This is an interesting book by MGA and company. MGA seems to have began writing this book with the help of Noorudin as early as 1884. See, Page 134, Also see page 158 and 159, FOOTNOTE, Also see page 532, Also see the index page 863 for further reference to Siraaj Munir. MGA also asserted that most of the book had already been written. Enjoy the summary in the below, which was written by a colleague of mine.

According to Mirza Qadiyani ‘s book Tabligh e Risalat page 55 Mirza Qadiyani published “ISHTIHAR” ON 20th Feb, 1886, that he is going to publish a book titled as “SIRAJ E MUNIR so that a shinning Lamp could be placed before the eyes of deniers of Islam, lights will be emitting from all sides of this lamp. The book will contain great prophesies. Most of the parts of this book are ready and few are on finishing stage and shall be ready for printing in few weeks.

After this Mirza published his Risala “Shahna Haq” containing “ISHTIHAR” on page Alif saying that “since the book Siraj e Munir would cost about Rs 1400/- hence, to avoid inconvenience, the buyers should send applications to subscribe the book and the price of book would be Re 1/- excluding postal charges. The book will start publishing once sufficient number of applications are received. THEREAFTER Hundreds of Applications with advance PRICE start pouring in.

Mirza Qadiyani had, once, taken a loan of Rs 500/- from his sincere and rich disciple Munshi Abdul Haq. Finding this a good opportunity, he wrote to him that he is now ready to pay back this loan. Knowing that Mirza was under criticism for not publishing SIRAJ E MUNIR, Munshi wrote to him that the money Rs 500/- may be accepted as donation for Siraj e Minir. In this way Mirza got his loan settled without payment yet the book could not appear.

When the book could not come to market, Peoples all around the country start saying that like Baraheen Ahmadiyya, Mirza has eaten up the money received from hundreds of buyers in advance. Influenced by the circumstances, one of his disciples Munshi Rustam Ali Court Inspector, Jallandhar, on 11 March 1887, asked Mirza as to when will the book be published. Mirza replied that the book would cost Rs 2000/- and its publishing will start once 2000 applications are received. Contrary to this Mirza has ,earlier written to Hakim Nooruddin that everything with regard to publishing of Siraj e Munir was ready .(MAKTOOBAT E AHMADIYA VOL-5 No 3 PAGE 32)

Munshi Ilahi Bakhsh Accountant says when Mirza announced his book siraj e munir,he received hundreds of Rupees in advance but he did not publish the book for many years. Munshi sb says he had sent him a complaint at end of year 1886. At that time Mirza was staying with his father in law at Ambala. The complaint infuriated Mirza sb, still he did not publish the book. Although he promised on title page of book Surma Chashm e Ariya, he did not publish Siraj e Munir. (ASAI MOOSA BY MUNSHI ILAHI BAKHSH PAGE 428)

Molana Muhammad Hussain Batalvi after long period of 10 years, in 1897 in his magazine IShaatussunnah brought mirza under criticism for not publishing Siraj e Munir. Feeling some shame, Mirza published a 72 pages booklet titled as Siraj e Munir in the year 1898. According to Molana, the book if published in 1000 numbers, would have costed Rs 52 only ie less than one anna each. Whereas Mirza announced the cost Rs 1400/- and revised cost Rs 2000/-

Most amazing thing was that despite having received donations of hundred of rupees, the book was sold to general public for cash, because those who donated Rupee 1/- 11 years ago,for a noble cause felt ashamed to ask for this money. Needless to say that many of those donors died during this long period of 11 years. Contrary to what was promised, the book did not contain concrete material to prove the truth of Islam, rather it contained only a propaganda of fake Messiah ship of Mirza and his tall claims.
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Siraj e Munir (The Shining Lamp)(1897) quotations and background info


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Siraj e Munir (The Shining Lamp)(1897) quotations and background info


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