Siraaj Muneer is an interesting book(see page 185-190), it was named after a the exact same phrase in the Quran (see 33:46). MGA seems to have began writing in this book in 1888 and didn’t finish it until 1897 (see page 5). Dard tells us that MGA began writing this book as early as 1884. However, that seems to be lie. MGA and his team must have wrote many things about Lekh Ram in that original book and then edited the contents after Lekh Ram was murdered. The portions of this book that talk about the plague were written in 1897. This book also contains MGA’s correspondance with Khawaja Ghulam Farid of Bahawalpur, this correspondence took place in 1888, however, Ahmadis lie and make it look its from 1897. However, this correspondence took place before MGA made any of his crazy claims and is thus justified. Even Batalvi spoke well of MGA pre-1889, but then MGA lost it and claimed to be the Messiah. Siraj Munir covers Ruhani Khuzain vol. 12, page 1–. MGA also mentioned the superintendent who came to his house and searched it, however, he didn’t mention how this person was an Ahmadi.

This book is mentioned in the ROR of Nov-Dec-1918, as Ahmadi authors argue that MGA predicted the Spanish Flu.


Siraj-e-Munir, p. 3, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 12, p. 5, See the 2009 online english edition of Tadhkirah

“””It has been made clear to me that the doors of independent prophethood are totally closed after the Seal of the Prophets, on whom be the peace and blessings of Allah. Now no independent prophet, whether old or new, can appear.””””
Siraj e Munir, p.4:

“It is even conceded by you that an ordinary martyr may have partial [juz’i] superiority over a great prophet. Verily, I do not see myself less favoured with divine grace than the Messiah” 


Siraj-e-Munir, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 12, pp. 5-6, See Essence of Islam, vol. 3

“””It has been revealed to me that the door of independent Prophethood is firmly closed after the Seal of the Prophets (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.) Now there can arise no independent Prophet, neither old nor new. Our misguided opponents do not consider this door
completely closed. According to them there is a window open for the return of the Israelite Prophet, the Messiah.””
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Roohani Khazain vol.12 p. 3

“What is the entitlement of the corpse-eating Liar that Heaven should show a sign for him and the earth should exhibit paranormal spectacles?” 
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Siraj-e-Munir, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 12, pp. 6-7, See Essence of Islam, vol. 4

“””Repent and fear God and do not transgress. If the hearts have not hardened, then why is there such daring to declare a person to be an infidel while he believes that the Holy Prophetsa is Khatam-ul-Ańbiya’ in the true sense of the words, accepts the Qur’an as the Khatam-ul-Kutub, believes in all the Prophetsas, adheres to the Qiblah, and accepts as lawful or unlawful whatever is so declared by the Islamic Shariah? O ye liars! I have not insulted any Prophet, nor have I contradicted any true doctrine. But what can I do if you refuse to take heed. You yourselves confess that an average martyr can be bestowed partial exaltation over a great Prophet. It is true that I enjoy the grace of God no less than the Messiah did, but this cannot be called infidelity, rather it is as gratitude for Divine favour. You consider this an infidelity because you do not comprehend Divine mysteries. What will you say concerning him who said:

He will be exalted over some of the Prophetsas. [Publisher]

If, in your estimation, I am a kafir, then I am a kafir as was the Son of Maryas in the estimation of the Jewish Pharisees. I enjoy God’s grace more than he did, but you cannot bear its disclosure. It is not easy to call me a kafir; in doing so, you take upon yourselves a heavy burden and will be called to account for it.

O ye unfortunate people, where have you fallen? Which of your hidden misconduct has overtaken you? If you had the least good in you, God would not destroy you. You have missed a great opportunity of acquiring plentiful merit, but there is yet some time, so desist. Will you fight God like a foolish one who does not retire in front of a powerful opponent until he is beaten and trampled upon and finally falls down half dead with broken bones? What did the Jews gain by fighting that you will?

This is for the world, and we shall contend after death. [Publisher]

The Sufis have said a lot about the possibility of a human being attaining high excellences, but today they are asleep. O you who are wise, recognize me through my works! If I do not do the works and do not show the signs which ought to proceed from one who enjoys Divine support, then do not accept me, but if such works and such signs proceed from me, then do not deliberately jump into the pit of ruin. Give up all mistrust and desist from evil conjectures inas-much as the sky is turning red on account of your defaming a holy one, but you perceive not, and the eyes of angels are shedding blood and you see not. God is exhibiting His glory and the doors and walls are shaking. Where is the intellect that understands and where are the eyes that recognize the time? A command has been promulgated in heaven; are you upset by it? Will
you inquire from the Lord of Honour: Why did You do this? Desist, O foolish one, for it is not good for you to stand in the way of the lightening.””””
Siraj-e-Munir, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 12, page 7

MGA discusses his written debate with Athim.


Siraj-e-Munir, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 12, pp. 11-29, See Essence of Islam, vol. 5

“””Now, I proceed to set out in detail the prophecy concerning Lekh Ram, along with the original text from the books that contain this prophecy. I call upon my readers to fear God and read these lines carefully, and then ponder as to whether it is the work of man or of God, Who is the Lord of heaven and earth, and is All-Powerful…

A very important thing worth remembering here, which is also the object of this book, is that this
prophecy was meant for a great purpose. It was meant to prove that the Arya religion is totally false, that the Vedas are not from God, that our lord and master Muhammadsa is His Holy Messenger and His Chosen Prophet, and that Islam is His true religion. This is what I had written again and again, and it was with this object in mind that I had prayed. Thus this prophecy
must not be taken only as a prophecy. Rather, it constitutes a Heavenly Decree from God Almighty to decide between Hindus and Muslims. For some time past, the Hindus had become more and more aggressive. And Lekh Ram did not even seem to believe in God. Hence, God showed a dazzling sign to these people. Everyone had better learn a lesson from it. The end of such a person can never be good who lets his tongue loose against the holy Prophets of God.

Lekh Ram, with his death, has furnished an abiding warning to the Aryas. They ought to dissociate themselves from the mischief that Dayanand has spread in the country, and should treat Islam with courtesy, warmth and respect. It is now up to them. It is also time for foolish and nominal Muslims, who had inclined towards the Aryas, to repent. They must realize the power of the God of Islam. At the time of this prophecy, the Aryas were informed through published
announcements that if your religion is true, and Islam is false, then the only option you have is to save Lekh Ram, your advocate, from the consequences of this prophecy, and to pray for him as much as you can. Enough respite was given for prayers, but they could not change the wrathful will of God. For a certainty the dagger that killed Lekh Ram was the same which he himself had so disrespectfully, and for so many years, employed against our lord and master the Holy Prophetsa. The very sharpness of his tongue took the shape of a knife and penetrated his belly. For, until the knife moves in heaven it can never move on earth. People would think that Lekh Ram has only now been murdered, but I considered him a murdered man ever since an angel with a blood-thirsty visage had visited me and asked, ‘Where is Lekh Ram?’ You will read all about this in the prophecies that follow.

First (On page 4 of the announcement published on 20th February, 1886, only the following reference is to be found regarding Lekh Ram):

In the coming book, I shall write something about the
fate of Lekh Ram and specify the time and date. If such a prophecy happens to hurt someone, he is free to inform me in writing, with his signature, before 1st March, 1886, or within precisely two weeks of the first publication of this article in any newspaper, so that the prophecy whose fulfilment they fear may be excluded from this book and no one may be told about it, lest it should hurt people’s feelings.

Thereupon, I received a postcard from Pundit Lekh Ram which stated: ‘I grant permission that the prophecy concerning my death be publicized, but a time limit must be fixed…’

Second: The following Revelation, recorded in Karamat-us-Sadiqin, published in Safar, 1311 AH:
i.e., God Almighty gave me a promise and heard my prayer concerning Lekh Ram, who is an enemy of Allah and His Messengersa and utters profanities against the Holy Prophetsa. When I prayed against him, God gave me the tidings that Lekh Ram would perish within six years. This is a sign for those who are in search of the true faith.

Third: The following Revelation recorded in the Announcement of 20th February, 1893, which is also included in A’ina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam…

A Prophecy regarding Lekh Ram of Peshawar On 20th February, 1886, I published an announcement wherein I proposed to Indarman and to Lekh Ram of Peshawar that, if they so wished, I could publish some prophecy regarding their future destiny. Inderman avoided my proposal and died soon afterwards. Lekh Ram, on the other hand, accepted the proposal with
great audacity and wrote to me a letter stating that I could go ahead and publish any prophecy regarding him. Thus, in answer to my supplications, I received the following Revelation from God Almighty:

i.e., This is just a lifeless calf, from which a mournful bleating emanates. For him, on account of his blasphemy and foul language, grief and severe chastisement has been ordained.

Today, Monday 20th February, 1893, when I prayed to be informed about the time of this impending punishment, it was revealed to me that within six years from today—20th February, 1893—this person would suffer dreadful chastisement on account of the foul and abusive language he has used against the Holy Prophetsa. Therefore, I now publish this prophecy for the knowledge of Muslims, Christians, Aryas, and people of other faiths. If this person is not visited by some Divine punishment—which is miraculous in nature, and is distinct from everyday afflictions, and is far beyond ordinary suffering, and is accompanied by Divine awe—within these six years, then let it be known that I have not been commissioned by God, and these words are not from Him. And if I prove to be false in my prophecy I shall be ready to face any punishment, and shall be quite willing to be hanged. Notwithstanding this willingness on my part, a man
can’t face greater humiliation that to be proved false in his prophecy. What more can I say?

Be it clear that this man is guilty of showing such rank disrespect to the Holy Prophetsa that one shudders at the thought of it. His books are filled with a shocking variety of insult, sacrilege and abuse. Who among the Muslims can listen to anything from these books without feeling his heart torn to pieces? Besides being insolent and spiteful, he is grossly ignorant. He does not even have a nodding acquaintance with Arabic, nor the potential for writing refined Urdu. This prophecy is not a matter of chance. On the contrary, I prayed specifically for this purpose and received the foregoing answer. This prophecy is a sign for the Muslims as well. Only if they would realize the truth, and if only their hearts would soften! I now conclude in the name of the Glorious God in
Whose name I had begun.

All praise belongs to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger, Muhammad, the chosen one, the best of all the Messengers, and indeed the best of all creations, our master and the chief of all that is in heaven and earth. [Publisher]

The humble one,
Mirza Ghulam Ahmad
Qadian, District Gurdaspur
20th February, 1893.

Fourth: The following reply to an objection, recorded on the title page of Barakat-ud-Du‘a, along
with a prophecy given in the footnote of page 4 of the title page:

Example of an Accepted Prayer Anis-e-Hind of Meerut and an Objection to My Prophecy I have received Anis-e-Hind of 25th March, 1893, which contains some criticism of the prophecy I had
published with regard to Lekh Ram of Peshawar. I have learnt that some other newspapers have also found this word of truth disagreeable. In fact, it quite pleases me to see that this prophecy is gaining publicity and fame at the very hands of my opponents.

In response to this criticism, I consider it sufficient for the time being to say that God Almighty has done what He wished and as He wished. None of this is of my doing. As regards the objection that such a prophecy shall fulfil no purpose and some doubts will yet remain in this connection, I consider such a presumption to be premature.

I freely admit and reiterate that if, as the critics believe, this prophecy results in some ordinary fever or he [Lekh Ram] suffers a little pain or a bout of Cholera, after which he fully recovers, it will not be considered a prophecy, rather it will amount to fraud and deception, for no one is free from such illness and we all fall sick at one time or the other. In such a situation, I will still deserve the punishment that I have stated. But if this prophecy manifests itself in such a way that the signs of Divine wrath are clearly and openly witnessed, then let it be known that it is from God. The fact is that the inherent greatness and awe of a prophecy does not require that the time and day [of its fulfilment] should be fixed, and it is enough to set a time limit within which the punishment will come. When a prophecy actually reveals itself with appalling awe, it automatically draws
hearts towards itself, and all the conjecture and criticism that prematurely take root in the hearts are so vanquished that people who possess judicious and sound judgement retract their previous ideas and are ashamed of them.

Moreover I too am subject to the laws of nature. If I published this prophecy as a hoax, merely on the basis of presumptions and with some common ailments in mind, then the person who is the focus of the prophecy can likewise make a prophecy concerning me, based on similar presumptions. I am quite willing that instead of six years, which is the limit I have set for him, he may stretch it to ten years in my case. Lekh Ram at present would be no more than thirty
years old. He is a well-built young man enjoying excellent health, and I, on the other hand, am more than fifty years old, weak, chronically ill, and suffering from several ailments. Nevertheless, the contest will make amply clear as to which is the word of a mortal and which is the word of God Almighty.

The critics’ contention that this is no longer the age for such prophecies, is no more than a assertion commonly uttered by people. I, however, believe that this is the age for the acceptance of the immutable and perfect truths and verities, and there has probably never been such an age. It is true that no fraud or deceit can remain hidden in this age, but this is all the more pleasing for the righteous, because only a person who knows how to differentiate between truth and falsehood can truly appreciate the truth and embrace it with joy and eagerness. There is such
attraction in the truth that it draws people towards itself. Evidently, people of this age are accepting hundreds of new facts which their forefathers did not accept. If the people of the age are not thirsty for the truth, then what is the reason for the beginning of such a wonderful revolution? The present age is undoubtedly a friend, and not foe, of the truth. To say that this is the age of wise people, and gone is the time of the simple-minded, amounts to the condemnation
of the age…Aryas, however, are at liberty to comment on this article as they wish. I am not bothered by whatever they might say, for I know that to praise or condemn the prophecy at this stage is of no consequence. If this prophecy is from God Almighty— and I know it is from Him—then it will definitely manifest itself with awesome signs and will cause hearts to tremble. And if it is not from Him, it will result in my humiliation. If, upon the fulfilment of this prophecy, I indulge in weak and futile interpretations, I will suffer even more disgrace. The Eternal and Holy Being, Who holds all power in His Hand, never bestows honour upon a liar.

It is wrong to imagine that I have anything personal against Lekh Ram, or against anyone else for that matter. But Lekh Ram is the enemy of the truth and has insulted the Perfect and Holy onesa, who is the fountain of all truth. This is why God Almighty has desired to manifest throughout the world the dignity and honour of the one whom He loves. [Peace be on him who follows the guidance.]

Another Prophecy about Lekh Ram of Peshawar (Mentioned in the footnote to the title page of

Today, on the morning of 2nd April, 1893, which is 14th of the month of Ramadan, 1310 AH, in a state of slight drowsiness, I saw myself sitting in a large house with some friends, when a robust and frightful man, who seemed to be in a terrible rage, appeared before me. I looked up and saw that he was a man of an unfamiliar creation and disposition. He seemed not a man but one of the terrible and awe-inspiring angels, and his terror seized the hearts. As I looked at him, he asked, ‘Where is Lekh Ram?’ He also named another person and asked of his whereabouts. It was then that I realized that this man had been appointed for the chastisement of both Lekh Ram and the other person, whose name I do recollect. But I do remember that he was one of those regarding whom I have already published an announcement. This happened on Sunday at four o’clock in the morning. [Allah be praised for it]…

In sum, this prophecy refers to a terrifying incident that will take place within six years, on a day that will be next to the day of Eid—2nd Shawwal.

Now pause and ponder: Could it be the work of man that the date was foretold, and the time was foretold, and the cause of death was foretold, and it was also foretold that this incident would take place in an aweinspiring manner? All this was fully depicted in Barakat-ud-Du‘a. Can it be the work of a schemer to make a prophecy six years in advance with such explicit signs, and, what is more, the prophecy should be fulfilled? The Torah testifies that the prophecy made by a false prophet can never be fulfilled. God stands up against it lest the world is ruined. For instance, during those very days Lekh Ram had also cunningly made the following announcement with
regard to me: ‘You will die within a period of three years.’ Now, why couldn’t he conspire with an assassin to make his words come true?

And it is outright devilish to think that a disciple of mine could have murdered him. Any sensible person can see that disciples have a delicate relationship with their guide, and their faith [in him] is based on his righteousness, purity, and virtuous conduct. Those who take someone as their mentor do so because they are convinced that he is a Godly man, and that his heart is free from deceit and mischief. But if he is such a sinful and accursed person that he fabricates a false prophecy about someone’s death and, when its time is about to expire, humbly begs one of his disciples to save his face and prove his truthfulness by putting the noose around his own neck, let me ask fair-minded people if anyone would retain the relationship of discipleship with such a wicked and accursed man, having found him guilty of such misdemeanour and having listened
to his diabolic plan? Would he not consider his mentor to be an evil, accursed, depraved and sinful man? Would he not say to him, ‘O scoundrel! O corrupter of our faith! was this the reality of your prophecies? Is it your intention that while you tell the lie, the noose should tighten around someone else’s neck, so that your prophecy may be fulfilled?…

I proclaim aloud that my Jama‘at consists of upright, civilized and righteous people. Is there any impure and accursed ‘disciple’ of mine who claims that I had appointed him to murder Lekh Ram? I consider worse than a dog the mentor, and the disciple, who concocts self-made prophecies and then contrives through deception and trickery to fulfil them or to have them fulfilled…

Still if someone finds it hard to dispel his doubts and thinks that I am involved in the conspiracy of this murder, as has been propagandized by Hindu newspapers, then let me put forth the following proposal which will settle the whole matter: Such a person should swear an oath before me in the following words: ‘I know for a fact that this man is involved in the conspiracy of murder, or the murder took place at his behest. But if this is not true, then, O Omnipotent God! inflict upon me, within one year, such a terrifying punishment as involves no human agency and can be ascribed to no human design.’ Then if such a person survives for one year, despite my prayer against him, I shall be the guilty and shall merit the same punishment as a murderer. Now, if there is a stout-hearted Arya who wishes to free the entire world from doubt, let him adopt this very simple and decisive method. Perhaps our Maulavis can also benefit from this method. I have written this in all sincerity. But, remember, the person who wishes to try this method must come to Qadian in person, and I will myself bear all his travel expenses. The statements from both sides will be published. If God does not destroy him through a punishment, which contains
no traces of human intervention, I shall prove to be a liar. And let the whole world stand witness that, in such an event, I shall deserve the same punishment as a murderer.”””
Siraj-e-Muneer, Roohani Khazain vol. 12 p. 17

—–“Lekhram’s age is at present at the most 30 years and he is a young man of robust built in good health. And this humble self is little more than 50 years old and weak and permanently sick and is afflicted with different kind of illnesses. Despite that, it will be evident in this contest which thing is from human being and which is from God.”
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Siraj-e-Muneer, Roohani Khazain vol. 12 p. 19

—–“Today which is 12 April 1893/14 Ramadhan 1310 AH, in the morning while dozing off I saw that I am sitting in a big house and some friends are also present with me, presently a robust horrible looking man as if blood is dripping from his face came and stood in front of me. I looked up and realized that he is a new kind of creature as if not a human being but from among the angels of punishment and his terror was felt in the hearts. And while I was watching he asked me that where is Lekhram, and took the name of another person that where is he. Then I understood that this person is appointed to punish Lekhram and that other person, but I can’t remember who that other person is, yes this I definitely remember that that other person was among those regarding whom I had already advertised. And this was on Monday at 4 am in the morning.”
Roohani Khazain vol. 12 p. 25

—-“Prophecy of a false prophet (imposter) is never fulfilled. God stands up against him so that humanity is not destroyed, just as Lekhram also with worldly cunningness gave an advertisement regarding me that I will die within three years. Hence why couldn’t he conspired with a killer so that his forecast was fulfilled?”

—-Below is the image of the first few lines of page 25 in Siraj Munir from RK, v. 12. The beginning of first line refers to a newspaper whose date is given as 10th March 1897. Therefore this page was written after that date.

Siraj Munir, p. 25—-_______________________________________________________________________________________________
Announcement of March 15, 1897, Majmu‘ah Ishtiharat, vol. 2, p. 356, Siraj-e-Munir, p. 26 footnote, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 12, p. 31, See the 2009 online english edition of Tadhkirah

“””(B) It is possible that Muhammad Husain’s end might be in accord with the verse (I believe that there is no God but He in Whom the children of Israel believe. (surah Yunus, 10:91) [Publishers])
because some of my dreams support this interpretation”””
Siraj-e-Munir, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 12, p. 28, See Essence of Islam, vol. 4

“””It is our principle to have sympathy for the whole of mankind. If a person sees that fire has broken out in the house of a Hindu neighbour and he does not get up to help put it out, I tell you truly that he is not of me. If one of my followers sees a Christian being killed and he does not go to rescue him, I tell you very truly that he is not of us…. I say it on oath and in truth that I have no enmity with any people. I do however desire, as far as possible, to reform their beliefs. If anyone abuses me, I refer my plaint to God and not to any other court. Despite all this, it is our
obligation to have sympathy with the whole of mankind.”””
Siraj-e-Munir, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 12, pp. 28-29, See Essence of Islam, vol. 3

“””Announcement on the Death of Lekh Ram
I affirm truly and on oath that I bear no enmity towards any people; I only desire to correct them in their beliefs, as far as it is possible for me. If someone insults me, my complaint is addressed to God and not to any court. I am inspired with sympathy for all men. I do not know how and in what words to satisfy Arya gentlemen that recourse to mischief is not my way. I am distressed by the
loss of human life but I am also pleased with the fulfilment of a Divine prophecy. I am pleased only because I desire the good of mankind. I would wish them to reflect that it is not possible for a human being, on his own, to predict such an event so clearly years in advance.

My heart is both distressed and pleased at this moment. I am distressed that if Lekh Ram had, at least, restrained himself from vilification, I would have supplicated on his behalf and would have hoped that, even if he had been cut to pieces, he would have survived. Nothing is impossible
for the God Whom I know. On the other hand, I am happy that the prophecy has been so clearly fulfilled….

If anyone still entertains doubts and considers me a party to the conspiracy of slaying Lekh Ram, as some Hindu papers have alleged, I have a very effective way of settling the whole matter: Such a person should state on oath in my presence that:

I am certain that this man was party to the conspiracy of murder, or the murder was committed under his direction. If this statement of mine is not true, may You, O Mighty God, afflict me within the period of one year with such terrible torment as should not proceed from human hands nor be suspected of having been brought about by human design.

If thereafter such a person should survive for a whole year without being afflicted, as mentioned in the supplication, I may be deemed guilty and condemned to suffer the punishment of murder. If there is any Arya who is brave enough to try and relieve the whole world of its suspicions, let him adopt this method, which is quite simple and straightforward.””””
Siraj-e-Munir, p. 29 footnote, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 12, p. 31 footnote and Announcement
of March 15, 1897, Majmu‘ah Ishtiharat, vol. 2, p. 356 footnote, See the 2009 online english edition of Tadhkirah

“””Just now, while writing this, I have received a revelation, as following:

Translation: [Persian] Security for you, O man of security. “”””
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Siraj-e-Munir, p. 31, printed 1897, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 12, p. 36, See the 2009 online english edition of Tadhkirah

“””(B) The fifth prophecy was concerning the birth of my son Mahmud that he would be the next to be born and would be named Mahmud. This prophecy was published in the Sabz Ishtihar which was distributed in thousands and is still available. That son was born within the term of the prophecy and is in his ninth year.”””
Siraj-e-Munir, first edition, p. 35, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 12, p. 37, page 80, See the 2009 online english edition of Tadhkirah

“””(B) Bishambar Das had been imprisoned for a year and his brother Sharampat, an active Arya, had requested that I pray for him and had also enquired what the result of the case would be. I made my supplication and saw in a vision that I had gone to the office where the record of the case was kept and, opening the file, I had crossed out the words ‘one year’ and had written in their place the words ‘six months’.

Then it was conveyed to me in a divine revelation that the case would be remitted by the Chief Court to the lower court and [that the sentence of Bishambar Das] would be reduced from one year to six months, but that he would not be acquitted. I communicated the entire vision very clearly to Sharampat, the Arya, who is still alive. When everything happened as I had foretold, he wrote to me: ‘You are a righteous servant of God and that is why He has revealed these hidden matters to you.’ “”””
Siraj-e-Munir, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 12, p. 41, See Essence of Islam, vol. 4

“”Knowledge of the Holy Qur’an
I call God to witness, in Whose hand is my life, that I have been given excellence over every other individual in the matter of understanding the deeper and subtler meanings of the Holy Qur’an. Had the opponent Maulavis come forward to compete with me in this, as I had repeatedly invited them to do, they would have been humiliated by God. The understanding
of the Qur’an that has been bestowed upon me is a sign of Allah, the Glorious, and I, by the
grace of Allah, believe that the world will soon recognize the truth of my claim.”””
From Hani Tahir, Al-Siraj Al-Mounir, p. 47-48, facebook posting

′′The summary of this prophecy is that God Almighty says The knowledge of the Holy Quran has been given, a knowledge that eliminates falsehood. In this same prophecy, he said: There are two people with many blessings in them, the first is that teacher whose name is Muhammad Al-Mustafa, peace be upon him, and the second is this learner, I mean the author of this book… So God, who I am in his hand, I have made Superior to every soul in understanding the knowledge of the Holy Quran and its facts… Understanding the Holy Qur ‘ an that you have given is a verse from Allah Almighty.”
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Roohani Khazain vol. 12 p. 54

“On 8 April 1897 through District Superintendent Police house was searched.”
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Roohani Khazain vol. 12 p. 55

“On 8 April 1897 my house was searched.”
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Siraj-i-Munir, page 57, See also Qazi Muhammad Nazeer,Truth Prevails” (the Principal of the Jamia-Ahmadiyya at Rabwah) it was published on 10-4-1966.

“This is the prophecy entered in the Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya on page 239, which is to the following effect: `Allah will complete His blessings on you, that they should constitute a Sign for those who believe.’ In other words, whatsoever of this life shall come to be conferred on you, they would all be so many Signs, i.e., what you say shall be a Sign. For instance people saw this in the proceedings of the Conference of Religions held in Lahore, and in the books I have written in Arabic; and my acts, my work, also shall be a Sign, as so many acts of the Lord God Himself, being manifested as such in my favour; and my offspring, too, shall be a Sign, as the Lord promised to bless me with righteous and blessed offspring, and then fulfilled this promise.”

“His issue also shall constitute a Sign, even as Allah gave a promise to this effect, and fulfilled that promise.” (Siraj-i-Munir, page 57)

Siraj-e-Munir, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 12, pp. 64-65, See Essence of Islam, vol. 3

“””Be sure that the True God is the One to Whom the Holy Qur’an calls us. Beside Him there is nothing but worship of man or the worship of stones. Without a doubt Jesus, son of Mary, has also drunk of the fountain of which we drink and has eaten of the fruit of which we eat, but these things have nothing to do with Godhead or sonship of God. The Christians have invented a device for making Jesus a limited God, which is that they have made him accursed. If he did not become accursed, his Godhead would be useless and his being the son of God was in vain. Yet according to all the lexicographers the meaning of being accursed is that the heart should be disgusted with God, should lose all faith, should turn away from truth, should become an enemy of God, should become wholly bleak and worse than dogs and swine and apes, as is testified to by the Torah. Can it be imagined that even for a second Jesus ceased to be a loved one of God? Did his heart ever become disgusted with God? Did he ever think of discarding his faith? Did he ever become the enemy of God and God became his enemy? If nothing of this sort happened, then what portion did he suffer of the curse upon which the whole doctrine of salvation has been constructed? Does not the Torah affirm that he who dies on the cross is accursed? If he who is crucified is accursed then no doubt that curse would have fallen on Jesus as well. But it is the unanimous view that curse connotes distance from God and disgust with Him. To be afflicted with misfortune does not mean that one is accursed. Curse means turning away from God, hating God and even becoming His enemy. The accursed one is the title of Satan. Then reflect whether it is permissible for a righteous one to be considered an enemy of God and disgusted with God, should be designated as Satan and one of whom God is an enemy? It would have been better for the Christians if they had accepted hell for themselves and had not condemned a chosen one of God as accursed and Satan. Cursed is the salvation that can only be achieved by declaring righteous ones to be faithless and Satans.

Jesus not Accursed
The Holy Qur’an has proclaimed the truth that Jesus did not die on the cross and did not become accursed. This is also borne out by the Gospels inasmuch as Jesus described his own case as resembling that of the Prophet Jonas; and every Christian knows that Jonas did not die in the belly ofthe whale. If Jesus lay dead in the sepulchre, what resemblance would he have with Jonas who was kept alive in the belly of the whale? It is also known that after deliverance from the cross Jesus exhibited his wounds to the disciples. If he had been bestowed a glorious body after death, how was it that he still retained the wounds received by his previous body? Had there been some deficiency left in the glory and, if so, how can it be expected that those injuries would be healed till the Judgement Day?

All these are senseless tales on which the beam of Godhead has been rested; but the time approaches fast, rather it has already come, when God Almighty will blow away all these tales like the carding of wool.”””
Siraj-e-Munir, Ruhani Khazain, Vol. 12, p. 70,

“Those who worshipped the cow would experience a torment of abasement and they will receive humiliation in the worldly life, and likewise We [Allah] shall punish other liars … It is verified from Torah, chapter 32 of Exodus, verse 35 that Allah the Almighty sent death upon Bani Israil due to worshipping the cow, i.e. an epidemic fell upon them which caused them to die.” 
Siraj-e-Munir, pp. 63–64, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 12, p. 73, See the 2009 online english edition of Tadhkirah

“””On page 242 of Barahin-e-Ahmadiyyah(The reference appears on page 268 of the London Edition, Ruhani Khaza’in Vol. 1, page 268. [Publishers]) the revelation is mentioned …

[Arabic] Be not arrogant towards Allah’s creatures and be not tired of receiving visitors. [Publishers]

This was followed by the revelation:

That is [Arabic] And enlarge your house.

This prophecy says clearly that the day is coming when the number of visitors will multiply so much that it would be difficult for me to meet everyone. I was admonished not to express any annoyance or to feel tired of meeting the people. Holy is Allah, how grand is this prophecy which was conveyed to me seventeen years ago when only two or three people came to visit me, and that also infrequently. What a wonderful proof this is of God’s knowledge of that which is hidden.”””
Sirāj-e-Munīr, Rūḥānī Khazāʼin, vol. 12, p. 74

“This prophecy is from that era when even in this small village, there were many who were unacquainted with me. And now, when 17 years from this prophecy have passed, in accordance with the implication of this prophecy, this humble one’s fame has reached the point that in this country, children and women from other nations are not unaware of my humble self. The soul of a person who is aware of these two eras – of what that era was like and what the condition is today – spontaneously declares that this magnificent knowledge of the unseen is as distant from human faculties as a fly’s power is from the work of a mighty elephant. “
_______________________________________________________________________________________________Siraj-e-Munir, page 78, Ruhani Khaza’in, volume 12, page 80, See the 2009 online english edition of Tadhkirah

[Arabic] O Friend of Allah, I had not recognized you.
Siraj-e-Munir, pp. 70–71, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 12, pp. 80–81, See the 2009 online english edition of Tadhkirah

“””I saw in a dream that I went to the house of Muhammad Husain [Batalavi] with a party of people. We held our prayer service there and I led it. A thought passed through my mind that during the Zuhar or ‘Asr Prayer I recited the surah Fatihah aloud, but then I recalled that I had not done so but had only called out the takbir aloud. When we had finished the Prayer, I found that Muhammad Husain was sitting in front of us totally naked and it appeared to me that his complexion was dark. I felt embarrassed and would not look at him, but he came over to me and I said to him: Is it not time that you should make up with me; or, perhaps I said: Do you wish to make up with me? He replied in the affirmative and came close and embraced me. At that time he appeared to me like a small child. Then I said to him: If you would agree, I wish you to overlook whatever I have said concerning you, which might have hurt you, but remember that whatever I have said was not but out of goodwill. I fear Allah and the time when we shall all be standing before Him. He said: I overlook all those things. Then I said to him: Bear witness that I have forgiven you all that you have said concerning me and declaring me a disbeliever and your charging me with falsehood.

After this, he appeared to me at his full size and I saw him clad in white. Then I said: It has all come about as I had seen in my dream.

Then someone called out that a person of the name of Sultan Baig was at his last breath; whereupon I said: He will soon die for I had seen in my dream that we shall make up between ourselves on the day of that man’s death. Then I addressed Muhammad Husain and said to him: I had seen in a dream that you and I would make up on the day of the death of Baha’-ud-Din. Muhammad Husain was surprised at this and looked at it as a great wonderful happening and
said: This is perfectly true, Baha’-ud-Din has indeed died. Then I invited him to a meal and after a little hesitation he accepted. I said to him that I had seen in my dream that we would make up with each other without the intervention of a third party and so it had come about. This was Wednesday December. 12, 1894.””””
Siraj-e-Munir, p. 74, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 12, p. 76, See the 2009 online english edition of Tadhkirah

“””[In the revelation:]

[Arabic] I have breathed into you the spirit of truth from Myself. [Publishers]

The significance of the word has been conveyed to me in a vision when an angel told me that this position to which you have been exalted is a position where it rains all the time and does not stop for a moment.””””
Siraj-e-Munir, p. 78, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 12, p. 80, See the 2009 online english edition of Tadhkirah

“””(A) Concerning Sheikh Muhammad Husain of Batala.… I have been apprised three times that he will turn back from his present position of error and that Allah will open his eyes. [Allah has power to do all that He wills.]”””
Siraj-e-Munir, p. 79, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 12, p. 81, See the 2009 online english edition of Tadhkirah

“””God the Almighty has informed me that if anyone enters the arena against me in answer to the announcements that I have issued challenging the Aryas, the Christians and the Sikhs, God will help me against him.”””
Siraj-e-Munir, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 12, pp. 82-83, See Essence of Islam, vol. 1

“””When we estimate justly, then out of the whole series of Prophets, we find one of high courage and alive and greatly dear to God, the Chief of the Prophets, the pride and the crown of the Messengers, whose name is Muhammad Mustafa and Ahmad Mujtaba [peace and blessings of Allah be on him]. By walking under his shadow for ten days one obtains that light which before
him could not be obtained in a thousand years…. We have found every light by following the immaculate Prophet and whoever follows him will also find it and he will become so accepted of God that nothing will be impossible for him. The Living God, Who is hidden from people, will be
his God and all false gods will be trodden under his feet. He will be blessed everywhere and Divine Power will be with him. Peace be on him who follows the guidance.”””
Siraj-e-Munir, pp. 81–82, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 12, pp. 83–84, See the 2009 online english edition of Tadhkirah

“””My God addressed me and said:

That is [Arabic] The heaven and the earth are with you as they are with Me.

Say: The heaven and the earth are for me. Say: There is security for me in the seat of truth with the Omnipotent King. Allah is with those who are righteous and who are established on the principle of doing good to Allah’s creation. The help of Allah is coming. We shall warn the whole world. We shall descend upon the earth. I Alone am the Perfect and True God. There is
no God beside Me.””
Siraj-e-Munir, Ruhani Khazain, Vol. 12, p. 90

“Hence,” he said, “through the glad tidings of Mustafasa, you are in high standing and congratulations to you, from the Highest Lord.”
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Siraj-e-Munir, Ruhani Khazain, Vol. 12, p. 91

He wrote that the more he became aware of the Promised Messiah’sas efforts for the cause of Islam, his heart was increasing in its sincerity towards him. He articulated his yearning to meet the Promised Messiahas in person with the prayer:

دعاست‭ ‬كه‭ ‬از‭ ‬عنايت‭ ‬حق‭ ‬سببے‭ ‬بهتر‭ ‬پيدا‭ ‬آيد‭ ‬و‭ ‬ساعتے‭ ‬نيكو‭ ‬روئے‭ ‬نمايد‭ ‬كه‭ ‬حجاب‭ ‬مباعدت‭ ‬جسمانی ‬و‭ ‬نقاب‭ ‬مسافت‭ ‬طولانی ‬از‭ ‬مياں‭ ‬برخيزد‭ ‬

“I pray that by the favour of God, such a means may be created – and that fortunate hour may arrive – by which the veil of bodily separation and the mask of lengthy distance is lifted from between us.”

He ended the letter by requesting a copy of the Promised Messiah’sas essay, which was presented at the Conference of Great Religions, and later published as Islami Usul ki Philosophy (The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam).
Siraj-e-Munir, Ruhani Khazain, vol. 12, p. 92

Letters from Chachran: Khawaja Ghulam Farid’s support of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

“Thank God that this land is not devoid of such men of God who do not fear the blame of a critic while expressing a word of truth; and who possess a light from the One God and wisdom from the Lord of Honour. Thus, their complete and pure nature draws them towards the truth; and the Spirit of Holiness assists them in establishing the truth. So, all praise belongs to Allah – again, all praise belongs to Allah – for we have found that these matters apply to you.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Siraj-e-Munir, Ruhani Khazain, Vol. 12, p. 94; Durr-e-Sameen Farsi with Urdu translation, Vol. 2, pp. 342-343

What followed this was a 177-couplet eloquent Persian poem. A few couplets of that poem are reproduced below:

اے‭ ‬فريدِ‭ ‬وقت‭ ‬در‭ ‬صدق‭ ‬و‭ ‬صفا

با‭ ‬تو‭ ‬باد‭ ‬آن‭ ‬رُو‭ ‬كه‭ ‬نامِ‭ ‬اُو‭ ‬خدا

“O peerless one of the era, in truth and purity; May that Being be with you Whose name is God!”

بر‭ ‬تو‭ ‬بارَد‭ ‬رحمتِ‭ ‬يارِ‭ ‬ازل

در‭ ‬تو‭ ‬تابد‭ ‬نُورِ‭ ‬دِلدارِ‭ ‬اَزَل

“May the mercy of the Eternal Friend be upon you; May the light of the Eternal Beloved shine in you.”

از‭ ‬تو‭ ‬جانِ‭ ‬من‭ ‬خوش‭ ‬ست‭ ‬اے‭ ‬خوشخصال

ديدمت‭ ‬مردے‭ ‬دريں‭ ‬قحط‭ ‬الرجال

“O good natured one, my soul is pleased with you. In the era of scarcity of men, I have found you to be a true man!”

اے‭ ‬مرا‭ ‬رُوئے‭ ‬محبت‭ ‬سوئے‭ ‬تو

بُوئے‭ ‬اُنس‭ ‬آمد‭ ‬مرا‭ ‬از‭ ‬كُوئے‭ ‬تو

“O you, towards whom the face of my love points; the fragrance of affection comes to me from your lane.”

كس‭ ‬ازيں‭ ‬مردم‭ ‬بما‭ ‬رُوئے‭ ‬نه‭ ‬كرد

ايں‭ ‬نصيبت‭ ‬بُود‭ ‬اے‭ ‬فرخنده‭ ‬مَرد

“From these men, no one turned towards us; O fortunate man, this was your destiny.”
Siraj-e-Munir, Ruhani Khaza’in Vol. 12, p. 95, See Essence of Islam, vol. 1

Muhammadsa is our Leader and Guide (Persian Poem):

That Prophet whose name is Muhammad;
We are forever holding on to his lap.
His love that entered our bodies with the milk of our mothers;
Became our very life, and will last till death.
He is the best of the Prophets and best of the creation;
Prophethood found perfection in him.
We drink deep the water of his fountain,
Whoever has been satiated, has been satiated by it.
Whatever revelation or inspiration is granted to us;
Is because of him, not because of us.
Through him are we blessed with guidance and perfection;
Without him, meeting the Eternal Lord is impossible.
To follow every one of his commandments is ingrained
in me;
Whatever is proven to be from him is my faith.””
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Siraj-e-Munir, Ruhani Khazain, Vol. 12, p. 102

Hazrat Khawaja Ghulam Farid penned the response to this letter on 4 Shawwal 1314 AH (8 March 1897) which again expressed his ardent desire to meet the Promised Messiah: “We have a great yearning to meet your excellency,” he wrote. “Our love for you, the endeavourer in the way of Allah, is increasing with each passing day.”

Acknowledging receipt of the copy of The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam, he stated, “Along with being a priceless feast of verities, it has been presented in a remarkable manner, which has won over the hearts of listeners.”
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Siraj-e-Muneer, Roohani Khazain vol. 12 p. 119

—-“wa basharnee rabbi mubasherun sa t’arefo yaum al-eid wa aleid aqrab….. translation …. and giving me the gladtiding of a sign God said that you will soon recognize the day of Eid … and God promised me and answered my prayer regarding one mischief maker enemy of God and Rasool, who is Lekhram Peshawari and informed me that he will die.”
Roohani Khazain vol. 12 p. 121

—-“These people knew well in their hearts that this was God’s work and not the plot of the person who had made the prophecy, yet by repeated requests made the Government to search my house and by creating a lot of fuss fulfilled their resemblances with the cow-worshippers.”


“It has been mentioned in the earlier writings and the Hadiths about the Mahdi of the latter days that he will be thought to be an atheist and a disbeliever in the beginning, and that people will hate him intensely and will mention him with bad names and will call him Dajjal, aethist and liar, and all these will be the religious scholars, and there will be none on earth worse than the religious scholars of this nation, and this situation will continue for a period of time and after that Allah will support him with heavenly signs and a voice from heaven will be heard in his favour: “This is the Khalifah of Allah, the Mahdi.” So will the heaven speak as human beings speak? No, but what is meant is that the signs will be so glorious that will make hearts tremble, and then the hearts will be directed to him, and his love will be generated in the hearts and his acceptance will be spread on earth, then there will be no four people sitting in a place without remembering him with love and praise.” (Siraj Munir, Published in March 1897)
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Hani Tahir’s commmentary on this ^^^^ quotation

1) The first lie is his saying: ”
It has been mentioned in the previous writings and the Hadiths of the prophet about the Mahdi of the latter days that he will be thought to be an atheist and a disbeliever in the beginning and that people will hate him intensely and will mention him with bad names and will call him Dajjal, aethist and liar”.
This is because this was never mentioned in the Hadith of the Prophetsaw at all – whether the authentic or the weak or the rejected ones, and not even in the Hadiths that have no basis at all.

2) The second lie is his saying:
“all these will be the religious scholars and there will be none on surface of earth worse than the religious scholars of this nation.”
This is because the religious scholars of the 19th and 20th centuries are not different from the religious scholars of the 18th and 17th centuries, nor from those before them. The thoughts are the same, the ethics are the same, the jurisprudence is the same, the beliefs are the same and the references are the same.
As for the narration:
“There will come a time upon the people when nothing will remain of Islam except its name only and nothing will remain of the Quran except its inscription. Their mosques will be splendidly furnished but destitute of guidance. Their divines will be the worst people under the heaven and strife will issue from, and avert to, them.” (Kanzul Ummal 11/181),
this narration does not talk about the Mahdi, and did not mention that it will be from the signs of the Mahdi that the religious scholars of his age will be the worst of people.
Also what is it that happened in the 19th century that resulted in making it the case that there was nothing remaining from the Quran except its inscription? The dealing with the Quran remained the same.
Also were the mosques splendidly furnished and full of people and destitute of guidance in 19th century specifically? No, it was rather the same situation, and the change has not been a specific change in this aspect.
The conclusion is that the facts of the matter prove the falsity of the interpretation of Mirza, and the lies of Mirza.

3) As for his saying:
“and this situation will continue for a period of time and after that Allah will support him with heavenly signs and a voice from heaven will be heard in his favour: “This is the Khalifah of Allah, the Mahdi.””.
This has actually been fulfilled in reverse, as Allah continued to cut the aorta الوتين of Mirza, and his prophecy about Muhammadi Begum continued to fail and fail, and finally Mirza died with cholera after praying to Allah to cause Thanaullah to die with cholera !!
And if these Divine signs were to be fulfilled in the time of his promised son, then this period of time has also passed, and we have not seen in it except the disgrace of this Jama’at and its continuation in the series of lies.
What we are actually witnessing is that Mirza is hated among people wherever you are and wherever you go, and his followers are embarrassed to narrate his statements all over the world, and there are no signs except the signs of lies that has caused Mirza and his Jama’aat to surpass all liars.
As for the Hadith: “This is the Khalifah of Allah, the Mahdi”, Mirza has lied and attributed it to Bukhari, as he said:
“As for example, there are some Hadiths in Sahih ul Bukhari in which it was prophesised about some Caliphs in the latter days, especially the Caliph concerning whom it was mentioned in Sahih ul Bukhari that for his sake a voice would come from heaven: This is the Khalifah of Allah, the Mahdi”. (Shahadatul Quran).
In fact this Hadith does not exist neither in Al Bukhaari, nor in any of the books of Hadith before 300 AH, and it may not be existing in any other book of Hadith. As for the books of stories and collections, we cannot guarantee that it does not exist in them, because they include a lot of nonsense.
What is more important is Mirza’s interpretation of the Hadith of the utterance of the heaven that this is the Khalifah of Allah the Mahdi, where he said:
“So will the heaven speak as human beings speak? No, but what is meant is that the signs will be so glorious that will make hearts tremble, and then the hearts will be directed to him, and his love will be generated in the hearts and his acceptance will be spread on earth, then there will be no four people sitting in a place without remembering his with love and praise.” (Siraj Munir)
This has actually been fulfilled in reverse, the lies of Mirza and his Jama’at which astonished the world, has directed the hearts to consider this group as a model for lies, hostility and hatred, and there are no four people sitting in a place without accusing Mirza and his morals, which are unmatched in depravity.
What is remarkable is that the members of the Hiwar Mubashir are four persons, and they are embarrassed of the general texts of Mirza, and this is strikingly a reversed fulfilment of the prophecy.
Even the Lahoris, for example, do not mention the name of Mirza at all, although they are his followers, and they are completely embarrassed of his books and sayings .. It is clear that the reversed fulfilment is comprehensive, and that Allah has sullied the face of Mirza.
Hani Tahir – 11th of March 2018
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