Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was soooo extreme in his love for Muhammad (saw) that he would smack his own kids if they ever said anything that even seemed to be disrespectful to Muhammad (Saw).  In this specific entry, Mirza Masroor Ahmad relates an old story of how crazy MGA was in this regard.

Mirza Mubarak Ahmad was highly loved and adored 
He ended up dying tragically, most likely the result of MGA”s death threats to society at large falling back on him, or something like that.  However, MGA didn’t care how beloved this child was…he was still willing to hurt him for this type of error.  It’s not even clear as to what the kid said.  MGA didnt care…it was close enough.

Muslim’s should never hit kids
The general message of the Quran is to be nice to children, however, in context of 7th century Arabia.  This general message is allowed to evolve over time.  As research shows, if we are kind towards children, they learn easier and better.  It was MGA’s job to figure this out and spread this idea…however, he didn’t, he proved himself to be just as backwards as the average Punjabi man.  MGA claimed to be a reformer, however, he didn’t reform a basic tent of love for children, and this desperately needed reform.

The quote
“Once young Mubarak Ahmad, who everyone thought was the most adored child, uttered something which was contrary to the dignity of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) and the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) gave him a sharp smack for it.”

Friday Sermon, Jan–23rd, 2015

at about 8:25 in..for the video