MGA did not have a face to face verbal debate with Abdullah Athim and his Church Missionary Society, he couldn’t, he stuttered and never held a debate with anyone. It was a written debate, they exchanged papers for 15 days and Noorudin and the rest of MGA’s team were on stand-by. MGA did finally speak, on the last day of the debate, he blurted out that Athim would die in 15 months (see Dard, Life of Ahmad, pages 390-420).

The Punjab Mission News reports as follows:
Taken from the Church Missionary Society booklets here:

See page 169

The quote
“Great excitement prevailed, and many telegrams flew hither and thither over the Punjab on the night of September 5th, (1894) when the Mirza of Qadian’s prophecy against Mr. Abdullah Athim expired…..seeing that Mr. Athim is an old man, and was at the time in extremely feeble health, this was, to say the least, a very shrewd forecast, with two hot weathers carefully brought into the reckoning.  However, we are thankful to say that Mr. Athim is now in better health than he has been for a long time, despite the excitement of the past few months, and the very decided efforts which appear to have been made in certain quarters to aid the prophecy to its fulfilment by measures which savour strongly of the Criminal Courts.  

The Nur Afshan states that 3 attempts were made on Mr. Athim’s life during the spring at Amritsar, one at Ludhiana, and 4 at Ferozepore, where he spent the last couple months of the allotted period at his daughter’s house. Great rejoicings therefore took place at the safe completion of the 15 months, and Mr. Athim’s return to Amritsar on 9–6-1895 was quite a regal progress.  There are a large number of Christians had gathered to welcome him, and to thank God for the non-fulfilment of the prophecy on the very spot in Dr. H.M. Clark’s verandah where it was made last year.  A touching speech was made on this occasion by Mr. Athim himself.  He quoted Moses’ warning in Duet. xiii. 1–3, against believing false prophets even though their sings come to pass, and then went on to say how, during these months of danger and suspense, two things had given him calm and comfort–the Holy Spirit’s support, and the Blood of Christ.  

The joyous throng of Christians then passed through the main bazaars of Amritsar to show their hero alive in person, though even so, some sceptics declared that this was not the deputy sahib Abdullah Athim, but his deputy in the shape of a rubber doll, which bowed by the pressure of Dr. Clark’s foot!  The main feeling, however, among the crowds seems to have been one of rejoicing with the Christians.”


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