Ahmadiyya has a specific marketing strategy for every country that it has opened up shop, just like Pepsi and other global corporations, and non-profit corporations like the Jehova Witnesses, Mormons, Scientology and etc etc. Today, I present the world with an article from an American newspaper. In this article, Mirza Nasir Ahmad gives out his strategy, that is to win the hearts of men through volunteer work and etc. Mirza Nasir Ahmad knew that the ahmadiyya belief system is ridiculous, and people will never join simply based on theology, people need incentives to join, like free services or if Ahmadis presented themselves as nice and law-abiding citizens, then maybe people will join. This is why Ahmadis lie about peaceful, this is why Ahmadis do volunteer work, this is why Ahmadis are nice to politicians and work 24/7 everyday in terms of marketing and strategy.

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