Ahmadiyya is a dirty game of cat and mouse.  You will see a few Ahmadi-Mullahs on the internet running around and trying to cause confusion.  The one that I would like to highlight today is Ansar Raza.  Who seems to be the Ahmadi-Mullah who was formerly a Sunni and converted to Ahmadiyya under mysterious conditions, similar to Ibrahim Noonan.  Moreover, as we all know, most people convert to Ahmadiyya for jobs and other economic advantages.

Ansar Raza is not a “trained-up-Mullah”
Mirza Tahir Ahmad exempted many Ahmadi-mullahs from passing their own Mullah training academy, Ansar Raza is exactly that, a specially hired Mullah who sole purpose is to bother Muslims in Canada or wherever he may be.

Some scans

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Ansar Raza was destroyed by Anwar Sadat

Ansar Raza was scared to debate Imam Shehryar Shaikh