Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was like the common sexually motivated villager. In this specific case, one of MGA’s top companions and ghost writer, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq reports that MGA would sometime equate mangos, which in Urdu is the word “Aam” with the word “umm” which is the root of the word “ummeee” which means mother in Urdu. This book was written by Mufti Muhammad Sadiq after MGA died and has lots of controversial material in it. Mufti Muhammad Sadiq was an insider, and lived with MGA in his house, hence, he knew many inside stories and etc. This is just another example of the sickness in MGA’s brain and his obsession with relating everything in this world to sex.


The quote
(reference and scan page 163 – zikray habib – hazrat mufti muhammad sadiq)

“””stated that mirza qadyani use to say some times that “amm ( mango ) came from word umm (mother ) just like a kid sucks the breast of his mothers That is why it was named as amm“”””

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