Ahmadiyya is a dirty game.  Most Ahmadis are stuck as Ahmadis, they have no where else to go, or they forced to believe that they have no where else to go.  In America, most American-born Ahmadis are Atheist, however, they cling to Ahmadiyya simply to please their parents, nothing else.  Further, Ahmadiyya leadership relies on the Pakistani-immigrants for chanda as well as free labor.  |

My cousin
I wont give his name.  However, he is using a fake profile on Facebook under the alias of Hadi Gujjar.  This is obviously a fake profile.  My cousin has a sad story.  He failed highschool at 16 and dropped out.  He then worked at Wendy’s as a fries-technician and then failed at that.  As he turned 18, his father took him to Jalsa in Qadian and got him hooked on Ahmadiyya.  Further, his father promised to get him married and support him for as long as he lived. Just as long as he married an Ahmadi girl and listened to everything his father asked him to do, i.e. to support Ahmadiyya with your life.

I avoided him from 99–2014
This cousin of mines is a real idiot, in fact, Ahmadis don’t even like him.  He has never held any office position with his local jamaat, he can’t run and he is overweight.  However, he is a hard-core ahmadis and wished to die as such, simply because they have given him a free ride in life. In fact, in 2017, he is unemployed with 5 kids and lived with his parents, and they pay all of his bills.

He is trolling me on FB, whilst making fake profiles
We had some heated discussions during 2016 and the early part of 2017.  Obviously, he hasn’t graduated from highschool, nor has he gotten his GED, yet, he spent a crazy amount of time on the internet trying to talk to me about Ahmadiyya.

He screenshotted and creeped on my old Instagram page and shared some photos of me
The hate in his heart for me runs deep.  He is now working overtime and colluding with other Ahmadis in an attempt to defame me.  Since they know that my research work is groundbreaking and new.  This is that hold Ahmadiyya-character-assassination playbook.  In fact, Naveed is working with him as well our resident fake-Imam, Ibrahim Noonan.

Why is he doing this?
He hates me with a passion and has a terrible habit of lying.  I approached his father (my uncle) a few months ago and said salaam and tried to shake his hand, however, he refused.  I should have cussed him out, however, I didnt.  My father hates me with a similar passion, in fact, this is the proof of how bad Ahmadiyya is.  Ahmadiyya teaches these people to hate all of their critics. For example, if an Ahmadi sniffs cocaine, cheats on his wife, is unemployed and even sells drugs, Ahmadis will still take care of him and accept him.  However, if you quit ahmadiyya, and then become an open critic, they will hate you with a passion.