Mufti Muhammad Sadiq was one of the main ghost writers for MGA. He served MGA and Noorudin like a slave. He wrote his biography on MGA in the early 1920’s, its “Zikr-e-Habib”, there are so many controversial stories therein. In this specific story, it is reported that on a trip to Amritsar, which seems to be most likely in late 1891, Munshi Zafar Ahmad reports that Mufti Muhammad Sadiq was leave at night and go and attend the local opera-house and thus enjoy this aspect of western culture. Further, Munshi Zafar Ahmad seems to have went and told on Mufti Muhammad Sadiq to MGA. MGA replied that it wasnt a big deal that Mufti Muhammad Sadiq frequented these places, since MGA himself also frequented them in his past life, or when he was also the same age as Mufti Muhammad Sadiq (Sadiq was roughly 19 years old).  This is a summary of what I understood from this report. Further, MGA lived a life of open pleasure, at his brothers wedding in roughly 1850, MGA’s father hired 22 dancing girls. MGA was allowed to be alone with men and women and normally they gave him many favors, like massages and other touching. Mahmud Ahmad quickly picked up on all of these behaviors and thus ran around Qadian with reckless abandonment.

The quote
Reference: page 18 – zikry habib written by mufti Muhammad Sadiq

“””Once Munshi Zafar complained about mufti Muhammad sadiq (who use to sleep on same bed due to small size of munshi Zafar) to mirza ghulam ahamd qadyani, in absence of Muhammad Sadiq that he has gone to theatre. Mirza qadyani replied that “I have also gone once It is to see what happens there. And he said nothing more”””
Mahmud Ahmad and Zafrullah Khan also visited an opera house in 1924
Khutba Eid ul Azha 17 Jan 1934 qadian
A19340128 _ Khalifa Zani visit Opera House

An interesting story, while visiting the British govt., just before the Brits broke the final Islamic govt. in the world, Mahmud Ahmad seems to have visited and enjoyed an opera wherein women were scantily clad and frolicking about (listen to the explanation by Abdul Rahman Bawa sahib). In October 1924, on his way back to India, he stayed at Grand Hotel, Paris along with Sir Zafarullah Khan. On 27thOctober, he went to a Cabaret called the Cabaret Duneont to see a show of ‘life and death’. He also desired to see the sexual behaviour and aspects of nudity of the European Society. He took Zafarullah to an opera house and saw obscene scenes and performance of French gay girls. This is his own confession.1 He left the house only after the end of the show.2


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AlFazl Qadian, 28 January, 1934


In 1948, as Rabwah was being planned and built, the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad refused to allow any cinema’s or any modern entertainment centers.

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