1974 NA Proceedings page 1267 (pdf file page 658):
Pakistan Times. June 24, 1964
“Days I remember” by Justice Muhammad Munir

“In connection with this part of the case, I cannot reframe from mentioning an extremely unfortunate circumstance. I have never under stood why the Ahmadis [i.e. Qadianis—followers of QK2] submitted a separate representation. The need for such representation could arise only if the Ahmadis [Qadianis] did not agree with the Muslim League’s case-it self a regrettable possibility. Perhaps, they intended to reinforce the Muslim League’s case; but in doing so, the game the facts and figures for different parts of Gash Shankar, thus giving prominence to the fact that, in the areas between the river Bein and the river Basantar, the non-Muslims Constituted a majority and providing argument for the Contention that if the area between the rivers Ujh and Bein went to India, the area between the Bein river and Basantar river would automatically go to India. As it is, this area has remained with us. But the stand taken by the Ahmadis [Qadianis] did create considerable embarrassment for us in the case of Gurdaspur.”

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