As we all know, Zafrullah Khan publicly and proudly boycotted the funeral of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. This was very disrespectful and proved that Ahmadis consider themselves as separate from the Muslims of Pakistan, Shia and Sunni. Further, Zafrullah Khan was bold and arrogant, most likely because he had enjoyed British support since the 1930’s. Nevertheless, he gave aggressive and arrogant comments in court in terms of Takfir, wherein he described Pakistan as a country of infidels and etc. Eventually, he was forced out of cabinet in 1954-55, however, the British awarded him by making him a President of the UN. The issue here is that Ahmadis have an unbreakable allegiance to the Mirza family, and thus cant be trusted in affairs of the state of Pakistan, or any country for that matter.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Why did Zaf Khan boycott the funeral?

Even though Zaf Khan gave many excuses as to why he didnt participate. The real story is that his Khalifa, Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad had prohibited Ahmadis from participating in funeral prayers and all other prayers with Sunnis/Shias and whomever.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ In this picture…

In the picture in the above:

This is an excerpt from Book Siyasi otar Charaho. (Political ups& downs) by Munir Ahmad Munir ( I have no idea about his religion) The author asks Chaudhry Zafarullah reasons of his non participation in the funeral prayers of Qaide Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. In response Zaf. Says he would have been criticised if he offers the prayer and would have been considered as Hypocrite by muslims.That muslims have issued excommunication Fatwas against us, that we have an Imam we have to obey him.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________But a Sunni was leading the funeral prayer of Jinnah who was a Sunni

It is important to note…Jinnah was a shia..and his funeral was led by a Sunni. There was no problem….the entire country participated. This was a moment of Muslim unity in Pakistan, however, the Ahmadis were ordered to not pray with Muslims. Further…the imam who led the funeral service had made harsh remarks towards Jinnah and Pakistan. Finally, when Muslims go to Hajj, they pray behind whatever Imam is present, Muslims dont discriminate. However, when Mahmud Ahmad made Hajj in 1913, before his Khilafat, he prayed “fake-salaat” when he was stuck…and then returned to his tent and did his real salaat…or so he says, see, “truth about the split” (1924).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Jinnah gave Zafrullah Khan unlimited powers just before he died in Sep of 1948

Jinnah’s last official act as Governor General before dying was giving plenipotentiary powers to Sir Zafrullah Khan. This according to F. Amin his secretary who wrote this essay in Jinnah’s remembrance.

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A pic of Muhammad Zafrullah Khan boycotting the funeral of Jinnah

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