When MGA failed in his death prophecy vs. Athim, 3 of his followers left Ahmadiyya. The list and reference is posted. This is also confirmed in Kitab ul Barriya (1897). This is also archived in Majmua Ishtiharat,In Kitab ul Barriya, admits that 2 of his followers became Christian after the debate with Athim. MGA says that they weren’t good Ahmadi’s anyways. They had weak faith. It is also in Anwar ul Islam (RK-13).
The list:

1. Munshi Muhammad Ismail (convener of the debate)

2. Mirza Muhammad Yusuf Khan, Secretary of the Debate.

3. Mir Muhammad Saeed, brother-in-law (cousin of MGA’s wife, son of Khala of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. (Mirza’s wife’s, aunties brother, which is a lie and a correction in 1984 via Ruhani Khuzain).

(Reference Jang-e-Muqaddas p.211 and “Saboot Hazir Hain” by Muhammad Mateen Khalid p.495)
Scan from Kitab ul Barriya, found by @zafarim786


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