Sir Zafarullah Khan went to attend Jinnah`s funeral . In his own words :

“So! My intention in being there was to offer the congregational prayers along with everyone else—- if I had not intended and fervently desired to pray for my leader, would it not have been more logical and make sense for me have stayed home— and not having come to the funeral?

He did not attend the funeral , not because he wanted some Ahmedi to lead it (which was very unlikely anyways) , but because it was being led by a person who considered ahmedis to be kafir , In words of Zafarullah Khan :

“I was told that the cleric (mullah) who was to lead the prayer was none other than a person named Shabir Usmani who had used vile and abusive language against the founder of the Ahmadiyya movement.”

Now tell me that will any one offer prayers behind a person who abuses his prophet / Messiah ??

This man (Shabbir Usmani) had declared that Shia were Kafir too , ironically he led the public funeral prayers of Jinnah ; A Shia whose coffin was transported from the Governor’s House to the burial location constantly accompanied by a black Alam (flag) on which was inscribed “Ya Hazrat-e-Abbas” !!!

“The [Sindh High] court pro-ceedings bear evidence of the last rites observed by Miss Jinnah immediately after her brother’s death. Witness Syed Anisul Hasnain, a Shia scholar, deposed that he had arranged the ghusl (last bath) of Jinnah on the instructions of Miss Jin-nah. He led his namaz-e janaza (funeral prayer) in a room of the Governor General’s House at which such Shia luminaries as Yusuf Haroon, Hashim Raza and Aftab Hatim Alavi were present,while Liaquat Ali Khan, a Sunni, waited outside the room. !! 

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