. He will neither disclose to them the light of the Holy Qur’an, nor accept their supplications, nor inform them of such acceptance in advance, nor will He disclose anything of the unseen to them:

‘He reveals not His secrets to anyone, except to him who He chooses, namely a messenger of His.’—Al-Jinn, 72:27-28

Now that I have made this announcement, anyone who neither stands forth against me in the manner set out, nor restrains himself from denouncing me as an impostor, will be under the curse of God, the angels and all the righteous ones. And the only duty of a Messenger is to
convey the message.””””
[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, pp. 304-319](Essence of Islam, online english edition, Vol. 3). 

“””Six Signs of Divine Support

I announce once more, for the sake of those who seek the truth, that if they have not even now realized that I am true, they can satisfy themselves again through any of the following six signs which God Almighty has bestowed upon me.

One: Any arrogant person who desires to compete with me in proficiency in Arabic, is at liberty to produce the match of this Arabic writing both in poetry and in prose; and if some Arabic speaking person testifies that his work is equal to mine, I shall be accounted false.

Two: Failing this, my opponents can compete with me in writing an Arabic commentary on any seven verses of the Holy Qur’an which are randomly selected, and if I am not acknowledged as being clearly superior to them, I am to be accounted as false.

Three: One of my well-known opponents should stay with me for a year. During this time, if I fail to manifest some sign which is beyond the power of man, I may be accounted false.

Four: Some of my well-known opponents may announce publicly that if they witness a sign within one year of the date of the announcement, they will repent and acknowledge my truth. If, within that time, no sign is manifested by me which is beyond human power, whether by way of
prophecy or otherwise, I shall acknowledge that I am false.

Five: Failing all these, Sheikh Muhammad Hussain of Batala and other well-known opponents of mine should come forward for Mubahalah with me. Thereafter, if even a single one of them escapes the consequences of my supplication in the Mubahalah, I shall acknowledge myself to be false. I invite every opponent in the name of God Almighty to make a trial by any one of the methods that I have suggested: They should either write and publish a reply to this writing in fluent Arabic within two months, before 10th March 1897; or they should compete with me in writing an Arabic commentary on any seven verses of the Holy Qur’an in my presence; or anyone of them can come and stay with me for one year for the purpose of witnessing a sign, or he can await a sign for one year, after making a unilateral announcement; or he can enter
into Mubahalah with me.

Six: If none of these methods appeals to them, they should enter into a truce with me and my Community for a period of seven years on the condition that they will not denounce me as a disbeliever and a liar, will not revile me, will meet everyone of us with courtesy and goodwill, will generally behave towards us like good Muslims in fear of God, and will refrain from every kind of mischief and misconduct. And if during this seven year period, I am not able to perform, with the support of God Almighty, outstanding service in the cause of Islam, for instance, if the destruction of false religions, which has been predicted at the hands of the Promised Messiah, is not manifested through me, and God Almighty does not manifest those signs at my hands which should make Islam supreme and whereby people should begin to accept Islam from every direction, and the false god of Christianity should be destroyed, and the world should enter a new epoch, I will acknowledge myself a liar. I call God Almighty to witness that I shall be bound by this declaration.  God Almighty knows that I am not a liar. The period of seven years is not long, and it is not within human power to work such a revolution in such a short time. As
I offer to make this agreement sincerely, in the name of God Almighty, and call all of you to make this truce, you should fear God and respond to me. If I am not from God, I am bound to be ruined. Otherwise no one can ruin a commissioned one of God.”””
Supplement to Anjam Atham. Footnote, pages 33-35, quotes in Mujadid e Azim, online abridged english version

“””A necessary condition is that there must be at least ten imprecators and not just one. Since the call for an imprecatory contest is addressed to all, regardless of whether they reside in Punjab, India, the Arab countries or Iran, it is unfair to require the opponents to travel great distances to the site of the contest. Hence in conformity with the dictate “…and (Allah) has not laid upon you any hardship in religion” (22:78), and “Allah desires ease for you and He desires not hardship for you” (2:185), it is proposed that every individual should participate in the imprecation through a published announcement. However, it is a mandatory requirement that he should write down all the revelations that I have given in Anjam Atham on pages 51 to 62 in his announcement. It would not be considered sufficient to merely refer to those revelations;
all the revelations must be transcribed in totality and then followed by the below-mentioned supplication in writing:

O Allah! All Knowledgeable and All Knowing; I, so and so, son of, so and so, resident of, such and such place, do consider this person whose name is Ghulam Ahmad as false, a liar and an infidel with respect to his claim to be the Promised Messiah. All the revelations that I have copied in this Announcement from pages fifty-one to sixty-two of Anjam Atham are in my opinion deceptions or satanic suggestions, and not from Thee. Hence, O All Powerful God! If Thou knowest that I am true in this assertion, and he has made this claim without Thine sanction, and these revelations are not from Thee, and he is in fact an infidel, then grant a favor to this blessed nation, and put him to death within a period of one year so that people may become safe from his harm.  And if he is not a liar, and is Thine appointee, and these revelations are the pious words of Thine mouth, then impose upon me, who considers him a liar and an infidel, a painful and ignominious calamity within a period of one year. Amen.

When a contestant sends an announcement, without in any way altering the specified text above, someone will be asked to read out the announcement to the members of my organization, and when the reading is finished, all present will say “Amen.” It will then be considered as if the imprecation had taken place face-to face. On receipt of the announcement, I will also publish a statement of imprecation in which I will include all the revelations included in Anjam Atham from pages fifty-one to sixty-two and will then write the following supplication:

O Allah! All Knowledgeable and All Knowing; If Thou knowest that I have invented the claim of Promised Messiah myself, and these revelations quoted in this announcement are not from Thee, but are of my own making or satanic suggestions then, within a period of one year from today’s date, cause me to die or send upon me a calamity that is worse than death. However, if Thou knowest that my claim is based on your revelation, and all these revelations written in this announcement are Thy revelations, then impose on this contestant, who by virtue of this imprecation falsifies me and considers me a liar, a painful infliction. Amen.

When my announcement reaches my opposing imprecator, it should be read in an assembly, and when the reading is complete, all those assembled should say “Amen.” This format for the
imprecation is for those persons who reside beyond a distance of fifty leagues (about 150 miles). However, if they reside within fifty leagues as for example (is the case with), Sheikh Muhammad Hussain Batalvi, Sanaullah Amritsari, Abdul Haq Ghaznavi and Mian Abdul Jabbar Ghaznavi, then the best method for them is to have a face-to-face imprecation. I will traverse half the distance and they should traverse half the distance, and the imprecatory contest will be held midway. This offer of imprecation is my final argument against them. If someone chooses not to give up his tyrannical ways even after this, then God, the Most High, has concluded his arguments for such a person. Peace be upon the followers of guidance

(See wiki Qern), Anjam-e-Athim, Appendix,
pp. 307-308:

“””Maulvi Sanaullah Amritsari has said, after my current call to Mubahila, ‘what happened to your Mubahila with Abdul Haq Ghaznavi?  If, by these words, Maulvi Sanaullah means that as the Christians, after the duration of the (Atham) prophecy, made a lot of noise in Amritsar and the unclean group of Christians were dancing in the street like courtesans; and all priests and their like-minded maulvis and some filthy-natured newspapermen were all abusing me and calling me all sorts of things – that all this was the effect of the Abdul Haq mubahila? . . . . so all that show of happiness that the filthy and lewd people had over Atham, the same happiness is now turned to shame and disappointment. Now find him – where is Atham? Is he not in his grave as a result of the prophecy? Has he not been dropped into Hawia (hell)? . . . . the second matter that raised my respect after the said Mubahila (with Abdul Haq) are the pamphlets that I wrote in Arabic . . . (see Plagiarism for a discussion of the author’s Arabic books). . . . the sixth matter that was the cause of my respect and embarrassment for Abdul Haq after the mubahila was that Abdul Haq advertised that he will have a son . . . I have been blessed by a son as prophecied . . . (see elsewhere for MGA’s failed prophecies of sons) . . . and Abdul Haq should be asked where is the son that was the blessing of the mubahila? Did he dissolved inside the womb, or regressed back into sperm?”””
“””””Are they prepared to swear?  No, they’ll never do so because they are liars and are derooting the corpse of falsehood like dogs””””.(Page 309). 
(Appendix Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani khaza’in, Volume 11, p. 311)(Via “By God” by Bashir uddin Alladin, online english edition, 2016).  

“”””Sixth, that if they do not accept any of the challenges mentioned above, they should agree to come to a settlement with me and my followers for seven years and stop calling us liars and disbelievers and stop using foul language, and meet everyone with love and respect and fearing Allah’s wrath behave in an Islamic manner while meeting anyone and leave every kind of mischief and wickedness. And, if in these seven years, with the Help of God Almighty, a marked difference is not noted in my service of Islam and as it is necessary that false religions should die at the hands of the Messiah, and if this end of false religions does not happen through me, that is, God Almighty does not manifest such signs through my hands as manifest the triumph of Islam and people start entering the fold of Islam from all directions and the false God of Christianity dies and the world is not transformed, I swear by God Almighty and state that I will consider myself a liar and God knows that I am not at all a liar.””””
(Appendix Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani khaza’in, Volume 11, p. 314)(Via “By God” by Bashir uddin Alladin, online english edition, 2016).  

“”””Therefore, it is the blessing and grace of Allah that He has saved us from those problems in which our opponents are involved. I can swear by the One and Only God and state that although even before the prayer-duel, He was my Protector but after the prayer-duel He has bestowed some such spiritual and material blessings the like of which I do not find in my earlier life.”””
Via Al-Hakam twitter account
Anjam-e-Atham [Appendix], Ruhani Khazain, Vol. 11, p. 317

Who was behind the Arabic works of the Promised Messiah a.s.? – Part IV (Challenging Muslim scholars)

“Abdul Haq Ghaznavi has published a poster on 2 Shaban 1314 AH to wash away the ink of the curse that has settled on his face. I have repeatedly written the answer to this poster in this appendix [of the book, Anjam-e-Atham], that I have declared this as a sign of my Messiahship. However, the only thing that I want from the defeated is not to confess my proficiency in Arabic, but to believe [in me]. Thus, he should publish a sworn statement with the testimony of 10 Maulvis that if I defeat him in the contest of eloquent Arabic [debate], he will immediately take my Bai‘at in the same gathering and admit that I am the Promised Messiah. But if he does not issue an announcement with the said statement, then the curse of Allah shall be upon him in this world and in the Hereafter.” 
(See wiki Qern), Anjam-e-Athim, Appendix, pp. 320-324:

Letter from Ghulam Fareed of Chachran Sharif

[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, pp. 320-321].(Essence of Islam, online english edition, Vol. 4). 

“””I have no wish to be worshipped as an idol. I desire only the Glory of God, Who has commissioned me. He who looks upon me with disrespect dishonours God Who has appointed me. He who accepts me, accepts God Who has sent me. Nothing can be better for a person than to tread the path of righteousness, and not to hasten to deny him who claims to have
been appointed by God for the revival of the faith at the turn of the century. A righteous person can understand that at the turn of the fourteenth century, in which thousands of objections have been raised against Islam from all sides, a Reformer was needed to prove the truth of Islam.  This Reformer has been named Messiah, Son of Mary, because he has come to break the cross. God desires that as in the ancient days He delivered the Messiahas from the cross of
the Jews, He should now deliver him from the cross of the Christians as well. As the Christians have been guilty of great imposture in deifying a human being, the honour of God demanded that one bearing the name of Messiah should be appointed to demolish this imposture. This is God’s doing though it appears strange to the eyes of these people.”””
______________________________________________________________________________________________Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khazain, vol. 11, p. 322

Letters from Chachran: Khawaja Ghulam Farid’s support of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Upon receiving this letter, the Promised Messiah commented that contrary to the thousands of clerics who had rejected him, Khawaja Ghulam Farid displayed “the light of righteousness” by responding so sincerely. Then, he prophetically stated:

اب‭ ‬جب‭ ‬تك‭ ‬يہ ‬تحريريں‭ ‬دنيا‭ ‬ميں‭ ‬رهيں‭ ‬گی۔‭ ‬مياں‭ ‬صاحب‭ ‬موصوف‭ ‬كا‭ ‬ذكر‭ ‬بالخير‭ ‬بهی ‬اس‭ ‬كے‭ ‬ساتھ ‬دنيا‭ ‬ميں‭ ‬كيا‭ ‬جائے‭ ‬گا۔‭ ‬يہ ‬زمانہ ‬گذر‭ ‬جائے‭ ‬گا۔‭ ‬اور‭ ‬دوسرا‭ ‬زمانہ ‬آئے‭ ‬گا۔‭ ‬اور‭ ‬خدا‭ ‬اس‭ ‬زمانے‭ ‬كے‭ ‬لوگوں‭ ‬كو‭ ‬آنكهيں‭ ‬دے‭ ‬گا‭ ‬اور‭ ‬وه‭ ‬اُن‭ ‬لوگوں‭ ‬كے‭ ‬حق‭ ‬ميں‭ ‬دعاء خير‭ ‬كريں‭ ‬گے‭ ‬جنہوں‭ ‬نے‭ ‬مجهے‭ ‬پا‭ ‬كر‭ ‬ميرا‭ ‬ساتھ ‬ديا‭ ‬هے

“As long as these writings remain in the world, Mian [Ghulam Farid] Sahib will be remembered along with them. This era will pass, and another era will come; God will give insight to the people of that era and they will pray for those who, having found me, stood by my side.” 
_______________________________________________________________________________________________Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khazain, vol. 11, pp. 323-324

In an Arabic letter, dated 27 Rajab 1314 AH (31 December 1896) he wrote:

قد أرسلت إلي الكتاب وبه دعوت إلى المباهلة و طالبتَ بالجواب وإني وإن كنتُ عديم الفرصة ولكن رأيتُ جزءه من حسن الخطاب وسَوق العتاب اعلم يا أعزَّالأحباب اني من بدوحالك واقف على مقام تعظيمك لنيل الثواب وما جرتْ على لساني كلمةٌ في حقّك، إلا بالتبجيل ورعاية الآداب والآن اطلع لك بأني معترف بصلاح حالك بلا ارتياب وموقن بأنك من عباد اللّٰه الصالحين وفي سعيك المشكور مثاب وقد أوتيتَ الفضل من الملك الوهاب ولك أن تسأل من اللّٰه تعالى خيرعاقبتی

“… you sent me the book in which you invited me to a mubahala and sought a response. Although I haven’t much spare time, I looked at a portion of it, which is replete with eloquence and admonition. O most honourable of men, you should know that since the beginning, my position has always been to honour you, so that I might receive reward from God. I have only ever spoken about you with reverence and respect. Now, I inform you that I undoubtedly acknowledge your goodness. I believe that you are among the righteous servants of Allah and that your efforts are appreciated and will be rewarded. You have been granted grace from God, the Master and Great Benefactor. Pray to Allah the Almighty that my end be a fortunate one …”  

(See wiki Qern), Anjam-e-Athim, Appendix, pp. 324-328:

“”””Shaikh Ali Hamza bin Ali Malik Al-Toosi, in his book Jawahir-al-Israr published in 840 A.H. writes this about the Promised Mahdi: ‘(Farsi) It is in Arbaeen that the Mahdi will emerge from Kad’ah. (Arabic – Hadith): Said the Prophet (saw): the Mahdi will arise from a village known as Kad’ah and Allah the Exalted will verify him and will gather his companions from the far reaches of the land – on the number of those of Badr, 313 men – and with him will be a written book (or printed) in which will be the numbers of his companions with their names, places and occupations.”””

Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, p. 330

“The Holy Prophet stating this, was not for the purpose that the lunar and solar eclipses will occur against the law of nature. Neither does the hadith contain any such word. But the only meaning was, that before this Mahdi, no truthful claimant or liar had this coincidence, that he claimed Mahdihood or messengership and at that time, in these dates in Ramadhan, the lunar and solar eclipses occurred.”


Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, p. 332-334

2 years after the eclipses. MGA claims that the Pioneer called the eclipses a supernatural event and acknowledges that the Pioneer foretold the eclipses. MGA also argues that his enemies changed the dates from the 13th to the 14th and the 28th to the 29th. MGA quotes the Pioneer and Sole Military Gazette.

MGA knew that the eclipses would happen and still didn’t bother to use them as a sign before they happened. He just acknowledged that he knew but after the happened… over a month later on the 11th of May 1894, Padri Fateh Masih trolled MGA, saying people are going crazy in Makkah over the eclipses and advised him to go there and claim to be the Mahdi. About a week later, on May 18 1894 MGA publishes Nur al Haq volume 2 and quotes the letter of Fateh Masih. It shows how calculative he was

But he proves himself to be false because he said that if someone only uses the eclipses after they happen then he’s false… MGA had the opportunity to foretell them by using the scientific knowledge he possessed just as Abdul Ghafar Janba did for the 2003 eclipses. But instead, he waited until someone made a big deal (Padri Fateh Masih) and then he later lied saying that he foretold them in Baraheen e Ahmadiyya 12 years prior to them taking place.

“The meaning of prophecy is that this sign has not been to any other claimant, whether true or false. Only given to the Promised Mahdi. If these tyrant molvis (Muslim scholars) can present a similar occurrence of lunar and solar eclipse in the time of some other claimant then please do it; then I will no doubt become a liar.”

Transliteration of page 333

Chunache March 1894 Pioneer aur Sole Military Gazette ne iqrar kiya hai ke yeh khusoof o kusoof jo 6 April 1894 ko ho ga yeh eik aisa ajeeb hai ke pehle is se is shakal aur soorat par kabhi nahi hua.

Dekho Kufaar gawahi dete hain ke yeh khusoof o kusoof khariq e aadat hai aur molvi aitraz kar rahe hain!!!


[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, p. 337, footnote].  (Essence of Islam, online english edition, Vol. 5).

“”””The Holy Prophetsa has already foretold, which means that the Promised Messiah will take a wife and have children. Obviously marriage and children have not been mentioned incidentally, because everyone normally gets married and has children, and there is nothing remarkable about it. Marriage here means an extraordinary marriage which would serve as a sign, and the children are the special children regarding whom I have already made a prophecy. In other words, the Holy Prophetsa has answered these dark-hearted deniers and has told them that these prophecies will surely be fulfilled.””””

(See wiki Qern), Anjam-e-Athim, Appendix, p.338

“”””Remember that the second part of this prophecy (about Muhammadi Begum‘s husband) is not fulfilled then I will stand as the worst of the worst. O stupid people, it is not the fabrication of man, not the business of an evil forger. Surely know that this is the true promise of God – the same God whose words cannot be circumvented – the same Lord of Glory whose intent no one can stop. You have lost the knowledge of His ways and methods, and that is why you faced this tribulation. In Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya 17 years ago, there was an indication of this prophecy and it is the revelation on page 496 of the book: ‘O Adam abide you and your spouse in the garden; O Maryam abide you and yourspouse in the garden; O Ahmad abide you and your spouse in the garden.’ The word spouse is mentioned three times and I was named in three ways: the first name was Adam when Allah the Exalted gave me a spiritual form with His own hand, and the first wife was mentioned at that time. Then he named me Maryam at the time of the second wife as I was given blessed children at the time who resembled the Messiah and, also, I had to face many tribulations at the time just as Mary was put into trial with the bad assumptions of the Jews at the time of the birth of Eesa(as). And now the third wife is awaited and the word ‘Ahmad’ has been associated with it and this word is an indication that there will be praise and adulation in this time. This is a hidden prediction whose secret God has opened upon me now. Thus this mention of ‘spouse’ with three different names points to this prophecy.”””
(Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani khaza’in Volume 11 pp. 50-51 (roughly page 338-339 of RK-11) of the Appendix)(Via “By God” by Bashir uddin Alladin, online english edition, 2016).  

“””For a God fearing person, it was enough to note that God did not destroy me like one who forges a lie, but instead showered such blessings on my outer and inner self and on my body and soul that are beyond my ability to count.. I was young when I claimed to be the recipient of God’s revelation but now I have become old and more than twenty years have elapsed since I first claimed; Many of my friends and dear ones who were much younger than me have passed away but He has bestowed me with a long life and has been my Provider and Helper. Are these the signs of people who attribute falsehood to God? Even after this, if the clerics consider me a liar, then there is another method of judgement, I can enter into a prayer-duel with them with all my published revelations.

In this way, I can swear by Allah and state that in reality I am privileged with communion and converse with God and in reality He has sent me at the head of the fourteenth century so that I am able to finish the fiercest revolt against Islam; and He named me Jesusas and He has appointed me to break the cross, but not with any physical effort.””””
Zamima Anjam e Atham, RK v. 12, p.337

MGA says that the prophet Muhammad SAW foretold the marriage of Isa ibn Maryam AS when he descends and this refers to MGA’s marriage with Muhammadi Begum and the promised son that will be born from the marriage.


(Rohani Khazain Anjam-e-Atham page 341).  (Via the online discussion boards at, retrieved on 6-10-19).  

“Prophecy of Slaughter of two Goats it is signal towards Ahmad beg and his son in law which was published 17 years ago in barheeen ahmadiyya”

“After this it will happen that Two TWO GOATS will be Slaughtered first goat means Ahmad beg and second goat means his son in law”
(See wiki Qern), Anjam-e-Athim, Appendix page 58, RK p.342, (See also Haqiqatul wahy, online english edition).  

I hear with sadness that this Ghaznavi group that is maligning Islam and who live in Amritsar are saying to people that: the unfortunate Muhammad Saeed of Delhi who left my following and his brother Kabeer who died in Maleer Kotla in December 1896 are the effect of the mubahilawith Abdul Haq. Now Muslims – see what Satanic fabrications this are being employed by these dark-hearted group of Ghaznavi’s followers.

(C) According to the revelation received by me after my mubahalah [with ‘Abdul-Haqq], God bestowed a son upon me by whose birth the number of my sons from my second wife became three. Not only this, but I received repeated revelations regarding the birth of a fourth son. I wish
to assure ‘Abdul-Haqq that he will not die till after he learns of the fulfilment of this revelation. Now if he has any pretentions let him pray that this prophecy might be averted.
[Appendix Anjam-e-Atham, p. 58, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, p. 342]
[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, p. 343].  (Essence of Islam, online english edition, Vol. 4). 

“”””In contrast to the impure souls who persist in calling me Kafir, there are many more who have had visions in which they beheld the Holy Prophetsa and asked him regarding me. The Holy Prophetsa told them that I am truly from God and am truthful in my claim.  We have with us the statements of many such people, which we can make available to anyone who is
eager to follow this line of investigation.””””
(Appendix Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani khaza’in, Volume 11, p. 343)(Via “By God” by Bashir uddin Alladin, online english edition, 2016).  

“””So, it is appropriate that Abdul-Haqq Ghaznavi and Abdul-Jabbar, who due to their mischief and depravity are indulging in edicts of disbelief and foul language, investigate the sayings of their late ancestor, lest it turns out that they disobey his will and are disinherited from him as well. This elderly Maulvi Abdullah had sent me two letters during his lifetime and in those letters, along with the revelations of Quranic verses had given glad tidings that I would prevail over the non believers. And after his death, it was revealed to me that he bore testimony to my claim. So, I swear by Allah, Exalted be his Glory and state that he had listened to my claim and
then attested to it and had told me clearly that, ‘When I was alive, I was hopeful that Allah would send this type of a person.’ These are his words ولعنۃ اللہ علی الکاذبین , i.e. The curse of Allah be on the liars.”””

(See wiki Qern), Anjam-e-Athim, Appendix, p. 344:

“””Now Abdul Haq Ghaznavi should eat something and kill himself that God is showing my respect to hundreds of thousands of people, and which is humiliation for him. The filthy person should think whether this is the effect of the mubahila? or that his (AHG) brother should die and he should take over control of his old wife as the sign of success in the mubahila.””””

[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, pp. 345-347].  (Essence of Islam, online english edition, Vol. 3). 

“”””Holy Qur’an — A Sign of the Living God

I once again remind every seeker after truth that I have been given signs and heavenly testimonies of the truth of Islam of which our blind divines are unaware. I have been sent to establish that Islam alone is the living faith. I have been bestowed such miracles as cannot be matched by the followers of other religions and by my Muslim opponents. I can demonstrate to every opponent that the Holy Qur’an, by virtue of its teachings, philosophy, deep insights and perfect composition is a far greater miracle than that of Mosesas and is hundreds of times superior to the miracles of Jesus.

I say again and again, loud and clear, that true love for the Holy Qur’an and the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him), and following them with sincerity, enables a man to perform miracles. Such a perfect man is given knowledge of the unseen and no follower of any other religion can match him in spiritual blessings. I have personal experience of these matters and I see that, except Islam, all religions, their gods, and their followers, are dead, and it is not possible to establish a living relationship with God Almighty except by accepting Islam.

O ye foolish ones! What do you gain by worshipping the dead, and what pleasure do you derive from eating carrion? Come to me and I will tell you where and with whom the Living God is. He is with Islam. In this age, Islam is the Mount Sinai of Mosesas where God speaks. The God Who used to converse with Prophets and became silent is now revealing His words upon the heart of a Muslim. Does none of you wish to test this and accept the truth if he finds it? What are you holding on to: a corpse wrapped up in a shroud? What more do you possess? A handful of dust? Can that corpse be God? Can it answer you? Come forward. Shame on you if you fail to
respond and compare this decomposed corpse with my God.

I tell you that before forty days have passed, He will put you to shame through heavenly signs. Polluted are the hearts that do not approach with true intent and yet go on denying, and unclean are the temperaments that lean towards mischief and not towards the pursuit of truth.

O clerics who oppose me! If you be in doubt, come and stay in my company for a few days. If you do not witness God’s signs, then seize me and treat me as a liar. I have furnished you with full proofs, and until you refute these proofs you have no answer. The signs of God are descending like rain. Is there no one among you who would come to me with a true heart? Not even one?

A Warner came to the world and the world did not accept him. But God will accept him and will establish his truth with powerful assaults.

Peace be on him who follows the guidance.”””””
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