The quran tells us to not prefer boys over girls in terms of children (See Chapter 16: 57-59). However, MGA and his team preferred boys over girls, per the ref in the below, which is from Seeratul Mahdi it is clearly stated as such. In fact, the Qadiani jamaat promoted medicines in the 1930’s and onward which would guarantee a boy to any Ahmadi. Aaqa Ka ghulam discusses this reference herein (1:10:10 mark).
The Quote–A summary
reference seeratul Mahdi. Quotation number 948. part 3

Mirza qadyani felt more happy at birth of male “ son “ rather than female “ daughter “, and feels happy and donot agree with the sayings of people that as daughters are from God, so in our eyes both are equal. Writer presents excuse that sons use to help religion and says that Hadith refer it.

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In this specific case, we have an issue of the Al-Fazl was 1939, wherein the Khalifa seems to have approved the marketing of a certain medicine of Noorudin:

“” those who wants to get male issue should order for this medicine which has been formulated by Aristotle of the time, the Royal physician, the master teacher Hakim Nooruddin. Its price is Rs 6.00 with discount u can get it for Rs 4.00. This medicine (Nemat Elahi) is given to man. It can be had from Dawa Khana Moeen us Sehat. Out siders should pay postal charges separately,  If u want a son instead of daughter try this medicine Nemat e elahi. This medicine is tested for 100 percent result. It is what ishtihar says which published in Al fazal of 13, December, 1939″””””

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The Quran on this topic?

See 16:57–59

“”And when one of them is given the tidings of a girl that will be born to him his face becomes darkened transformed like that of one suddenly struck by grief and he chokes inwardly filled with anguish so how is it that daughters are attributed to Him exalted be He?“”

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