In 1955 (April to Aug-1955), the Ahmadiyya Khalifa toured Europe extensively, albeit with a piece of metal in his neck. This is the speech given on July 28th, 1955, on the day of Eid. This happened at the Al-Fazl mosque in London, only 500 people showed up, men, women and children.

There is something fishy about this Eid sermon, the 2nd Khalifa seems to have said many things that are contrary to the Islamic teachings on Ishmeal (as) and Isaac (as).

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It was Eid ul Azha , day on which these speeches were given by qadyani khalifa .

(Speeches 31-july -1955 ( By Qadyani khalifa ) printed in Alfazal 31 August 1955 )

1- Qadyani khalifa says that The sacrifice of Hazrat ismail e.s was not in actual sense but in metaphorical sense . I.e to leave him in place without water and with out fertilization where he can teach religion and call people to prayer . (ist page attached )

2- Qadyani Khalifa also says that sacrifice of hazrat ismail e.s is absurd and useless act. (ist page last line-attached )

3- Qadyani khalifa says thats why even according to Quran , hazrat Ismail was stopped to being slaughtered (sacrificed) .

4- Qadyani khalifa says that the real meaning of dream was to leave hazrat ismail e.s in jungle and …….thus that sacrifice was not horrible (terror) sacrifice but it was meaningful sacrifice so we have gathered here to remember that event …..and to think that event mentioned in bible has any relevance with event mentioned in Quran and what could be the benefit of running a knife on the neck of ismail e.s .and that was the reason of ismail e.s became teacher of spreading the tohheed (one God).

The speeches
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