Siraaj Muneer is an interesting book(see page 185-190).  MGA seems to have began writing in this book in 1888 and didn’t finish it until 1897 (see page 5).  However, that seems to be lie. MGA and his team must have wrote many things about Lekh Ram in that original book and then edited the contents after Lekh Ram was murdered.  This book also contains MGA’s correspondance with Khawaja Ghulam Farid of Bahawalpur, this correspondence took place in 1888, however, Ahmadis lie and make it look its from 1897.  However, this correspondence took place before MGA made any of his crazy claims and is thus justified.  Even Batalvi spoke well of MGA pre-1891, but then MGA lost it and claimed to be the Messiah.

—-Below is the image of the first few lines of page 25 in Siraj Munir from RK, v. 12. The beginning of first line refers to a newspaper whose date is given as 10th March 1897. Therefore this page was written after that date.

Siraj Munir, p. 25—-


—-“What is the entitlement of the corpse-eating Liar that Heaven should show a sign for him and the earth should exhibit paranormal spectacles?” (Roohani Khazain vol.12 p. 3)

—–“Lekhram’s age is at present at the most 30 years and he is a young man of robust built in good health. And this humble self is little more than 50 years old and weak and permanently sick and is afflicted with different kind of illnesses. Despite that, it will be evident in this contest which thing is from human being and which is from God.” (Siraj-e-Muneer, Roohani Khazain vol. 12 p. 17)


—–“Today which is 12 April 1893/14 Ramadhan 1310 AH, in the morning while dozing off I saw that I am sitting in a big house and some friends are also present with me, presently a robust horrible looking man as if blood is dripping from his face came and stood in front of me. I looked up and realized that he is a new kind of creature as if not a human being but from among the angels of punishment and his terror was felt in the hearts. And while I was watching he asked me that where is Lekhram, and took the name of another person that where is he. Then I understood that this person is appointed to punish Lekhram and that other person, but I can’t remember who that other person is, yes this I definitely remember that that other person was among those regarding whom I had already advertised. And this was on Monday at 4 am in the morning.” (Siraj-e-Muneer, Roohani Khazain vol. 12 p. 19)

—-“Prophecy of a false prophet (imposter) is never fulfilled. God stands up against him so that humanity is not destroyed, just as Lekhram also with worldly cunningness gave an advertisement regarding me that I will die within three years. Hence why couldn’t he conspired with a killer so that his forecast was fulfilled?” (Roohani Khazain vol. 12 p. 25)

—-“We consider such a Spiritual Guide and also such Disciples, worse that dogs and of extremely immoral lifestyle who concoct prophecies at home, and then with their own hands, with their own cunningness and their own deception they try to fulfil themselves and make others fulfil them.” (Roohani Khazain vol. 12 p. 27)

—“On 8 April 1897 through District Superintendent Police house was searched.” (Roohani Khazain vol. 12 p. 54)

—“On 8 April 1897 my house was searched.” (Roohani Khazain vol. 12 p. 55)

—-“wa basharnee rabbi mubasherun sa t’arefo yaum al-eid wa aleid aqrab….. translation …. and giving me the gladtiding of a sign God said that you will soon recognize the day of Eid … and God promised me and answered my prayer regarding one mischief maker enemy of God and Rasool, who is Lekhram Peshawari and informed me that he will die.” (Siraj-e-Muneer, Roohani Khazain vol. 12 p. 119)

—-“These people knew well in their hearts that this was God’s work and not the plot of the person who had made the prophecy, yet by repeated requests made the Government to search my house and by creating a lot of fuss fulfilled their resemblances with the cow-worshippers.” (Roohani Khazain vol. 12 p. 121)