I am using this entry as a place marker for all references to “Anjam-e-Athim” (1897) or “The End of Athim”.

“There is nothing more foul than a pig in the world. But the ulema who oppose me are more foul than pigs.”
(Anjam-i-Atham, P. 21)

“You have inflicted pain on me with your foulness. You are not truthful. I pray that you die in shame, you son of a harlot.”
(Anjam-i-Atham, P. 288)

–“I say again and again that quintessence of my prediction in case of the son-in-law of Ahmad Baig shall be his inevitable destiny. Wait for it. If I am a liar then this prediction will not be fulfilled and my death will come.” (Anjam-e-Atham, P. 31).

–“Who does not know that Mr. Atham published a clear statement in the Noor Afshan Paper(which was a Christian newspaper) that ‘definitely during the term of the prophecy I became scared of blood thirsty angels?’ Who does not know that there were so many signs which pointed towards Atham being scared that it is impossible to cover them up?” Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in Vol. 11, p.17.  

–“…then he understood that it was not right of him to show so much agitation due to an Islamic prophecy. It was then that the excuses of attempts to poison and three attempts to murder were made. Because of the level of fear that had been shown by Atham due to his bewilderment, it required that if they were to prove that the cause of this was not the revealed prophecy, then there should be some other reason which was so strong and powerful, that it could instil the fear of death in one’s heart. Therefore, with the support of lies they forged these causes of fear…”

“Who finds it difficult to understand that he faced abasement due to his false and baseless allegations? And there was no way to rid himself of this disgrace other than to have proven the false claims in court or to have brought forward some witnesses or to have sworn to the truth of the claims in a public gathering. However, Mr. Atham did not adopt any of these means”. Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in Vol. 11, pp. 17-19.

—-Anjam i Athim (1897) Appendix page 14
“…then there is another ilham which was proclaimed on 20th February, 1886, and that was that God will increase 3 into 4. At that time there was no sign of my 3 sons (Mahmud, Bashir and Sharif) who are present now ; so it seemed that the ilham meant that first of all 3 sons will be given and then another one will be added who will make the number 4. So a greater part of this ilham is fulfilled as Godhas given me 3 sons from this marriage (the second wife) who are here; and the next one is awaited who will increase the number into 4”